zinnia and corn planted with flowering hemp

Companion Planting for Hemp

If you have delighted in the pictures of our hemp crops we previously shared with you, you likely noticed sunflowers bordering some of our valuable plants. While those sunflowers add a vibrant yellow color to our fields, our main purpose … Read more

fields of hemp flowers on farm

2022 Harvest Calendar

Last month, we provided you with a list of the cultivars we are growing this 2022 season. This month we offer you our 2022 harvest calendar. This lets you know in which harvest cycle each cultivar is growing. This means … Read more

2022 Fall Harvest - July Update

2022 Fall Harvest – July Update

While many people dream of a White Christmas, at Fern Valley Farms we are dreaming of a Green Harvest. We want to share our planting progress with you so you can join in our dream of a bountiful harvest! This … Read more

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