CBD Shake - What is it?

CBD Shake - What is it?

Posted by Fern Valley Farms on Dec 21st 2019

CBD Shake - What is it?

Shake (also referred to as trim) is the loose plant material that comes off the hemp plant when processing and trimming the flower. There are a few different classifications or "grades" of Shake/Trim.

Whole Leaf (Table) Shake

Whole Leaf Shake refers to shake containing the large "Fan Leaves" or "Sun Leaves" from the hemp plant. This leaf often comes from removing (bucking) the flower from the branches to get it ready for trimming. You also tend to get some sticks in the with the leaves because it's almost impossible to avoid at this point in the process of breaking the hemp plant down. You will normally get small buds or smokeable flower in this shake as well since smaller pieces break off in the process. this will depend on the strain and if the farm you buy from sorts those out or not.

What can I do with Whole Leaf (Table) CBD Trim?


The main thing people do with whole leaf trim is to cook with it. There are a lot of cannabinoids and terpenes in whole leaf trim that can be extracted, fairly easily, into oil for cooking. It's a great way to get a lot for your money as you can get quite a bit of oil or butter from an ounce of trim. 


The other option is smoking the small buds, if there are any that come with your shake. We wouldn't recommend smoking the leaves because you have to smoke a lot more plant matter to get even close to the CBD that you would get by smoking CBD Flower. Many of the people that purchase "Table Shake" from us do so for the small buds that come in it. You can purchase Fern Valley Farms Table shake by clicking here. 

If you want to learn how to cook using shake click here for our step by step process on how to Cook with Hemp

Machine/Hand Trim Shake

This shake comes from the trimming process. It's the "Sugar Leaf" that is either machine trimmed or hand trimmed from the flower. "Sugar leafs" are the smaller leaves near the flower that have more Trichomes (Crystals). Trim shake is the most potent.

What can I do with Machine/Hand Trim shake?


You can cook with it the same way you can with with the Whole leaf above. Trim shake is more potent so you can get quite a bit more oil or butter than with the whole leaf shake. 


You can smoke the leaf in the machine/Hand trim shake because it has a lot more Cannabinoid and terpene content than the bigger leaves. A lot of people will use this to roll Hemp cigarettes because it is already ground up. People often smoke it in a pipe as well. It is common to put CBD Kief on it to smoke it as well. You can find our CBD Kief for sale by clicking here. 

Extracting Smokeable Oil From Shake

You can also extract the CBD and other terpenes from shake using C02 or other extraction methods. We do not recommend doing this at home as it can be dangerous. This should be left to lab quality, certified, extraction facilities.