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This Cakeberry Brulee CBD Flower is a new cultivar from our 2022 harvest. Larger-than-average buds delight the eye and definitely pleases the palate!

  • CBD: 13.5%
  • Top Terps: Limonene, α-pinene, β-caryophyllene
  • Effects: Relaxed, lightened mood, improved focus
  • Flavor: Creamy vanilla and sweet berries with a gassy suggestion
  • Type: Hybrid

Cakeberry Brulee CBD Flower COA (PDF)


About Cakeberry Brulee

Here is another newcoming cultivar for you to enjoy! Our Cakeberry Brulee CBD Flower is wonderful in many ways! Perhaps most impressive are the size of these buds; they are definitely larger than average, which makes for excellent grinding! 

This is another new crop that has surpassed our expectations. We think you will be equally impressed and pleasantly surprised at both the taste and effects of this wonderful Cakeberry Brulee CBD Flower!




The first effect most consumers report from this Cakeberry Brulee is an increased sense of calm. This is quickly followed up with a mood elevation. Perhaps most impressive is the increased focus many consumers gain after a session with this delicious Cakeberry Brulee.

Recommended Times for Usage 

Ideal for any time of day or evening, this Cakeberry Brulee cultivar is a true hybrid. Whether you wish to unwind from a stressful day or need to sharpen your focus, this could be the answer!

Cakeberry Brulee Flower Details

If you like some heft to your buds, then this Cakeberry Brulee is right up your alley! These buds are larger than typical hemp buds and beautifully showered with frosty trichomes. While green is the main color you will see with this cultivar, an occasional purple-tinted bud appears.

Even with giant buds, you will be pleased at how easily it grinds. Even better, when poured out of the grinder, you will be astounded by the aromatic mound of fluff beckoning you! Whether rolled or loaded into a pipe for smoking or vaping, expect a rich flavor with clear effects!

Cakeberry Brulee Smell and Taste

Imagine an herb with a sweet aroma that conjures up images of dessert. That’s what you get with this amazingly fragrant and delicious Cakeberry Brulee CBD Flower! As you take a whiff of the fragrances escaping from a newly-opened package, your salivary glands may go into overdrive. Expect a rich yet smooth vanilla foundation enhanced with lemon and berries with an artful hint of diesel beneath it all!

When it comes to consuming this Cakeberry Brulee, some consumers swear it is like a bite of vanilla cake with hints of lemon and berry. On the exhale, the gassy influence becomes more noticeable. Consider this Cakeberry Brulee a true herbal sweet treat!

Cakeberry Brulee Terpene Profile

We understand the importance and value of the terpenes found within each cultivar we grow. At maturation, hemp plants produce many compounds. The key compounds are cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, THC, etc.) and terpenes. Each hemp cultivar produces its own blend of terpenes that add aromas and flavoring. This is referred to as its terpene profile.

Our lab reports include a full analysis of the terpenes present in each hemp flower cultivar we grow. You can find the detailed terpene report in the above image gallery. We also provide below a summary of the terpenes produced by this Cakeberry Brulee Hemp Flower cultivar.

There are 4 major terpenes with 12.51mg per gram of aromatic compounds in this Cakeberry Brulee CBD hemp flower cultivar. They are:

  • Limonene (1.99mg/g)
  • α-Pinene (1.71mg/g)
  • β-Caryophyllene (3.35mg/g)
  • β-Myrcene (5.46mg/g)


Cakeberry Brulee CBD Flower organically cultivated at Fern Valley Farms in Oregon

Hand Trimmed

Our flower is cared for by hand from seed to finished flower. All our flowers are slow-dried and cured here on our farm and hand-trimmed for the best possible quality.

Oregon Grown

Grown by Fern Valley Farms. We feel very fortunate that we get to grow in Southern Oregon as this area offers one of the best growing climates in the world for cannabis and hemp crops. The soil is premium, with growers bringing generations of experience to their fields. Getting to provide some of the best CBD Hemp in the world is one of our greatest joys.


All hemp flower cultivars are 3rd-party lab tested for potency. Additional tests are performed to ensure there are no microbial contaminations, mycotoxins, heavy metals and pesticides, or foreign matter.


All of our hemp flower cultivars are grown without any pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers.

This product includes a Boveda® two-way humidity control pack in its air-tight resealable packaging. This helps prolong the freshness and potency of the cannabinoids and terpenes present in this product.

All products contain less than 0.3% Δ9-THC.

Despite the low concentration of Δ9-THC, Fern Valley Farms makes NO guarantee that any individual will pass a drug test after using this product.

Fern Valley Farms does not monitor any state laws concerning cannabinoid possession and consumption. Individual consumers are encouraged to ascertain the legality of acquiring, possessing, and consuming various cannabinoids in their own state.

All customer reviews represent the opinion of the author. Customer reviews are neither evaluated nor approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Furthermore, these opinions do not reflect the viewpoint of Fern Valley Farms or its employees.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, or prevent any disease.

11 reviews for Cakeberry Brulee | CBD Flower

  1. Anonymous

  2. DENNIS D.

    Great smell in good taste

  3. Ryan Williams

    Looks, smells, and tastes great with a great effect!! Buds are frosty and trimmed to perfection. As usual fern valley farms knocks it out of the park with the best prices to be found. Will be getting more since I only got 1/8 to sample.

  4. Richard Bradley

    I was not expecting the feeling this gave me!!!! When you open the pack, it hits your nose with this majestic aroma. One I’ve never smelled from CBD. As I broke it up it the aroma of this blessed herb gave me the anime school girl giggles. The smoke is so smooth and flavorful and mann it truly hit me like I was smoking THC strain. Bubba Kush is my weekly order, but will most def be adding this in with my weeklys

    Image #1 from Richard Bradley
    Image #2 from Richard Bradley
  5. RJ

  6. David H.

    I’ve waited a few days to do this review to make sure I wasn’t being over zealous, but for me this is my very favorite flower because it really does work well to make you feel calm and mellow and it tastes great. I’ve been smoking CBD flower for a few years now I’ve pretty much tried all the popular strains… this is my new favorite.

    Image #1 from David H.
  7. James P.

    So fresh! Buds, so big and we’ll trimmed! I wasn’t sure to smoke it or picture frame the buds and hang them on the wall!

  8. Crunkjuice1

    Spot on with FVF description on effects and taste. The sweet taste stands out! Perfect Hybrid strain. Pipe and Joint consumption brings effects in mellow but you can tell it’s doing it’s thing!

    Image #1 from Crunkjuice1
    Image #2 from Crunkjuice1
    Image #3 from Crunkjuice1
  9. Chris

  10. Heath Ramsey

    Kind. Calm. Focus. Forehead. Excellent cultivation and cure. Perfect moisture content.

  11. Tyrone

    Very nice thumbs up top notch

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