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Bast - Citrus CBD Hemp Flower Strain

Potency: 15.8%
Reviews: ( 5 )
  • Total CBD 15.8 %
  • CBC .02%
  • CBDA 17.6%
  • CBGA .61%
  • D9-THC .05%
  • Grown in Southern Oregon by Fern Valley Farms
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    Product Details

    Bast - Citrus CBD Hemp Flower Strain

    Take a deep inhale and fall in love with our somewhat mysterious yet popular strain will lift your mood and relieve your stress. The presence of limonene terpenes fills the nose with joy and helps to melt away the daily anxieties. Undoubtedly good for chronic inflammation and pain. You’re sure to fall in love fast and hard with our Bast Hemp Flower!!!


    Complete Cannabinoid Profile:

    CBD 15.8%

    CBC .02%

    CBDA 17.6%

    CBGA .61%

    D9-THC .05%

    Terpene Profile

    Camphene .056%

    Camphor .0173%

    beta-Caryophyllene .103%

    Citronellol .0189%

    beta-Farnesene .126%

    Fenchol .025%

    Fenchone .021%

    Guaiol .035%

    alpha-Humulene .053%

    Isoborneol .049%

    beta-Myrcene .29%

    trans-Nerolidol .0200%

    cis-beta-Ocimene .067%

    Phytol 1 .0096%

    Phytol 2 .0180%

    alpha-Terpineol .0135%

    Terpinolene .025%

    Total Measured Terpenes .95%

    Grown in Southern Oregon by Fern Valley Farms

    Customer reviews

    Based on 5 Reviews

    • 5
      first rate

      Ryan on Sep 18th 2019

      bought a 1/2oz like it so much bought another oz right away. expertly grown, great cure. smells, tastes, smokes great, smooth with a nice orange flavor/smell. im really impressed with how the cbd helps my back,neck,shoulder pain. as always fern valleys customer service/communication, shipping speed is first rate.

    • 5

      jstjohn on Sep 6th 2019

      I'm currently using Bast as my evening/before bed blend. I tend to mix half this with half cannabis, sometimes just this. I've noticed a delightful relaxation after, and have been quickly falling asleep. Very pleased with this item, and again, like everything I've gotten from Fern Valley Farms, the nugs are large with beautiful crystallization. Wonderful quality.

    • 5
      Bast CBD

      Cory on Aug 26th 2019

      I heard about FVF from a Nugsmasher Rosin Press video on youtube and since I respect those guys I figured I'd give Fern Valley a try and I'm glad I did.

      Shipping was fast and came discreetly packaged with a letter from the owner and a lab testing sheet.

      The nuggets themselves were very well presented. Trimmed. No excess stem. Frosty and just clean looking.
      I pulled out a nug that weighed 3.42 grams and pressed it into a beautiful and clear rosin with about a 15% yield.
      The taste of this strain has that classic hemp taste with a hint of orange peel and a tiny hint of spice. It tastes very clean. I will order again for sure.

    • 5

      Deb Etheridge on May 6th 2019

      The happy mood maker, stress reliever. My favorite evening strain. Of course the ever popular limonene terpenes makes a nice appearance in this one.

    • 5

      Deb Etheridge on Apr 25th 2019

      I infused Bast into some MCT oil, which I then used in a hard candy recipe. SWEET RELIEF. The flower stuffed into a cone makes for a relaxing evening. TERPENE heaven!