hemp flowers cbg field

Purchase Bulk Hemp Flower at Amazing Prices

For personal or business use, simply spend over $500 to get our bulk discount pricing!

Variety of Products

With over 14 different cultivars this season, from CBD flower and shake to HHC and Delta 8 Flower, we have a variety of products to choose from.

Join Easily

No fancy requirements to join our program – you only have to make an order of $500 or more to get access to our bulk hemp flower prices.

Oregon Grown

All of these products are grown and manufactured on our beautiful hemp farm in southern Oregon, an area famous for its rich soil and moderate climate, making it ideal for cultivating top-quality hemp plants.

Bulk Hemp Flower with Emerging Cannabinoids

Whether you are looking for bulk CBD flower, bulk Delta 8 flower, or bulk HHC flower, we have it all. And the best part of it all is that the only requirement to join our program is to spend over $500. That is it!

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hemp flowers cbg field

Organically Grown, Wholesale Hemp Flower

Look no further for the highest quality, sun-grown, organic hemp flower! All of our plants are grown with care in our beautiful fields in Southern Oregon. Get the best wholesale prices on hemp flower with Fern Valley Farms.

Buy Premium Organic Hemp Flower at Wholesale Prices!

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