CBD Shake/Trim - Choose Your Strain.

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Grown in Southern Oregon by Fern Valley Farms
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  • Great for smoking
  • Perfect joint rolling material
  • Make butter or oils to cook with
  • High quality sugar leaves
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    Product Details

    CBD Trim Shake

    What is Premium Shake?

    This premium shake contains sugar leaves and even some of the kief that comes from our trimmers. It is potent and has many uses such as smoking, cooking, making tinctures, teas and more. It is a great option for material to roll up and smoke in papers or wraps since it is close to the consistency of ground up flower. 

    Find out more about CBD shake here https://fernvalleyfarms.com/cbd-shake-what-is-it/

    CBD Trim Strains


    Bubba Kush is one of our personal favorites at Fern Valley Farms and we know it is a favorite around the rest of the country as well. Bubba Kush hemp is known for it's strong smell, large buds, and a density that you can hear when they "thud" onto the scale. 


    AC/DC is one of the original names in CBD Flower. It came into popularity around the same time as Charlottes Webb and Cannatonic, but it has stuck around as a fan favorite because of the amazing quality, effects, and overall experience. 


    Frosted Lime is sometimes described as a "great morning flower!" When you sit back with your coffee to get ready for the day a little Frosted Lime can be a great pairing. 


    Having your friends over for some Cobbler has a whole new meaning. You will all want a second helping of this flavorful CBD flower that is quickly becoming a favorite among every day users and hemp cannoisseurs for it's bold, refreshing smell and taste.  


    Chardonnay is named for its deep floral, berry smell and flavor much like an exaggerated chardonnay wine. Chardonnay is great when paired with wine and food as the terpene profile blends nicely with red wines and foods associated with red wines. 


    Everyone needs some peace in their lives. Let Peace Maker be a part of your journey. Peacemaker isn't as visually appealing as Bubba Kush or CBG White but what it lacks there it makes up in taste. Truly one of a kind.


    Cherry Wine lives up to its name with a smooth sweet smell much like a good sweet red wine. The smell builds and evens out after you break open a bud to unveil the aroma much the same way you would with wine or a good dark liquor.

    Harley B X Bubba Kush

    Do you like big buds that smell and taste great? If so then Harley B is for you! Harley B is a cousin of Bubba Kush and even though you get some of the same berry and floral smells and flavors as the Bubba, it has hints of citrus and pine that the Bubba still doesn't. The experience between the two is completely different.

    Hawaiian Haze - CBD Flower

    This tropical strain freshness that smacks you in the face when you break it open. Hawaiian Haze hemp flower is a great get up and go strain with a familiar name for THC smokers.

    Lifter CBD Flower

    Lifter is a fan favorite and one of the most popular strains in America. It is a must try when it comes to the world of hemp flower. 

    Trophy Wife - CBD Flower

    When you smoke Trophy Wife for the first time it's hard not to notice the sweet berry smell and taste when you inhale the smooth smoke from the rock hard buds. With 14.56% CBD and a great terpene profile it is an amazing hemp option. 


    Dried Oregon Grown Hemp Plant

    This flower was grown without any kind of pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers.

    Despite the extremely low concentration of THC, Fern Valley Farms makes NO guarantee that any individual will be able to pass a drug test after using this product.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All products contain less than 0.3% Δ9THC.


    Customer reviews

    Based on 56 Reviews

    • 5

      Caleb Smithwick on Jul 19th 2020

      This stuff was wayyy more potent that I thought it would be. 3 bowls of this and I was medicated quite nicely.

    • 5
      Organic hemp flower

      Maria Anderson on Jul 15th 2020

      great price, great product for inflammation, made edible brownies with it

    • 5
      ACDC: 4oz bag

      Rick Barker on Jun 22nd 2020

      I bought the trim shake. It's trichome-city in there!!! Way more than expected. Very, very happy. Thank you...

    • 5
      Peacemaker trim

      Scot Buffington on Jun 20th 2020

      Fantastic for rolling and smoking!

    • 5
      Harley B X Bubba Kush Shake/Trim

      Sharon Cody on Jun 13th 2020

      Fantastic Price
      Fantastic Quantity
      Fantastic Product

    • 3
      Not as good as before

      Dan lichens on Jun 11th 2020

      Ordered 1st time was fantastic, this time was not as good of quality. Did you combine the two grades you had before?

    • 5
      Very Good

      Jared on May 26th 2020

      Very pleased with quality thank you!

    • 5
      Great Trim

      Brian Roberts on May 22nd 2020

      Lots little buds great smell put in oven for 45 minutes 225 degrees then cooled it mixed it with ice cold golden grain 3 minutes strained nice golden color great taste would buy again

    • 5
      Hawaiian Haze

      Kathleen Garcia on May 22nd 2020

      Great taste and smell. Good quality for being trim. Fresh and not dried out. Works for smoking, rolling or processing. Prices are good too. Very pleased!