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Whether you are new to the world of hemp cannabinoids or a dedicated consumer of CBD and CBG products, understanding similarities and differences between CBD vs CBG is important. While CBD has gained a lot of attention over the past few decades, other cannabinoids are also making their way into our wellness cabinets. Of all the other cannabinoids being consumed by the American public, CBG is the second-most popular cannabinoid produced by the hemp plant.

For many people, adding CBG into the mix poses new questions. Perhaps the biggest question people have is: “Should I take CBD, CBG, or both?” 

Let’s compare the similarities and differences between CBD and CBG. And while we’re at it, we’ll discuss consuming these cannabinoids together. Once you have that information, you will be better able to answer your own question! 😉

CBD vs CBG: Similarities

To start off, the main similarity between CBD vs CBG is straightforward: they are both cannabinoids produced by the hemp plant! 

Other similarities between CBD and CBG include the following:

  • Non-Psychoactive – unlike Delta 9 THC, neither CBD nor CBG will make you high
  • Counter Psychoactive Effects – both CBD and CBG can offset or reduce psychoactive effects caused by Delta 9 THC (or other psychoactive compounds)
  • Induce Relaxed States – both CBD and CBG appear to aid in relaxation and sleep
  • Reduce Queasiness – both CBD and CBG seem to settle uneasy tummies; both have even been used to manage nausea caused by cancer treatments

Many consumers love CBD and CBG for these valuable properties, with relaxation and nausea relief typically topping the list. However, many humans carry a host of symptoms that go beyond upset bellies and sleepless nights. Fortunately (and rather amazingly), often either CBD or CBG can step up to the plate and help you deal with other miscellaneous physical issues, both chronic and occasional.

Which brings us to the next logical step in comparing CBD and CBG: the differences between these two compounds.

CBD vs CBG: Differences

Perhaps the most notable difference between CBD and CBG is the amount produced by the hemp plant. As a general rule, more CBD is produced by a mature hemp plant than is CBG. Do note this “general rule” caveat: certain cultivars are developed to produce higher volumes of CBG than CBD. 

Conversely, in its initial, immature stage, more CBGa is produced by a fledgling hemp plant. As the plant matures, the CBGa compound converts to three other cannabinoids: THCa (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid), CBDa (cannabidiolic acid), and CBCa (cannabichromenic acid). At full maturity, hemp begins the natural process of decarboxylation which converts THCa, CBDa, and CBCa into THC, CBD, and CBC respectively. For this reason, CBG is referred to as the “mother cannabinoid.” Most CBGa is converted to other cannabinoids during decarboxylation but a portion of CBGa converts to CBG.

Other differences between CBD and CBG include the following:

  • ECS Connection – there are two types of receptors (CB1 and CB2) in our endocannabinoid system (ECS); CBG binds to both receptors whereas CBD primarily binds with CB2 receptors
  • Wellness Benefits – fortunately for the consumer, CBD and CBG cover different wellness fronts (along with a few matching benefits)

For many consumers, the differences that matter most are the effects and properties CBD and CBG potentially offers. The following table illustrates those differences (and similarities) at a glance.

Potential CBD/CBG Benefits

Benefit CBD CBG
Acne Treatment Yes No
Addiction Management Yes No
Antibacterial No Yes
Appetite Suppression Yes No
Bone Support Yes No
Cancer Treatments Yes Yes
Ease Anxiety Yes No
Glaucoma Treatments No Yes
Huntington’s Disease No Yes
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) No Yes
Lower Blood Pressure Yes No
Mood Management Yes No
Nausea Yes Yes
Offset Psychoactive Effects Yes Yes
Reduce Swelling No Yes
Relaxation Yes Yes
Relieve Discomfort Yes No

NOTE: The above table can be sorted. The default order is the Effects column, sorted alphabetically. Click any of the three headings (Effects, CBD, or CBG) to sort according to your wishes. To reverse the sort order, click the heading again. Benefits offered by both CBD and CBG are listed in boldface.

If you are like most adults, there is more than one condition for which you want support. As you scan the above list of potential benefits, you will readily see how CBD and CBG can work together and independently to manage various results you seek.

CBD vs CBG: Combining Compounds

In the world of synthesized medicine, chemical compounds attempt to mimic their natural counterparts. In such cases, there are valid concerns about mixing medications. All too often, synthesized medications can interfere with each other, reducing the efficacy of the intended treatment. In really bad situations, conflicting medicines can harm the consumer!

In comparison, look at CBD, CBG, and other natural compounds produced by the hemp plant. These different cannabinoids work well together. The term “entourage effect” specifically refers to this hemp plant phenomenon: not only are different compounds from the hemp plant beneficial but they often support each other when consumed in tandem!

We do recommend you try CBD and CBG separately to gauge what possible benefits each may offer you. Remember, different consumers often experience varying results when consuming cannabinoids but there is general consensus as to their potential benefits. Once you know your response to CBD and CBG separately, do try them combined. Many of our customers are ardent enthusiasts of this popular combination!

Getting Started with CBD and CBG

Now you have a better understanding of CBD, CBG, and how they might work together. Of course, we can anticipate your next question… “Where can I get CBD and/or CBG?”

Good news! You can fulfill your CBD/CBG needs and desires right here at Fern Valley Farms! While specific products may vary from season to season (particularly our hemp flower cultivars), we have broad categories of different product types containing CBD, CBG, or both compounds.

For CBD and/or CBG at Fern Valley Farms, investigate the following product categories:

  • CBD/CBG Flower – if you are into nature, there is nothing more natural than potent, flavorful hemp flower buds
  • CBD/CBG Small Buds – just like the big buds above, only smaller; equally potent and flavorful but less expensive
  • CBD/CBG Trim/Shake – even hemp leaves and other loose material contains cannabinoids, perfect for making foods, drinks, and even tinctures at home
  • Kief – a true natural concentrate, this material is fluffy, powdery, and rich with cannabinoids
  • Gummies – nothing is easier (nor more delicious!) than popping a yummy gummy into your mouth
  • Capsules – for precise dosing, our line of capsules simplifies your life and supports your wellness regimen
  • Tinctures – a simple and time-proven method for ingesting cannabinoids while bypassing your digestive system (apply drops under the tongue)

Some categories offer you products containing either CBD or CBG. Other categories present you delightful (and efficacious) blends of CBD and CBG (with sometimes another cannabinoid or two added into the mix!).

Finally, you can read and study a lot about CBD vs CBG but your greatest knowledge comes from direct experience. If you haven’t yet, try CBD and CBG today. If you are already a regular consumer of these powerful and beneficial cannabinoids, keep up the excellent practice! 🙂

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