Delta 8 Vape Cartridge | CBG White Live Resin Terpenes

14 customer reviews
  • Compounds: 83.42% D8; 2.8503% Hemp Terpenes; 1.09% CBC
  • Effects: Relaxed/Content/Laid Back
  • Flavor: Mild Lemon/Cream
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Usage: Anytime Use
  • Terpenes Derived from CBG White Hemp Grown by Fern Valley Farms
  • Enhanced Effects
  • Available in 1 Gram Cartridge
  • All orders over $500 ship UPS (adult signature required)

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As we continue expanding our line of products that have been treated with Delta 8 THC, it was merely a matter of time before we rolled out our own series of Delta 8 distillate cartridges. 

Well, that time is here, so get ready to celebrate… with a Delta 8 Distillate Live Resin Terpenes cartridge, of course! 

Celebrating is as easy as screwing the cartridge on any pen battery and taking a puff! Considering the high Delta 8 THC content contained within these cartridges, a mere 3-second puff delivers an excellent dose of Delta 8 THC to your system; expect to feel and enjoy the effects immediately!


Due to its strong demand, unique flavor, and clear effects, we decided our CBG White hemp flower strain earned the honor of donating its terpenes to this higher cause of enhancing our Delta 8 Distillate with true terpene flavors and effects.

Those of you already in love with the flavor and effects of our CBG White hemp flower strain will delight in the excellent taste this Delta 8 Distillate Live Resin Terpenes cartridge delivers, along with the noticeable and pleasant buzz from the psychotropic Delta 8 THC compound.

Specifically, the following terpenes contribute to the overall effect of this Delta 8 Distillate Live Resin Terpenes – CBG White cartridge:

  • β-Myrcene (12.830 mg/g)
  • Limonene (5.470 mg/g)
  • β-Caryophyllene (3.786 mg/g)
  • α-Pinene (2.734 mg/g)
  • β-Pinene (0.991 mg/g)
  • Ocimene isomer II (0.8778 mg/g) 
  • Terpinolene (0.780 mg/g)
  • Linalool (0.541 mg/g)
  • α-Humulene (0.494 mg/g)

We’re farmers, not pharmacists, so we can’t really explain in detail how these terpenes work together. But our experience, and the experience of most of our customers, tell us that this wonderful distillate helps create a delightful sense of relaxation, feeling content and definitely laid back. Add to that a mellow taste of lemon and cream and you will see why this is a popular product.

On top of those flavorful compounds, the lab reports indicate an impressively potent 83.42% Delta 8 THC content! 

Finally, you will notice a modicum of CBC also appears on the radar; while a minimal amount shows up in the lab result, even such a modest portion may offer positive effects. In particular, CBC seems to deliver soothing effects while keeping your mind sharp.

In all, we think you will find this blend of Delta 8 THC with quality terpenes from our CBG White hemp flower strain to offer an excellent combination of cannabinoids and terpenes that delivers unique and immediately noticeable effects.


We can declare with certainty that there are no other cartridges on this planet like ours. That’s because each cartridge contains a distillate of Delta 8 THC that is combined with terpenes derived from one of our own farm-grown hemp flower strains! 

As our long-time customers already know – and our new customers swiftly learn – we are all about maximizing the presence of the terpenes contained within each hemp flower strain. We put that practice of optimizing terpene profiles to extra good use during the development and manufacturing of these delicious and effective cartridges!

We know the standard and accepted practice in the industry is to synthetically emulate the aromas and flavors of various terpenes commonly found in hemp flower strains, which are then added to the distillate for distinct flavoring. While we appreciate the scientific art of terpene mimicry, we remain convinced there is greater value for the end consumer by directly extracting actual terpene compounds from our plants and infusing them with our distillate. So that is precisely what we do and points to yet another powerful difference between our vape cartridges and so much of what you encounter in the open marketplace.

These are the reasons why we can state with certainty that our vape cartridges are unlike any other vape cartridges you will find on the planet!

DELTA 8 THC IS NOTICEABLY STRONGER THAN CBD OR CBG! Unlike CBD and other popular cannabinoids (such as CBG and CBN), this distillate consists of Delta 8 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is similar to Delta 9 THC in that it can trigger psychoactive effects. Most users describe the effects of Delta 8 THC as milder and less erratic than Delta 9 THC, but consumers unfamiliar with Delta 9 THC products should take extra caution when consuming this Delta 8 distillate cartridge.

For your first time consuming this Delta 8 distillate cartridge, we recommend you begin by inhaling only for 3 seconds. (By the way, we consider a 3-second draw to be one dose; each cartridge contains about 200 doses.)

We also recommend that the first time you try this Delta 8 Distillate Live Resin cartridge, you wait at least 30 minutes (preferably one hour) before consuming more Delta 8 THC or other cannabinoids. By limiting your experience to this Delta 8 distillate cartridge with live resin terpenes alone, you are better able to assess its full effects on you. As with any cannabinoid, each person responds differently. While we can report general effects experienced by other consumers, your own experience may differ greatly.


To gain a greater understanding and appreciation of Delta 8 THC, we recommend our article entitled “Investigating Delta 8 THC” that dives deeper into this new and fascinating cannabinoid. For many CBD consumers, Delta 8 THC has become another important and effective cannabinoid in their overall wellness regimen; as with other cannabinoids, it likely benefits our endocannabinoid system in ways research has not yet discovered.


The most noticeable effects produced by Delta 8 THC are psychotropic. This usually results in an initial headrush along with a recognizable shift in mood and attitude. Feeling lightheaded and giggly can occur for some while others may find themselves becoming more introspective. Different circumstances and environments can change effects and results; consuming different cannabinoids or other substances can alter the effects and impact of any Delta 8 THC you may have already consumed.

Remember to start low and go slow!


By learning how to best use and care for your cartridges, you increase their effectiveness and performance. Fortunately, you only need a few tips and tricks to ensure that your cartridge will last as long as the Delta 8 distillate within it. 

For Optimal Cartridge Performance, try these tips: 

  • Store at Room Temperature – very cold temps can cause the distillate to harden
  • Store Upright – to avoid spillage, keep cartridges standing with the mouthpiece up
  • Keep Battery Fully Charged – only use pen batteries with a 3.3 voltage or less 

Even with these general maintenance and care instructions, you may encounter a clogged cartridge after several weeks of use. 

If Clogging Occurs, try these tips: 

  • Prime Battery – most pen batteries offer a “prime” option that will cycle your pen through its various heat ranges; drawing on the cartridge while it is priming is often sufficient to loosen a clogged cartridge
  • Clean Cartridge – soak a paper swatch with rubbing alcohol and wipe clean both the threads and the base of the cartridge to remove accumulated distillate
  • Clean Battery – if your cartridge leaked, your battery probably got distillate on it; wipe clean the thread and base with a paper swatch soaked with rubbing alcohol
  • Heat Cartridge – if the above tips do not unclog your cartridge, gently heat the connecting end at about ~120° for 30 seconds and then draw on the mouthpiece; if it is still clogged, repeat (it will usually unclog after 2 or 3 attempts)

Once you have completely consumed the Delta 8 distillate, dispose of the empty cartridge. DO NOT REUSE!


Despite precautions, do not be surprised if once in a while you find yourself overwhelmed by the effects of Delta 8 THC. It can easily happen for a variety of reasons but fortunately, there are multiple tactics you can employ to counter such a situation, including:

  • Breathing – controlled breathing can slow a racing heart and calm a disturbed mind
  • CBD – a great way to offset THC effects (both Delta 8 and 9) happens to be CBD
  • Furry Friends – getting comfort from the cats and dogs in your home can be very calming
  • Hydrate – avoid dehydration by keeping a good supply of fresh water at your side
  • Lemon Juice – the calming limonene terpene found in lemon juice can ease anxiety
  • Pine Nuts – filled with pinene, famous for helping you calm down
  • Talk – connecting with a friend or family member can give you assurance and a new outlook
  • Walk – getting outside and moving around in the fresh air can ground you

Once you find what works best for you (often a combination of the above tips), be sure to have a ready supply for those times you may need it. Over time, you will learn to better manage your consumption of Delta 8 distillate, leading to fewer overwhelming experiences.


This Delta 8 THC distillate has been third-party lab tested for potency; these comprehensive tests also ensure that no unwanted materials, including microbial, mycotoxins, heavy metals and pesticides, or foreign matter, are found in this premium Delta 8 THC product.


Due to the high concentration of Delta 8 THC contained in these cartridges, Fern Valley Farms makes NO guarantee that any individual will be able to pass a drug test after consuming this product.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All products contain less than 0.3% Δ9THC.

All customer reviews are the opinion of the reviewer, have not been evaluated by the FDA, and do not represent the opinion of Fern Valley Farms or their employees. 

Due to the constantly shifting and widely varying legal landscape in the United States, Fern Valley Farms does not monitor state laws concerning cannabinoid possession and consumption. It is the responsibility of individual consumers to ascertain the legality of acquiring, possessing, and consuming various cannabinoids in the state in which they reside.

14 reviews for Delta 8 Vape Cartridge | CBG White Live Resin Terpenes

  1. John J.

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    I smoke a lot of cannabis, but no cigarettes. This vape is too heavy for me, I cough every time, maybe I’m doing it wrong? I don’t know. The taste is outstanding though. Love FVF though, buds and gummies are excellent! Life long customer here, just won’t be doing the D8 vapes anymore.

  2. Robert

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

  3. Amy

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Great flavor – this was my first try at a Delta 8 vape

  4. Trish Whitney

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    I like this one but it’s a little stronger and I can only use on the weekends kinda makes me a little spacey

  5. Jason M.

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    The CBG White cart has a very relaxing laid back effect. Great after a long day. I use it for those days after work when I need to unwind and melt away and forget the day.

  6. Josh

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Super relaxing. It does tend to clog more than others I’ve tried, which isn’t a big deal…I just use the preheat option and it fixes it.

  7. William C.

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Insanely good. 2 good hits from my delta 8 cbg white live rosin cart is my favorite it tastes good hits hard works instantly. Also your delta 9 gummies are stupidly great i eat 3 10mg fast acting fvf delta 9 gummies and it puts me to sleep. They also treated me very well on my last order i ordered 2 cbg delta 8 carts and a bubba kush cart. A quarter ounce of the delta 8 lemon octane (my favorite flower strain u produce. And a 20 pack of delta 9 fast acting edibles. 1 of my carts was only halfway filled. It was a honest mistake. They sent a replacement cart immiedietly at zero cost. Such a great company!

  8. Edwin

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Edwin
  9. Trish Whitney

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Nice oil will definitely buy more

  10. Juan C.

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

  11. Vickie C.

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Love your products!!

  12. Micah Baker

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Well, If you got something good, you want to keep it to yourself. I’m not selfish though. I can’t believe how good these cartridges taste! No sticky residue, just clean satisfying, highly recommended fun.

  13. Richard

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

    Came very fast and good quality

  14. Colton T.

    Verified reviewVerified review - view originalExternal link

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