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What is CBD? Quick Guide to Cannabidiol

What is CBD? Is CBD Marijuana? Does CBD get you high? Is CBD safe? Will I pass a drug test? CBD is so new to science and American culture in general that there are still a lot of questions when it comes to this cannabinoid.

CBD Definition

CBD is short for Cannabidiol which is one of the many Cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant. CBD found in the Cannabis plant is 100% natural. Our brain has receptors known as the CB1 and CB2 receptors which are responsible for accepting CBD and other Cannabinoids into our bodies.

Will CBD Get Me High?

CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning that it will not get you high the way it’s cousin THC does. Many people do report a “relaxed” feeling when ingesting CBD. So especially when trying it for the 1st time it is a good idea to be at home or somewhere that you don’t have to leave until the next day. Although most people don’t report feeling impaired at all everyone is different and it is better to error on the side of caution when taking anything new into your body.

Will I pass a Drug Test if I use CBD Products?

This is one of the biggest questions on peoples minds who have a job that doesn’t allow Marijuana. The short answer is maybe.

Your best bet is to use a CBD isolate from a trusted extraction facility. Isolates are supposed to remove all other cannabinoids except the CBD. That is why they call it an isolate, because it isolates the CBD from the other chemical compounds.

Smokeable flower is a little more questionable because it will have small amounts of THC. Not enough to get you high but possibly enough to show up on a drug test. Especially if the flower you are smoking is above the legal hemp limit. Make sure your product comes from a trusted farm and is tested by a reputable lab.

What Does CBD Have To Do With Hemp?

The legal definition of hemp is any cannabis plant under 0.3% THC. All legal CBD comes from the hemp plant. When you buy a full spectrum CBD product it would be more accurate to say that you are buying a full spectrum hemp product as you are getting the full cannabinoid and terpene profile of the hemp plant.

Is CBD Safe?

We are not legally able to really comment on this but we can say that we never hear negative effects due to CBD. The most people ever report is being lightheaded or getting a headache. This is usually a result of lower quality CBD flower.

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