2022 Harvest Calendar

Last month, we provided you with a list of the cultivars we are growing this 2022 season. This month we offer you our 2022 harvest calendar. This lets you know in which harvest cycle each cultivar is growing. This means you can mark your own calendar and start dreaming of the day you can place your order!

With our own 25 acres, plus another 17 acres leased nearby, a lot of land needs to be harvested! For this reason, we plant and harvest our hemp cultivars in three cycles. This allows us to harvest our crops at an even, unhurried pace. This three-cycle harvest process also ensures we have sufficient space to properly dry, cure, and trim all our plants once they are harvested.

A Photo Journey Through Our Fields

If you want to see real progress, revisit our July Farm Update and check out the pictures from just one month ago. 

Now compare them to the hardy plants populating our fields as of late July! In just another month or so, expect to see those same hemp plants towering over their human caretakers. A mature hemp plant can easily top 8 feet at the time of harvest!

August 2022 Update
Decorative sunflowers border our hemp fields.
August 2022 Update
Our hemp plants are already 5 to 7 1/2 feet tall!
August 2022 Update
Most plants will be over 8 feet tall when harvested!
These hemp plants will soon tower over the sunflowers!
This Cakeberry Brulee will be in our first harvest cycle!
August 2022 Update
There is a lot of future wellness in that green field!
August 2022 Update
In a couple of months, this could be in your mailbox!

2022 Harvest Calendar – First Cycle

Everything is on schedule for our first harvest cycle to start in late September. We are super excited about this particular cycle. There are two reasons for our excitement:

  1. Harvest will have begun!
  2. These cultivars are all new to our farm this year!

The following cultivars will be harvested in the first cycle:

  • Cakeberry Brulee CBD Flower – Indica (Evening) NEW CULTIVAR!
  • Chemberry CBD Flower – Hybrid (Anytime) NEW CULTIVAR!
  • Sour Brulee CBD Flower – Hybrid (Anytime) NEW CULTIVAR!

2022 Harvest Calendar – Second Cycle

The second phase of harvesting should commence in early- to mid-October. In this round, many of our classic cultivars from the past will be harvested.

The following cultivars will be harvested in the second cycle:

  • Bubba Kush CBD Flower – Indica (Evening)
  • CBG White CBG Flower – Hybrid (Anytime)
  • Lemon Octane CBD Flower – Indica (Anytime)
  • Sour Elektra CBD Flower – Sativa (Anytime)
  • Sour G CBG Flower – Sativa (Day)
  • Sour Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower – Sativa (Day)
  • Sour Lifter CBD Flower – Sativa (Day)
  • Sour Suver Haze CBD Flower – Hybrid (Anytime)
  • Sour Special Sauce CBD Flower – Indica (Anytime)
  • Super Sour Space Candy CBD Flower – Sativa (Day)

2022 Harvest Calendar – Third Cycle

The final phase (YAY!) of our harvesting should begin in mid-to-late October. In this final round, we have two more new cultivars as well as two more returning cultivars.

The following cultivars will be harvested in the third cycle:

  • Forbidden V CBDV Flower – Sativa (Day)
  • Pine Walker CBDV Flower – Indica (Evening)
  • Sour Candy Kush CBD Flower – Indica (Evening) NEW CULTIVAR!
  • Vitality CBDV Flower – Hybrid (Day) NEW CULTIVAR!

The Stages of a Harvest Cycle

In mid-September, we start harvesting our first cultivars!

How do we know it’s time to harvest? The trichomes changing from clear to opaque and amber tell us the cultivar is ripe for harvest!

A complete harvest cycle involves the following stages:

  • Harvesting – flowers are clipped from the plant (this occurs in stages, from top on down)
  • Drying – hanging and/or rack drying; flowers are hung upside down or placed on drying racks
  • Curing – the dried plants are cured, resulting in a full-flavored, smooth smoking product
  • Bucking and Trimming – buds are bucked off the sticks and each one is hand-trimmed

We start by taking only the ripest of the top colas. (“Cola” refers to the flowering site on the hemp plant; flowers grow together tightly in colas.) A week or two later we return to clip off the lower flowers, as they will have fully matured.

We hang and/or rack dry between 2 to 3 acres of plants each day. For optimal drying, we maintain an ideal environment of 70°F with 50% humidity. This drying process takes about a week.

Once the hemp plants have properly dried, we placed them in totes (sealed containers). We then cure the flowers for between 4 to 6 weeks. Once fully cured, the buds are bucked off the sticks (i.e., removed from the main stem). At that point, each bud is meticulously hand-trimmed to result in the top-quality potent hemp flowers you expect from us!

Once those tasks are completed, the intensive work is finished. Now we have the pleasure of packing up these awesome buds in preparation for mailing out to you!

We’re sure you can’t wait to start enjoying this fresh crop of quality CBD, CBG and CBDV hemp flower cultivars!

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