Of all the compounds discovered so far within cannabis and hemp plants, it is safe to say that cannabidiol (CBD) is the most famous and accepted of the growing group of cannabinoids. Ironically, it is not the most prevalent compound found in the cannabis plant that grows in the wild; that honor goes to Delta 9 THC, the so-called “bad boy” of the cannabinoids, not because of how it affects the human body but more because of how it affected paranoid lawmakers!

On the other hand, when cannabis plants are in the caring hands of an experienced grower, such an expert can ensure through proper growing techniques that CBD does become the most prevalent compound produced by the plant. Once a cannabis plant is professionally cultivated to dramatically reduce the Delta 9 THC concentration (to below 0.3% of the plant matter), it is technically and legally considered a hemp plant, which is fully protected (FINALLY!) by the Hemp Farming Act of 2018.

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The Fern Valley Farms CBD Collection

Thanks to its fast-growing popularity and benefits, you can find a wide variety of fully legal CBD products for personal consumption. At Fern Valley Farms, where we grow hemp plants rich in CBD (and other equally important cannabinoids), we now offer the following premium CBD products for your consideration, consumption, and contentment:

  • CBD Flower – well over a dozen strains offering different concentrations of CBD combined with curated terpene profiles for optimal effects; our flower types include:
    • Large Flower Buds
    • Small Flower Buds
    • Trim and Shake
  • CBD Kief – the finest particles from the hemp plant are culled, forming a powdery substance ideal for both inhalation (smoking and vaping) and digestion (food and drink)
  • CBD Wax  – higher concentrations of CBD are extracted into a waxy substance, which can be heated and vaporized for inhalation of higher doses of CBD in one sitting
  • CBD Tinctures – these concentrated drops are perfect foundations for a solid CBD wellness regimen; squeeze one dropper under the tongue and let it do its magic
  • CBD Lotions – topical treatments are ideal when you wish to target a specific point on the body that is feeling discomfort or suffers from chronic problems
  • CBD Edibles – comfort food just got an amazing boost with delicious gummies that also delivers CBD to your endocannabinoid system
  • CBD Ingestibles – another excellent method for delivering precise dosages are our capsules and tablets
  • CBD Pet Tinctures – humans aren’t the only mammals who can benefit from CBD, which is why Fern Valley Farms has the same high-quality CBD oils tailored for cats and dogs

And yes, we have scads of satisfied customers who opt to take all or most of these incredible organic CBD products on a daily basis. Do note that CBD is not addictive but feeling great should be addictive, which may be why so many consumers find multiple methods for adding CBD to their internal system.

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A Brief History of CBD

The history of CBD goes back as far as the 1940s when chemist Roger Adams became the first person to successfully extract CBD from a cannabis plant. 

The next key player in the emergence of CBD was Dr. Raphael Mechoulam who, in 1963, described the chemical structure of CBD. Interestingly, Mechoulam was inspired to explore the relationship of CBD to the cannabis plant, as he saw parallels between cannabis and opium, from which morphine had been successfully extracted.

The first lab studies extracted CBD oil from cannabis plants. At the time, everyone knew that the Delta 9 THC compound found in cannabis contained distinctive and strong psychoactive properties. In comparison, Mechoulam learned that CBD also delivered various effects without any psychoactive effects also showing up.

Fast forward to the 1980s… With Mechoulam still seriously in the CBD research game, they ramped up the seriousness of their research by tackling epileptic seizures and convulsions. This was partially spurred by a small study in Brazil in 1977 involving nine epileptic patients, four of which were given 250mg of CBD while five were provided placebos. The results were impressive: of the four CBD-consuming patients, two reported significant improvements (no convulsions over a 3-month period!), another indicated slight improvement, and one noticed no change in their condition. In contrast, there was no noticeable change in any of the five placebo-consuming patients. Such strong results warranted more research using larger study groups, which soon followed and continues to this day.

In 2012, CBD got another major public exposure: Charlotte Figi, a six-year-old from Colorado who suffered from Dravet Syndrome (a severe epileptic disorder affecting children) demonstrated the true value and importance of CBD as a health aid when she began taking CBD oil to alleviate her seizures. The entire nation was drawn into her personal drama, rooting for her all the way. And all of America cheered ecstatically when it was reported that Charlotte’s grand mal seizures immediately plummeted from about 300 per week to only two or three a month!

(Unfortunately, Charlotte died in 2020 at the age of 13 from complications resulting from pneumonia (and possibly Covid-19) but not before she paved the path for the legitimacy of CBD. As an interesting side note, the cannabis from which the CBD oil was extracted was originally called “Hippie’s Disappointment” due to its low THC content (making it ideal for extracting CBD with minimal THC); it was renamed to “Charlotte’s Web” in honor of Charlotte Figi and her pioneering contribution that proved CBD was a true heavy hitter in the world of health.)

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How CBD Works

Our bodies are marvelous and complex with a variety of subsystems in constant operation to keep us alive and thriving. One of those important subsystems is the endocannabinoid system (so named because it was discovered while researching cannabis compounds and how they interact with the human body). 

In brief, our endocannabinoid system impacts and influences such key bodily functions as appetite, memory, mood, and sleep. As researchers delve deeper into our endocannabinoid system, expect more important and valuable information to rise to the surface.

The endocannabinoid system is composed of three elements: 

  • Endocannabinoids – support the body by maintaining internal functionality 
  • Enzymes – two different enzymes can break down the endocannabinoids for distribution
  • Receptors – are strategically located throughout the body and bind to endocannabinoids

As the receptors are the key connectors between bodily functions and cannabinoids, they play a major role. These receptors can be one of two types:

  • CB1 – resides mainly in the central nervous system; helps to manage and govern key functions including:
    • Appetite
    • Coordination
    • Memory
    • Mood
    • Movement
    • Pain
  • CB2 – resides in the peripheral nervous system, which influences inflammation and pain

While not fully understood, researchers have determined that, unlike most other cannabinoids,  CBD does not directly bind to either of these receptors. Instead, CBD appears to hold influence over them in ways not yet fully understood. 

Finally, CBD also seems to affect non-cannabinoid receptors. For instance, CBD has been shown to modulate the 5th serotonin receptor (known to mediate both excitatory and inhibitory neurotransmission, which may help treat psychotic disorders) and to affect the TRPV1 receptor (which can lead to increased awareness of and sensitivity to inflammation and pain when over-exposed to noxious stimuli).

As research continues, expect more exciting and life-changing discoveries to be revealed. Simply put, CBD is an amazing cannabinoid whose properties and powers we still do not fully grasp.

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Potential Health Benefits of CBD

It should come as no surprise that CBD appears to be bristling with myriad health and wellness benefits. The reason we shouldn’t be too surprised (beyond the fact that the cannabis and hemp plants are nearly miraculous in the properties they develop from young to mature states) is that CBD has been subjected to more research than any other cannabinoid to date. 

Granted, much of the initial research was tentative and leery, thanks to nearly a century of falsehoods and racist propaganda being spoonfed to a frightened public. But over time, CBD steadfastly continued proving its mettle in a variety of health and wellness situations. Sure, there are still a few naysayers and eye-rollers when you talk about using CBD to feel better, but those anachronistic folks are becoming an endangered species.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the more popular health and wellness situations where CBD appears to give individuals an edge or the upper hand in management:

  • Acne Treatments – its soothing properties work in tandem with its ability to limit the sebum production that causes acne
  • Addiction Management – getting off opioids is never easy (and sometimes proving fatal) but those who look to CBD find breaking addictions more manageable
  • Appetite Booster – sometimes relieving other symptoms like anxiety and depression may help but CBD appears to kick appetites into full gear
  • Bone Support – as we age, weakening bones can be a problem but consumers of CBD are learning that CBD may help keep bones stronger into the senior years
  • Cancer Treatments – many cancer treatments result in extremely unpleasant side effects, such as nausea; CBD has delivered relief to many patients in chemotherapy
  • Depression – because it can be such a vague and indefinable feeling, depression can feel omnipresent; often taking CBD can lift spirits and ease those oppressive senses
  • Ease Anxiety – public speaking is perhaps one of the most stress-inducing events for most people but speakers feel less anxiety when using CBD prior to their appearance 
  • Lower Blood Pressure – when blood pressure is reduced to normal rates, there is less stress on the heart, keeping it healthier
  • Pain Relief – not only can everyday ailments gain relief with CBD but those suffering from arthritis and multiple sclerosis have experienced much-desired relief through CBD
  • Sedation – when used with other cannabinoids like CBG, CBD appears to create calmer and more relaxed states that are conducive to more complete sleep sessions

This list can go on and as the years pass CBD will likely prove to be more effective and versatile than we are already imagining. When there are already serious studies concerning cancer treatments, shrinking tumors, alleviating seizures, and soothing inflamed tissues and joints, with all of them proving valuable, expect more exciting breakthroughs in the near future.

For now, however, thank your lucky stars that CBD is also equally valuable and useful for managing everyday aches, pains, and moods.

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