Smoking Optional: Top 5 Ways to Use CBD Buds

While smoking is the most popular way to use CBD buds, it’s not the only method available. Here are five ways you can use CBD buds.

You’ve heard about it on the news, seen it in your local health food stores, and maybe were even recommended it by your doctor. CBD continues to pop up everywhere and has boomed over the past few years as a leading alternative medicine.

The list of benefits from this cannabinoid extract is extensive and the results have people hopping on the CBD bandwagon left and right. This natural plant is free of psychoactive THC and can be an excellent way to heal your body and break away from big pharma.

Many people are turning to CBD buds, which is the most natural source of CBD as their preferred way of incorporating this extract into their health regimen. But don’t worry if smoking isn’t your style, there are many different ways to use these hemp flowers.

Keep reading to learn about CBD and the top 5 ways you can use CBD buds.

What Is CBD?

Before we get into using CBD buds, it’s important you know about what this plant is and how it works. Naturally derived from hemp plants, CBD is a naturally occurring cannabidiol that, as mentioned above, is free of any psychoactive effects.

Hemp plants are close cousins to Cannabis, which can often lead to confusion between the two. But hemp plants don’t contain the high amounts of THC that cannabis does and in turn have a much higher CBD concentration.

Although there is some CBD in cannabis plants, if you are looking to use the flower itself then hemp will be your way to go. CBD, once in your body, works with your endocannabinoid system.

This system of cannabidiol receptors is found mostly within the immune and nervous systems in the body. The CBD reacts to these receptors to help jump-start and regulate these systems, which in turn provides you with a range of healing benefits.

Why Choose CBD?

CBD does a lot of amazing things within the body, which is why it’s growing popularity comes as no surprise. If you are someone who suffers from anxiety, CBD can help you ditch the prescription meds and helps to provide you with an overall sense of calm and relief.

This plant extract is also an amazing anti-inflammatory. You can use CBD to help manage chronic pain, arthritis, stiff joints, and other related symptoms that are caused by inflammation in your body. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it has also been shown to help reduce acne and psoriasis.

Another common use of CBD is as a leading treatment for patients with epilepsy. The plant has shown to help control and even prevent seizures.

You may be starting to wonder what this plant doesn’t do because the list of benefits continues to go on. And as more and more research is being done, new benefits continue to be discovered.

Using CBD Buds

Hemp flowers, or CBD buds, are one of many ways to use CBD. In this form, they are the most natural way to receive your CBD since it is coming directly from using the plant instead of buying CBD that has already been extracted.

This plant matter is completely unprocessed and has zero additives, which is why using the buds is some peoples preferred way. One thing to keep in mind when working with the flowers directly is that it can be a bit difficult to dose.

Since you don’t know exactly how many milligrams of CBD are in each bud, its best to start off with a small amount and then slowly increase until you reach the desired effect.

And don’t make the mistake of trying to consume these buds raw. In order for the CBD to actually work, the bud needs to be heated so that the cannabinoids are activated. Here are the best ways to use CBD buds.

1. Vaping

This method is an extremely effective way to get all the benefits of CBD. By vaping CBD buds in a dry herb atomizer you are absorbing the CBD at a higher rate than some other methods.

Vaping is also a healthy alternative to smoking the flower since no combustion is occurring. This means you aren’t inhaling any smoke matter or unwanted agents found in e-juice.

2. Smoking

If you are someone who enjoys the act of smoking, inhaling CBD in this way can feel easy and familiar. By smoking CBD buds you are combusting the plant and inhaling the smoke into your lungs so it can be absorbed through your bloodstream.

This can be a great way to help users who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes. But like all smoking, this method can be damaging to your respiratory system long term.

3. CBD Tea

This method of ingesting CBD can be a great way to combine CBD with other healing herbs. Depending on how strong you want the effects to be, you can pop the buds in the over first to fully activate the CBD.

This process is called decarboxylation and is easy to do. Then grind up the herb, mix it with a dried tea blend of your desire and place the mixture in a tea ball.

4. CBD Edibles

Making edibles can be a fun and yummy way to ingest CBD. When taking the CBD this way, the effects will take a little longer than if you were choosing to smoke or vape.

However, this also allows the effects to last longer since the CBD is slowly being digested. Just like with making tea, you’ll want to put the buds through decarboxylation before mixing them up in your food.

5. CBD Capsules

If you aren’t a fan of vaping or smoking and don’t particularly like the taste CBD adds to your food consider making CBD capsules. After going through the process of decarboxylation, you can grind up the herb and put it in empty pill capsules.

These CBD capsules can then be taken alongside your other daily vitamins.

Find What Works For You

CBD buds are an excellent and natural way to reap the many benefits of CBD. Try out the options listed above to see what works best for you. And for all your CBD flower needs check out our website.

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