2022 Fall Harvest – July Update

While many people dream of a White Christmas, at Fern Valley Farms we are dreaming of a Green Harvest. We want to share our planting progress with you so you can join in our dream of a bountiful harvest! This 2022 Fall Harvest (July Update) report will fill you in on the details.


If you are like us, you feel anticipation in the air whenever you think about our upcoming 2022 fall harvest. That anticipation is electrical and tingling, spurring feelings of excitement along with a tinge of impatience. 

2022 Fall Harvest - July Update

But we shall be patient! That’s because we know the wait is always worth it. 

Plus, we have been busy getting to this stage and we will remain engaged up to and beyond harvest! 

2022 Fall Harvest - July Update

We began by germinating over 80,000 seeds in our greenhouses toward the end of April. There they were provided with the ultimate tender loving care in this initial stage. This included manually watering them twice daily for the three to five weeks they were in our greenhouses.

2022 Fall Harvest - July Update

By the middle of May, those germinated seeds successfully sprouted and grew hardily enough to be transplanted outdoors.

2022 Fall Harvest - July Update

We have finished getting each plant in the ground and we have entered our phase of outdoor cultivation and care. This cycle will continue throughout the summer and into the fall. Harvesting will commence in phases in late September and conclude in November.

Of course, harvest is a thrilling (and busy!) stage for us as it means that soon these beauties will be flying all across the USA, bringing joy and relief to our thousands of gratified customers!

2022 Fall Harvest - July Update

When all is said and done, we will have 17 different hemp cultivars from which you can happily choose. In that mix, you will be pleased to find 11 of our highly popular hemp cultivars returning for another harvest season; tagging along are 6 brand-new cultivars you will soon get to experience.


First, you probably want to know what hemp cultivars are back for another season. These exemplary strains seem to be regularly in demand (which is the main reason they are back). And we know why people clamor over these; they consistently deliver the goods for our discerning customers!

Start dreaming today about these 11 returning classics…

Bubba Kush CBD Flower

Certainly one of our most popular cultivars, this Indica dominant CBD cultivar helps you get relaxed while easing discomforts. Even better, it keeps you in that state for a pleasantly long time! The unusual flavor blend of citrus and pepper is further distinguished by the accompanying coffee-chocolate hint you taste on the exhale.

CBG White CBG Flower

This quickly turned into our most popular CBG cultivar. As a hybrid CBG hemp flower, this is an herb you can enjoy whenever the mood strikes you. After a session with our CBG White CBG Flower, you will likely notice yourself getting more relaxed and laid back. But that won’t stop you from finishing up your tasks; rather, those responsibilities will be easier with the content state of mind you find yourself in. The mild lemon and cream flavors deliver a gentle yet pure flavor that satisfies with each puff.

Forbidden V CBDV Flower

Our Forbidden V CBDV Flower made its debut with our 2021 harvest and immediately established a solid and enthusiastic following. While the world is still learning about the benefits of CBDV, our customers got a head start with this amazing Sativa dominant cultivar. The flavor is a tropical mix of coconut, guava, and mango combining with berry and the effects typically include an energy boost that helps you get the job done with a confident focus.

Lemon Octane CBD Flower

Another relative newcomer that reached our shelves last year, our Lemon Octane CBD Flower is an Indica dominant cultivar that is good to consume either day or night. As its name implies, you can expect citrus and diesel flavors along with a suggestion of forest-greens when smoking or vaping this cultivar. While it can ease discomforts like any reliable Indica dominant cultivar, you can also experience a state of lucidity while remaining calm and relaxed.

Pine Walker CBDV Flower

Another first-timer from our 2021 harvest, this somewhat understated Indica dominant hemp cultivar is ideal for night consumption. When smoking or vaping this baby, the combined pine, cream, and berry taste really hits the flavor spot for many. Also, the dual effects of easing discomfort and relaxation seem to help lift moods for many consumers. This is another CBD/CBDV cultivar that many of our customers are raving about.

Sour Elektra CBD Flower

Another recent entrant into our ranks, this Sativa dominant cultivar does the job regardless of the time of day or night. The unusual flavor combo of citrus and berries is further enhanced with a delightful hint of diesel. The taste may well be memorable but the effects are absolutely awesome: a typical consumer claims an increased sense of relaxation followed up with a smooth energy flow and clear focus. 

Sour G CBG Flower

For us, this Sour G does it all. Even though it’s a Sativa dominant cultivar, this one is good for any time of the day or evening. Its unique flavor profile boasts a mix of citrus and diesel, with an earthy-pepper hint underneath it all. When you are seeking relief from those nagging discomforts while being able to stay alert and focused, this Sour G is certainly up to that challenge.

Sour Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower

This 2021 newcomer to our collection quickly rose to the top of our favorites list. This Sativa dominant cultivar is definitely fruity with its 1-2-3 punch of citrus, mango, and pineapple followed by an excellent diesel undertone. Perfect for daytime consumption, many consumers report similar effects: a happy state of mind with an energized focus to finish up any pending jobs.

Sour Lifter CBD Flower

Another stalwart and consistent performer, our Sativa dominant Sour Lifter CBD cultivar continues to please and satisfy a broad array of discerning consumers. Good for any time of day or night, look for a calm energy along with relief from stress and discomforts after a session of Sour Lifter. As to flavor, you simply cannot beat the orange and sweet grape foundation laced with a delightful diesel after-taste.

Sour Suver Haze CBD Flower

The unending praises sung about our Sour Lifter CBD cultivar should be the primary indicator that you have stumbled upon something quite exceptional. The terpene profile for this hybrid cultivar results in a marvelous flavor fest consisting of pine and mild cheese with a sour overlay: combined, it makes for a most unique taste. While the flavor triggers lots of positive comments, most people consume this for the relaxed and joyful state that helps reduce swelling and ease discomforts.

Sour Special Sauce CBD Flower

This is another newcomer that impresses. It may be an Indica dominant cultivar but its versatility makes it excellent for consuming any time of day or evening. The notable flavoring of bitter berry and hops enhance its already natural earthy tone. If you want to free your creative spirit and get productive in a space that is calm and focused, this bud’s for you!

Super Sour Space Candy CBD Flower

We just could not envision a world without Super Sour Space Candy CBD Flower, so it is back for another season. This Sativa dominant cultivar brings a refreshingly sweet taste of citrus mingled with a classic sour apple candy flavor. Best of all though, the effects tend toward relieving discomforts and reducing swelling followed up with a blissful rush of joy.

That’s the round up for our returning cultivars. Fortunately for you, there is no need to wait to enjoy these classics since we still have plenty in stock!

Let’s next take a peek at the exciting new cultivars joining our shelves after our harvest.


Now let your imagination soar as we show you our six newcomers, along with a brief description of each plant (courtesy of our seed provider, Oregon CBD Seeds):

Cakeberry Brulee CBD Flower

  • Lineage: W19 x KAP
  • Type: Indica

According to the seed provider, this offers “sweet and creamy aromas of vanilla, berries, with a touch of gas” with the additional expectation of big buds rich with trichomes.

Chemberry CBD Flower

  • Lineage: Chem4 x KAP
  • Type: Hybrid

According to the seed provider, “Our new and exotic Chem4 mother packs a powerful citrus punch in this beautifully structured hybrid.”

Sour Brulee CBD Flower

  • Lineage: W19 x GG#4 Conversion
  • Type: Hybrid

According to the seed provider, these resin-thick buds promise to produce “Powerful and pungent lime and gas aromas with a hint of cream.”

Sour Candy Kush CBD Flower

  • Lineage: ST x GG#4 Conversion
  • Type: Indica

According to the seed provider, these sappy, dense, and green flowers will likely generate “Powerful aromas of sweet and sour lemon candy doused lightly in fuel.”

Vitality CBDV Flower

  • Lineage: SH50V x VERB
  • Type: Hybrid

According to the seed provider, this hybrid is another hemp plant producing CBDV, offering a “Berry and citrus tang with earth and gas to finish out.”


It’s never an easy decision to make but we had to bid farewell to a few cultivars to introduce new plants into the fold. 

The following cultivars will be on hiatus after our next harvest: 

  • Fruit Funk*
  • Fruit Loops*
  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Sour RNA
  • Wedding Cake*

*Cultivar was grown on a neighboring farm. We do not yet know if we will get a portion of this harvest (or another cultivar) from the same grower. We will apprise you if we do.

You now have the perfect shopping list for snagging more of your departing favorites. Remember, with our air-tight packaging (along with the Boveda® two-way humidity control pack), your product remains fresh until you open it! That means you can stock up enough to carry you well beyond our next harvest. (However, we think you will be tantalized by our new upcoming 2022 crop as well, so plan your budget appropriately!)

There you have it… the returnees, the newbies, and the farewells, each with their own alphabetized list for easy reference. Of course, you can still enjoy this season’s returnees and farewells by visiting our entire list of CBD and CBG Hemp Flower cultivars. We also offer Delta 8 THC Flower and THC-O Flower treatments for most of those same cultivars, perfect if you want a psychotropic bump. 

We look forward to tantalizing you with an irresistible array of 17 CBD, CBDV, and CBG hemp cultivars ideal for managing a variety of moods and discomforts! Or just for feeling doggone good! 🙂

Now you have plenty to anticipate (along with us!) at the end of the year!

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