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CBD Wax - Crumble

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  • Sold by the Gram
  • CBD Concentrate
  • Sprinkle on a bowl or roll with flower in papers
  • Great for cooking with CBD
  • 0% THC
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    Product Details

    CBD Wax Crumble

    Our CBD Wax/Crumble is some of the best you can find on the internet. We made sure that the process used to extract the cbd would lead to a clean, healthy final product for you. We know not as many people are familiar with cbd wax but it is a great product that is worth trying. Most people fall in love quickly when they inhale/ingest the pure CBD. 

    Sold in 1 gram containers 

    What is CBD wax/crumble?

    CBD wax, also known as crumble, is a highly concentrated CBD Isolate derived from Southern Oregon Grown Hemp plants. 

    CBD wax/crumble is great for people who want to smoke less and get more effect. CBD Wax is also a great option for cooking because you don't have to extract the cbd yourself so it saves you some time.  

    What are effects of CBD wax/crumble?

    The feeling of smoking CBD Crumble is like the feeling of waking up for Christmas when you are a kid. The concentrated CBD brings a wave of comfort over your body the way a warm fire and hot chocolate does on a cold evening. You can dab it in your rig or put it over some of our CBD flower for added effects and a great taste.

    Can I smoke CBD wax/crumble?

    CBD wax/crumble does exactly as the name implies. When you break it up it crumbles into little pieces. This makes it perfect to sprinkle on a bowl or mix it with with your ground up flower to roll up in papers or wraps. 

    It is also perfect for "Dabbing!"  

    Can I cook with CBD Hemp Wax?

    Yes you Can! It is a great way to cook without having to extract the product yourself. There are a lot of great blogs and articles out there on how to do this. Keep in mind that the process of cooking with THC Cannabis wax/oil is the Same as CBD. 

    This product is Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, and All Natural.

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      Haven't used it yet, am looking for suggestions in my group.

      Carol McMullen on Dec 31st 2019

      Thank you for always being so courteous!