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Our Fruit Funk CBD cultivar will have you rocking with an unusual blend of apple, berry, and pepper! Get ready for positive and happy effects!

  • CBD: 13.18%
  • Top Terps: β-caryophyllene, β-myrcene, α-humulene
  • Effects: Lower stress, elevate moods, ease discomfort
  • Flavor: Apple, forest berries, pepper
  • Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Fruit Funk CBD Flower COA (PDF)


About Fruit Funk CBD Flower

We are excited to bring back our Fruit Funk CBD Flower this harvest. We had a small amount last year and its popularity was clear, as we ran out of stock faster than anticipated. Ths cultivar is an amazing Indica dominant hybrid with a predominant focus on easing discomfort and elevating moods. Even better is the taste you enjoy; expect full delicious flavors with each puff!

These buds are fat and thick, meaning each one yields a high amount of perfectly textured plant material when put through a grinder. If you want an excellent smoking or vaping experience, full of flavor and effects, you simply must try our Fruit Funk CBD Flower!


Indica Dominant Hybrid


If you tend to clench your jaw when under stress, this Fruit Funk CBD Flower cultivar can quickly switch you from a jaw-lock to a couch-lock! Perfect for easing tension, eliminating discomforts, reducing swelling, and elevating low moods, our Fruit Funk CBD Flower is itching to show its stuff!

Look for a lightening of attitude, a generally uplifted state of mind, and a shedding of discomforts carried by a tense body. If you start staring into space without a thought in your mind, enjoy the emptiness! You carry a lot of responsibilities throughout your days and nights, so a little escape into the ethers every once in a while is well warranted! 😉

Finally, this Fruit Funk CBD Flower is ideal to prep you for an uninterrupted night of sleep. Try a final session about 30 minutes before hitting the hay; chances are that, as soon as you pull those covers over you, you will be drifting off to dreamland! Expect to awaken refreshed and ready to take on another day of challenges.

And if those challenges wear you down after another long day, our Fruit Funk CBD Flower cultivar will be waiting for you at home, giving you the relief and pleasures you deserve after a full day of activities! 🙂

Day or Night

Commonly used at night but this Fruit Funk CBD Flower cultivar is excellent for reducing stress and easing physical discomforts during the day.

Fruit Funk CBD Flower Details

The buds on each stem display thick dark-green flowers with an abundance of orange pistil patterns spread evenly across the surface. Silver trichomes shimmer as they cover these tightly-bound buds. There is minimal give when you squeeze one of these fat buds, indicating just how dense and full this Fruit Funk CBD Flower really is!

Breaking down one of these solid buds further proves the point of its true bulk. Unlike many hemp cultivars, when you grab a small section of flower from the entire bud, it doesn’t simply break off but rather requires a slight twisting and pulling motion for a clean separation. As you load your hand grinder, you can press each of these miniature buds right into the teeth of the grinder where they will slightly expand but keep their tight form.

Grasp your grinder well, as you will experience resistance when shredding this robust material. Give it two to three full turns for the best possible texture for smoking or vaping. As an added benefit, you will find that the resulting shredded texture fills more bowls, chambers, or joints than would a similarly-sized bud from a different CBD hemp cultivar. This is definitely a high-yield CBD hemp cultivar that makes for more sessions than you might initially imagine!

Fruit Funk CBD Flower Smell and Taste

When you first open your package of this Fruit Funk CBD Flower cultivar, prepare for a sharp peppery fragrance followed by a fresh grassy undertone. However, once put into a grinder, you find that pepper aroma nicely subdued by an overlay of crisp apples and forest berries.

Finally, when smoked or vaped, look for smoke plumes or vapor clouds that are somewhat less concentrated than other CBD hemp cultivars while still delivering rich flavors and clear effects. You will notice that the original pepper scent which was so noticeable prior to grinding now blends into the overall flavor of apples and forest fruits. For the duration of your smoking or vaping session, expect full fruity flavors from each puff, with the effects slowly creeping up. Expect a happy endocannabinoid system. 🙂 

Fruit Funk Terpene Profile

We understand the importance and value of the terpenes found within each cultivar we grow. At maturation, hemp plants produce many compounds. The key compounds are cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, THC, etc.) and terpenes. Each hemp cultivar produces its own blend of terpenes that add aromas and flavoring. This is referred to as its terpene profile.

Our lab reports include an analysis of the major terpenes present in each hemp flower cultivar we grow. You can find the detailed terpene report in the above image gallery. We also provide below a summary of the terpenes produced by this Fruit Funk Hemp Flower cultivar.

There are 3 major terpenes with 7mg per gram of aromatic compounds in this Fruit Funk CBD hemp flower cultivar. They are:

  • β-Caryophyllene (4.14mg/g)
  • β-Myrcene (1.50mg/g)
  • α-Humulene (1.36mg/g)


Fruit Funk CBD Flower organically cultivated at Fern Valley Farms in Oregon

Hand Trimmed

Our flower is cared for by hand from seed to finished flower. All our flowers are slow-dried and cured here on our farm and hand-trimmed for the best possible quality.

Oregon Grown

Grown by Fern Valley Farms. We feel very fortunate that we get to grow in Southern Oregon as this area offers one of the best growing climates in the world for cannabis and hemp crops. The soil is premium, with growers bringing generations of experience to their fields. Getting to provide some of the best CBD Hemp in the world is one of our greatest joys.


All hemp flower cultivars are 3rd-party lab tested for potency. Additional tests are performed to ensure there are no microbial contaminations, mycotoxins, heavy metals and pesticides, or foreign matter.


All of our hemp flower cultivars are grown without any pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers.

This product includes a Boveda® two-way humidity control pack in its air-tight resealable packaging. This helps prolong the freshness and potency of the cannabinoids and terpenes present in this product.

All products contain less than 0.3% Δ9-THC.

Despite the low concentration of Δ9-THC, Fern Valley Farms makes NO guarantee that any individual will pass a drug test after using this product.

Fern Valley Farms does not monitor any state laws concerning cannabinoid possession and consumption. Individual consumers are encouraged to ascertain the legality of acquiring, possessing, and consuming various cannabinoids in their own state.

All customer reviews represent the opinion of the author. Customer reviews are neither evaluated nor approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Furthermore, these opinions do not reflect the viewpoint of Fern Valley Farms or its employees.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure, or prevent any disease.

19 reviews for Fruit Funk | CBD Flower

  1. Anonymous

    Loved this new Chemovar will be buying again !

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  3. Anonymous

    Love it after work

  4. Brooke

  5. Emma

  6. Russell Kennedy II

    Fast Delivery and Fern Valley Farms is your go to for all your CBD needs.

    Image #1 from Russell Kennedy II
  7. Michael

    Nice bud structure and great smell. The smell is definitely funk haha. It burns great and isn’t harsh! The feeling is calming/clarity. I tend to mix cbd flower with kief and have been mixing this with sour Hawaiian Haze kief get more of a couch lock feeling after mixing them!! Packaging was nice and descret! Shipping was fast!! Definitely would recommend to anyone!!!

    Image #1 from Michael
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  10. Sharon

    Not bad. But will try a different kind next time.

  11. Marcus Smith

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    Still need something a little better

  13. Timothy G.

    FVF has the finest quality and most affordable products.

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