How To Store CBD

How should I store my CBD?

There are a lot of options to store your cbd flower and extracts. From old school plastic baggies to new school vacuum sealed UV resistant containers. There are also a lot of factors such as how much you have and how long you are wanting to store it. Take a few minutes with me and we will talk about the best storage methods for your CBD Products.

4 Main Factors When Storing CBD

1. Light 

Light is an important thing to consider when storing your cbd products. UV rays degrade the plant, as well as the cannabinoid and terpene profiles, and will reduce the life and potency of your CBD cannabis products. For this reason a dark room is ideal for storage. 

2. Heat 

There are a couple reasons why heat is important. Excess heat can degrade the plant and the chemical profile of your cbd. It also makes for a better environment for mold and mildew to thrive. A cool basement or pantry can be ideal for cbd storage. Refrigerators can be a good option as well.

3. Air 

Air is another factor that can degrade your flower and extracts. So storing in air tight containers that are hard to puncture is a key part in keeping your cbd fresh.  

4. Moisture

The moisture content of your product is important. Too much moisture and it can cause mold. Too little and you can get breakdown of the flower and crystals. Between 59% and 63% RH seems to be a good range to store your flower. You can also get humidity packs that will help control the humidity in your container.

CBD Storage Container Options

1. Glass CBD Storage containers

Glass is a great way to store your CBD Flower or extracts. It can be sealed air tight and it will not break down over time. It is also solid so your flower won’t be crushed. 

The downside to glass is that most are clear and will let in light which will degrade your product over time. Storing in a dark place will help with this. They are also making UV resistant glass which is suppose to solve this problem.

2. Stainless Steel CBD Storage Containers

Stainless Steel containers can be a great option as well since they have the advantages of glass with the added benefit of keeping the light out. There are also stainless steel containers that you can vacuum the air out of, for longer storage. 

3. Plastic bags

Plastic has always been a popular option for cannabis because it is easy to carry and doesn’t take up much space. It is also inexpensive which is a definite advantage for most people.

The problem with plastic bags though is that they are harder to keep air tight. Even when you vacuum seal a bag one little stem can puncture it and open that bag up to air, causing your product to degrade. Plastic also lets in light. 

4. Mylar Bags

A lot of people are going from plastic to mylar or wrapping their plastic packages in mylar for extra air and light protection. If storing in plastic bags, wrapping them in mylar is a good idea for extra added protection. 

Where do I store my CBD?

It is best to store your CBD Hemp products in a cool, dry area, without heat and light fluctuation. Basements can work great for this and so can a pantry. 

When you are storing larger amounts of CBD products in a bigger place like a warehouse, just make sure the building is temperature controlled and doesn’t get too hot or cold. 

How long is my CBD Good for?

It depends on the product and the condition. A year is pretty common with flower.  Although, I have heard of flower lasting up to 2 years with not much loss in quality.

Concentrates like oil and wax can have a longer shelf life but need to be kept in a refrigerator or freezer for longer term storage. 

Most people are storing their CBD for short periods of time so getting ideal conditions is not necessary. Just keeping your flower or wax in a glass jar in a drawer by your bed will work just fine. 

If you are storing for longer periods of time it is important to pay close attention to all of these factors so you don’t ruin your product. 

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