Moon Rockets | Delta 8 Pre-Rolls

84 customer reviews


Want to blast off to the moon and beyond? Take a ride on one of our Moon Rockets! Most customers claim these are the ultimate Delta 8 pre-rolls on the market today!

  • Select hemp flower cultivars treated with:

  • Ultra-enhanced effects
  • Organically grown and prepared by Fern Valley Farms



These Delta 8 Pre-rolls Will Take You to the Moon!

These Moon Rockets Delta 8 Pre-rolls are produced and prepared with an elevated level of FVF love and enthusiasm.

The love emerges from the awesome and various effects that these six different cultivars will bring to you. The enthusiasm springs from the amazing extra boost and kick that the addition of an 80/20 ratio of Delta 8 and CBD distillates, along with a thick coating of CBD kief from the same hemp flower strain, gives to these already delicious and effective pre-rolled hemp flower strains.

This extra three-way punch of powerful cannabinoids will truly send you sailing into new vistas, delivering an entourage effect that combines relief and relaxation with a pleasantly cool and clear focus elevated to a level you never experienced before!

Type, Feeling, and Best Times for Using Moon Rockets 

To better serve your varying and changing physical, mental, and emotional needs, we currently offer Delta 8 Pre-Rolls created from six different hemp flower strains.

While each strain delivers differing effects, the addition of the Delta 8 distillate can trigger a momentary and delightful headrush accompanied by a surge of uplifting and energizing effects before settling you into the main effects of the hemp flower strain that received this extra multi-cannabinoid boost. By adding the extra oomph of CBD distillate and CBD kief from the same hemp flower strain, immediate and long-term effects merge beautifully into one long and smooth journey of wellness and calm.

Delta 8 Pre-Rolls in Six Awesome Cultivars

Here are the Delta 8 Pre-Roll Moon Rockets cultivars we currently offer for your pleasure and well-being…

Bubba Kush Moon Rockets

  • Cannabinoid Profile: D8 = 10.66%; CBD = 11.3%
  • Effects: Relaxed/Calm/Ease Discomfort
  • Flavor: Citrus/Pepper/Coffee-Chocolate Hint
  • Type: Indica Dominant
  • Usage: Evening

Check out the Bubba Kush CBD Flower product page for more information on effects, taste, potency, and a fuller terpene profile. 

Sour Hawaiian Haze Moon Rockets

  • Cannabinoid Profile: D8 = 8.4%; CBD = 12.87%
  • Effects: Happy/Energized/Focused
  • Flavor: Mango/Pineapple/Citrus/Diesel Hint
  • Type: Sativa Dominant
  • Usage: Day

Check out the Sour Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower product page for more information on effects, taste, potency, and a fuller terpene profile.

Sour Elektra Moon Rockets

  • Cannabinoid Profile: D8 = 9.18%; CBD = 10.76%
  • Effects: Relaxation/Even Energy/Clear Focus
  • Flavor: Citrus/Berry/Diesel Hint
  • Type: Sativa Dominant
  • Usage: Any Time

Check out the Sour Elektra CBD Flower product page for more information on effects, taste, potency, and a fuller terpene profile. 

Sour Special Sauce Moon Rockets

  • Cannabinoid Profile: D8 = 8.96%; CBD = 10.78%
  • Effects: Calm/Focused/Creative
  • Flavor: Bitter Berry/Hops/Earthy
  • Type: Indica Dominant
  • Usage: Any Time

Check out the Sour Special Sauce CBD Flower product page for more information on effects, taste, potency, and a fuller terpene profile. 

Forbidden V Moon Rockets

  • Cannabinoid Profile: D8 = 9.0%; CBD = 9.79%; CBDV = 3.63%
  • Effects: Energy Boost/Focused/Confident
  • Flavor: Coconut/Guava/Mango/Berry
  • Type: Sativa Dominant
  • Usage: Day

Check out the Forbidden V CBDV Flower product page for more information on effects, taste, potency, and a fuller terpene profile. 

CBG White Moon Rockets

  • Cannabinoid Profile: D8 = 18.93%; CBGA = 9.5%
  • Effects: Relaxed/Content/Laid Back
  • Flavor: Mild Lemon/Cream
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Usage: Any Time

Check out the CBG White CBG Flower product page for more information on effects, taste, potency, and a fuller terpene profile. 

Important Note Concerning Consumption of Delta 8 THC Products

As with all Delta 8 products we offer, we urge you to practice extra caution particularly with the first use of any new product that contains the Delta 8 compound. We strongly recommend that you consume this product in very small doses (as compared to your usual consumption practices for this CBD flower strain). Please wait at least 30 minutes between each dosage session.

While Delta 8 THC does not produce effects as pronounced as its counterpart, Delta 9 THC, the Delta 8 THC compound can still produce a mild degree of psychotropic effects. The addition of Delta 8 THC (along with CBD distillate and CBG Kief) to your chosen hemp flower strain will not only enhance or amplify the effects you normally enjoy when consuming that strain but can include other effects, including psychotropic reactions or experiences. 

(To better educate yourself about Delta 8 THC, we recommend our blog article “Investigating Delta 8 THC” which explores this new compound in much greater detail.)

Grown Under the Oregon Sun

Grown and prepared by Fern Valley Farms. We feel very fortunate that we get to grow in Southern Oregon as this area offers one of the best growing climates in the world for cannabis and hemp crops. The soil is premium, with growers bringing generations of experience to their fields. Getting to provide some of the best CBD Hemp in the world is one of our greatest joys.


Hemp Flower Organically Cultivated at Fern Valley Farms in Oregon, Delta 8 Distillate, CBD Distillate, CBD Kief

3rd Party Lab Tested

Our flower is 3rd party lab tested for potency and to ensure there are no microbial, mycotoxins, heavy metals and pesticides, or foreign matter.


This flower was grown without any pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers. 

Despite the extremely low concentration of Δ9THC, Fern Valley Farms makes NO guarantee that any individual will be able to pass a drug test after using this product.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All products contain less than 0.3% Δ9THC.

All customer reviews represent the opinion of the reviewer, are not evaluated by the FDA, nor do they represent the viewpoint of Fern Valley Farms. 

Due to the constantly shifting and widely varying legal landscape in the United States, Fern Valley Farms does not monitor state laws concerning cannabinoid possession and consumption. It is the responsibility of individual consumers to ascertain the legality of acquiring, possessing, and consuming various cannabinoids in the state in which they reside.

84 reviews for Moon Rockets | Delta 8 Pre-Rolls

  1. Anonymous

    I ordered several different strains of these joints and they were sadly disappointing. None of them ever burned well and the smoke didn’t have any taste. I have only ever experienced that before with flower that wasn’t completely cured.

    I don’t know if that was the issue but I had to resort to emptying these cones into a pipe and smoking the flower. The keif has gone to waste. I wanted to like these because they were recommended. This is the first time ordering these from FVF

    • Katie Thomas

      We are very sorry to hear about the poor-quality pre-rolls you received. We will be in touch to get this resolved ASAP!

  2. RJ W.

  3. Anonymous

  4. Byron S.

    The pre-rolls were sticking to the side of the containers on several of them. I had to dig them out which ruined the pre-roll. Took the delta-8 and loaded it in a bowl. Not that big a deal especially since the potency is very good. Not disappointed at all.

  5. Derek

    I actually had to get a replacement for this item but Fern Valley worked with me and the gummies they sent in place were wonderful.

  6. Jon-Patrick

    Sorry. It’s really my fault for picking without digging in deeper but all 3 types I ordered have almost zero affect on me. The reports for these three were included in the shipping box and show low thc content but I didn’t know that when I ordered them and I feel like the website should do a better job of helping users choose what they want. I had no idea I was ordering joints with low thc. I didn’t even think that was a thing. In any case, I ordered $100 worth of prerolls that I’ll never use. Maybe this is already a no brainer for everyone but if you order any of these, be sure to check the reports first.

    • Katie Thomas

      Hi Jon,
      Thank you for your feedback. We are a CBD/Hemp company so all of our products are below .3% delta 9 THC. The Delta 8 Moon Rockets are high in Delta 8 THC. This is a bit different than Delta 9 THC that you get with marijuana.
      We sincerely apologize for any confusion.

  7. Linda J.

    It was a challenge to be able to use it….

  8. Anthony

  9. Sarah N.

    This is by far my favorite strain I’ve tried. It is the perfect balance for day time use and it’s “buildable” if I’d like to use oil or CBG/CBD supplements with it.

  10. Tabitha Shatley

    To be honest, I thought I was smoking a regular cigarette. It was very sticky. And almost broke off by the cone. Like it wasn’t packed tight enough.

  11. Chris K.

    These prerolls we’re nice at start but quickly became to gooey with too much wax or something. Also one stuck in tube and I had to destroy it to get out. But they did make everything good and I will shop here again! When they did hit, they were a really nice prerolls….hope they figure it out, thanks FVF

  12. Juan G.

    I didn’t not feel anything, kinda disappointed.

    • Katie Thomas

      Hi Juan,
      Thank you for your feedback and we are very sorry to hear you were not satisfied with this product. If you are looking for something stronger, we would suggest trying the THC-O or HHC flower or our D8 Meteorites.

  13. Anonymous

    Never got them

    • Katie Thomas

      We are very sorry to hear you never received your order. The tracking is showing delivered on 10/27. We will reach out to you to get this resolved ASAP! We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

  14. Aidyn Michelle

    This was my first time smoking D8, I usually buy from my brother in law. I felt nothing from all of them 🙁 although forbidden v gave an after effect of calm library vibes but I got not feel a body or head buzz. Tried a cbd d8 too- nothing. I feel like I bought a placebo but others reviewed the same, my body just doesn’t seem to take the effects. I take three puffs of thc & im there.

  15. Michael

    We just got the package and 2 came of the tube pretty good, but had clumps of stuff on it and still real sticky and 3 are stuck in tube can’t get it out. One of the tips just flops over

    We took a couple hits and now the blunt is stuck to the ash tray.

    Is this how they are suppose to be?

    • Katie Thomas

      Hi Michael,
      We are very sorry for the poor quality Moon Rockets you received. It sounds like the D8 melted in the heat which caused them to stick to the tubes. We will reach out to you to get this resolved ASAP! Sorry for this inconvenience.

  16. Brooke

  17. Richard

    They’re rolled so tight that they don’t smoke well. I expected more of a euphoric feeling. But I appreciate your quick shipping and your customer service..

  18. Davyael

    See now, this was a good flavor, but it was very flimsy around mouthpiece and made it hard to do anything with it. Wouldn’t recommend if you are looking to actually smoke this, looks good tho.

  19. anthony ricca

  20. Helen

    Unfortunately this pre roll was stuck in the container and ripped upon taking it out.

    • Katie Thomas

      Hi Helen,
      We sincerely apologize for the poor-quality pre-roll you received. It sounds like the D8 melted in this heat which most likely caused it to rip. We will reach out to you via email to resolve the issue. Sorry for this inconvenience.

  21. Steven C.

    I am challenged from time to time with brain fog and wooziness. Moon Rocks so far has provided a nice, smooth mental remedy to my challenges. Leaves me feeling mentally energized and clear headed. This may be one of my go-to Delta 8 remedies.

  22. Michael M.

    Ok,wish I could find stronger.

  23. kyle gilmore

  24. SCOTT S.

    Be ready to blast off with this moon rocket

  25. Brendan Davy

  26. Sam

    Had a really hard time getting this to stay lit, and pulling anything through. Eventually dumped it into a dry herb vape and it was really nice

  27. Andrew Inocencio

    I’ve been buying them for while mostly to get free shipping. Most of the time too packed in cone and unable to to smoke it enjoyably. Flavor good but not good experience. Flower great but have to do own roll or cones.

  28. Darrian O.

    They weren’t pulling I had to break them down and reroll them

  29. Shawn

  30. Andy G.

    First thing I’ve had from FVF that was simply not my bag.

  31. Anonymous

  32. Anonymous

  33. Dominick Z.

  34. Dominick Z.

    Love these Moonrockets! Always nice to have a potent preroll all ready for you!

  35. John H.

    The Spectrum strain is GREAT.

  36. steve h.

    very satisfied with the quality. seemed to take a long time to arrive, but i will be back

  37. Anonymous

    Very good very strong.

  38. Ronda Hubble

  39. Tim

    Not my cup of tea.

  40. Auston

    Horrible taste to them! Taste like rezin with a small hint of bud flavor for the after taste… They rez up really quickly to the point where if you have like 1/4-1/6 left, you can barely hit it cause of all the rez build up! As well, I had to sit there and constantly loosen up each joint i was smoking because the bud is ground to fine and packed incredibly tight! So you gotta mess with it for awhile before trying to light and smoke it, even then its a hard ass hit!

  41. Peterson Woods

    It’s good if u want to sleep send me sum more and I will review it

  42. Michael B.

    I loved it, just hard to smoke for me.

  43. Randy B.

    I only buy from FVF. Best quality and super folks.

  44. James W.

    Not bad but I think more cbd than thx. Still good product

  45. Anonymous

  46. Anonymous

  47. BRIAN S.

    Very nice out it out a few times solo

  48. Kate E.

  49. Kim

    These have bit a HUGE hit all the away around!! I want to get them wholesale please!!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    • Fern Valley Farms

      Hi Kim,
      So happy to hear these are a hit!! We are in the process of getting these added to our wholesale site. I will reach out to you via email with our price list and how to order them in the meantime.

  50. kevin b.

    Tried all the MOON rock pre-rolls. LOVED the Space Candy and Bubba Kush. Neutral on the Suave HAZE. LITTLE TO NO REACTION ON THE Hawaii Haze or CBD White.

  51. William W.

    Promt service

  52. Kandolyn Sears

  53. Victor

  54. Russell

    Great compared to other brands but not my cup of tea.

  55. Victor

    Really good product

  56. Nnamdi

  57. Abel Lee

  58. Rebecca Stonebraker

  59. Brooke

    A gift for my fiancé and he loved it!

  60. Paige O.

    I personally enjoy having the actual flower from FVF and rolling it myself.
    However, the pre-rolls are nice! Burn very good too.

    Don’t let my rating discourage you though!

    I gave a 3/5 (3.5 to be technical) because I’m not sure if it’s me or pre-rolls in general but I just don’t notice much from the pre-rolls.

  61. Peter Meehan

    not bad at all. Happy with all my purchases.

  62. Anonymous

    No particularly strong body or mind effects, nice flavor and smoked well throughout.

  63. David B.

  64. Anonymous

  65. Angela E.

    Burn great, last long and effective!

  66. Britney

    This was my first time trying the Delta 8 and I definably enjoyed it. I feel like I was less paranoid and had a good body & mind change. The joint burned a little weird for the first bit but I feel like that’s kind of common with prerolls but otherwise I enjoyed my experience and will purchase again in the future. hands down an amazing company through and through. ????????

  67. Anonymous

    Packed so tight I had to loosen it up. Effects did nothing.

  68. Alex

    A good smoke, didn’t really have any effects though. I don’t care for the taste of the paper, idk what papers are used but it’s definitely not a raw cone. Effects are decent. I was looking for a sample of some strains to see if I wanted to buy those next.

  69. Lacie

    Love this strain!!! It gives me an all natural burst of energy and focus!

  70. Anonymous

    The first time I ordered I was happy with the product, but this time each one was gooey and hard to smoke. In fact each one looked ‘wet’ and sticky when removing from tube.

    Also not as strong as other brands that had 150mg+ D8.

  71. Anonymous

  72. Anonymous

  73. Lynette S.

  74. Anonymous

  75. Tanya B.

  76. Megan K.

  77. William Wheatley

  78. Anonymous

    Taste weird but it helps stabilize my mood.

  79. Anonymous

  80. Dwayne

    Great! My friends loved them!

  81. Mark

    When I saw pre-rolls on here, had to add some on. Good stuff! Will buy some each time I order here.

  82. Anonymous

  83. Jason

    Too moist and started to fall apart after the first few puffs. Good quality but could be rolled better/differently. For the price, you can’t beat it though.

  84. Brandon Brown

    These moon rockets are amazing they are covered in kief I got the Bubba Kush and man it was strong the smell was a classic bubba kush a very Savory flavor they used either fresh flower or fresh shake idk but it was too notch stuff great mellow delta 8 high it was over powering definitely something you could enjoy anytime of the day y’all will have to forgive me I fired it up and tried it before I took the pics lol it was much bigger but altogether I’d give it a 10 for flavor freshness and effects and smell another Staple From Fern Valley Farms!!!!????

    Image #1 from Brandon Brown
    Image #2 from Brandon Brown
    Image #3 from Brandon Brown
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