May Magic Unfolds at Fern Valley Farms: A Splendid Spring Update

As spring breathes a new lease of life into Fern Valley Farms, we’re excited to share a snapshot of the past month’s activities. This May, nature is in a jubilant mood and our team is bursting with energy as we’ve been blessed with a fantastic rainfall this year. The extra showers have transformed our farm into a veritable Garden of Eden, and it’s time to bring you along on this adventure!

Pond Perfection

fern valley farms' pond with two workers, fields and mountains in the background

The first visual treat is our lovely pond, a tranquil oasis that is now brimming with water after the generous rainfall. Swaddled in a lush greenery, the pond looks picture-perfect with its mirror-like reflection revealing the vivid spring colors. And if you listen closely, you might even hear the soft murmur of nature echoing through Fern Valley!

Tilling the Soil – The Rhythm of the Fields

Tractor tilling the fields at fern valley farms with greenhouse, pond, and mountains in background

The fields of Fern Valley Farms are a hive of activity as preparation for the planting season is in full swing. Our diligent farmer can be seen here, striding atop a tractor, tilling the soil to ensure an abundant harvest. Their tireless work paints a picture of commitment and perseverance.

Garden of Eatin’ – A Promise of Bounty

new fruit trees in the foreground with a newly planted veggie garden in the background

Behind our newly planted fruit trees stands our freshly prepped veggie garden. This space of fertile soil and carefully planted seedlings may appear humble now, but we can almost envision it next month: a vibrant tableau of nature’s bounty, with juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuce, and verdant beans forming a colorful mosaic of life.

This part of Fern Valley Farms encapsulates the cycle of growth and renewal that we’re so proud of. In the coming months, these spaces will evolve, bearing fruit and veggies that are as nourishing and delightful as the love and care we put into cultivating them. It’s a beautiful promise of the bounties to come, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Sowing the Seeds of Prosperity

workers sowing seeds at fern valley farms
workers sowing seeds at fern valley farms
workers sowing seeds at fern valley farms

A few photographs take us to the heart of our hemp farm. Our workers can be seen maneuvering small machines to sow hemp seeds. It’s an exciting time as we embark on the journey of transforming these seeds into potent, high-quality hemp products.

The Rise of Our CBD Hemp Seedlings

cbd hemp seedlings by the thousands in the greenhouse

Following our glimpse of hemp sowing, we are thrilled to present the next stage in the life of our CBD hemp: a captivating picture of seedlings sprouting in our greenhouse.

Seemingly overnight, the greenhouse has transformed into a miniature forest. Each seed has morphed into a baby hemp plant, creating an almost surreal landscape of verdant greens. These sprouts stand tall and proud, holding the promise of becoming mature, potent hemp plants, ready to be crafted into our high-quality CBD products.

Moon Rockets Pre-rolls – A Stellar Preparation

treating cbd-pre roll cultivars with distillate at fern valley farms

We then transition to an inside view of our production process. A worker can be seen carefully loading our brand-new Moon Rockets pre-rolls to be sprayed with a heated Trifecta distillate. It’s an integral part of our unique recipe, aiming to provide you with an unparalleled experience.

Rolling in Kief – A Touch of Craftsmanship

rolling moon rockets pre-rolls in cbg kief at fern valley farms

The process continues with another worker diligently hand-rolling the Moon Rockets in kief. Every roll is carefully crafted, demonstrating our commitment to quality and attention to detail. These rolls are sure to transport you to the moon and back!

Meet Our Stars – The CBD Pre-rolls and Moon Rockets Pre-rolls

cbd pre rolls and moon rockets pre rolls in a lounge - glamor shot

Our visual journey concludes with a glamorous shot of our stellar new products – the CBD pre-rolls and the Moon Rockets pre-rolls. Exquisitely prepared and beautifully packaged, they’re ready to become your new favorite companions.

May at Fern Valley Farms has been filled with new beginnings, hard work, and a touch of glamour. We’re thrilled to continue on this journey, producing top-tier, sustainable, and natural products for all of you. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the farm!

Fern Valley Farms – Where nature and nurture come together.

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