Empower Your Flour

Adding Kief to Recipes Can’t Get Any Easier

There are plenty of reasons to enjoy kief in a variety of forms (smoking, cooking, baking, vaping, to name the more common methods of consumption). But anyone familiar with the properties of quality kief products cannot help but notice its consistency bears a striking resemblance to flour, a basic baking ingredient. Even more appropriate is the fact that the process of preparing kief reduces most terpene flavors. This means your kief-flour mixture will not noticeably change the taste of your final baked product.

Your Kief-Flour Super-Easy Magic Mixture

As you review the wonderful array of kief strains on offer by Fern Valley Farms, you will notice the various sizes from which to choose. One of our most popular sizes remains the ¼-ounce container, offering a powerful 7 grams of kief in your preferred strain. Conveniently, this size also measures to ¼ cup, making mixing with flour even easier.

Our recommended formula for a quality kief-flour mixture is a 1-to-3 ratio of kief to flour. This works out to ¼ cup of kief combined with ¾ cup of flour. Since many recipes call for flour in one- or two-cup quantities, putting together one or two cups of kief-flour is fast and easy: you simply measure out the appropriate portions and whisk together.

Measuring the CBD Power in Your Kief-Flour

Okay, now you know how easy it is to make your own kief-flour, your next question should be: how much CBD ends up in your final product?

Even if you are no math wizard, this is almost as easy to figure out as it is to make your kief-flour, with the help of a basic calculator.

For instance, let’s presume you select a kief strain with a 20% CBD content. We’ll further assume your recipe calls for a cup of flour. That means you’ll use ¼ cup of kief (¼ ounce). Let’s do the math on this…

If your chosen strain of kief contains 20% CBD content, this means that one gram (1000mg) contains 200mg of CBD (1000 multiplied by 20%). Remember that you added ¼ ounce of kief to your flour (7 grams of kief). Multiply the 200mg per gram by the full 7 grams mixed into your flour, and you have 1400mg of CBD sitting in your kief-flour. That may seem like a lot of CBD, but remember this makes an entire batch of whatever you bake.

So the logical next step is to break down the CBD portions to a per serving basis.

Determining Per Serving CBD Amounts

Typically, a recipe calling for a cup of flour will nicely fit into an 8”X8” baking pan; such a pan is perfect thanks to its square shape, making it easy to cut your culinary kief-flour masterpiece into 16 equal pieces.

Previously, we calculated the entire batch would yield a product containing 1400 mg of CBD. Determining the per serving amount of CBD is just one more math calculation, so let’s pull out that calculator again. Divide the 1400mg of CBD into 16 pieces and you end up with a healthy and happy 87.5mg of CBD per treat.

Is It Worth Making Your Own CBD Treats?

As with most items made at home, creating your own edible CBD products is much less expensive than purchasing similar strength CBD edibles. This is mainly due to the fact that such products fall under the purview of the Food and Drug Administration. This means it must adhere to specific health standards, incurring costs for compliance and reports. Other factors for the higher price of many CBD edibles include additional ingredients and special packaging. Of course, we all want that, so they are worth paying the extra price. Plus, quality CBD edibles from credible sources are typically third-party tested for precise cannabinoid contents. This means the consumer is assured of specific and consistent strengths through trusted manufacturers.

However, as a home producer of edible CBD products, you don’t have the FDA peeking over your shoulder. Also, packaging is usually as simple as using a plastic container with an airtight lid. Typically, this can keep your yummies fresh in the fridge for at least a week (if your goodies last that long!).

You will also find your edible selection from vendors more limited to shelf-stable products, such as gummy bears. The cost and hassle of preparing, packaging, and delivering fresh-baked goods is prohibitive. This makes the case for enjoying home baked goods in addition to gummy bears and other quality CBD edible products.

As already mentioned, manufactured CBD edibles will naturally be more expensive. But they are worth it when you find a product to which you positively respond. Let’s return again to our example of the estimating the potency of your edibles. A quick price calculation may convince you that a little time in the kitchen can result in serious savings.

Estimating Your Kief-Flour CBD Treat Costs

Since your kief-flour measured in at 1400mg of CBD, all we need to do is divide those 1400mg by the $15 you paid (if you only purchase a ¼-ounce quantity at its normal retail price) for your kief. At this point you will probably shake, rattle, or tap your calculator to make sure it’s functioning properly. And no, you didn’t do a little too much Delta 8 infused flower so that it rattled your brain.

If your calculator showed a result of 93.33mg of CBD per dollar you spent, you did the math right. Yep, you’re paying around a penny per mg of CBD when you go for homemade goodness. Seriously, what is more delicious than such a ridiculously low price?!?

By the way, if you are sold on making your own kief-flour, save more money by purchasing kief in larger quantities. For instance, an ounce of kief is only $40. This means you pay $10 per ¼ ounce instead of $15. That’s a healthy savings for manually measuring out your own ¼ cup servings. Power chefs who regularly bake with kief-flour often buy kief wholesale for huge savings.

Fill Your Pantry with a Variety of Kief-Flour

Your should stock a variety of strains representing effects ranging between calming and perky. Then you can whip up an array of treats to enhance your varied effects and desires.

Keep in mind the same low pricing is offered for each available strain of kief. This means indulging in the effects you most desire won’t cost you a penny more. You can also build your own collection of varying effects, suitable for different times of day or special events.

Chances are, through the regular and different recipes you use, you will find certain ones fit better with specific strains. Meanwhile, we are sure you will have a blast learning which treats best meet your household needs. Finally, you benefit from the excellent effects which kief offers while enjoying homemade goods prepared entirely with ingredients you know and control.

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