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Indoor CBG Flower | Sour G

5 customer reviews
  • 7.986% CBG
  • Sativa
  • Daytime Use
  • Alert, Focused, Ease Discomfort
  • Hand Trimmed
  • Indoor Grown by Fern Valley Farms
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Regular consumers of our CBG products specifically appreciate the discomfort-relieving properties that this compound offers. By beginning with the ever-popular Sour Diesel family of strains and then pairing it with a CBG strain, you now can enjoy the energy and focus of a classic Sativa flower that has been perfectly tempered with the therapeutic powers that CBG is so capable of delivering. As this is our first Sativa CBG flower, it deserved extra special attention which is why it found a home in our exclusive indoor neighborhood of elite hemp flower strains. We think that once you try this unusual blend of Sativa energy with CBG relief you will become another avid fan of what is sure to become one of our most popular hemp flower strains.


By partnering the popular Sour Diesel lineage with a quality CBG strain, Sour G is the first Sativa flower with a high CBG potency in our expanding collection of quality hemp flower strains.


We all have those days where we feel beat up but still have responsibilities to manage. Instead of trying to endure such a situation, there is a better solution: Sour G! After a session with Sour G, you will find renewed energy coupled with a clear focus. Best of all, that battered feeling seems to also get much appreciated and important relief as the discomfort-relieving properties of CBG kick in. Likely, it is that relief from discomfort that helps keep your attention sharp and your mood upbeat and lively. Sour G is the perfect way to keep on performing without undue suffering when the going gets tough!

Day or Night

This Sativa strain should predominantly be used during the daytime, as it offers an excellent surge of energy accompanied by a calm focus. There can be occasions for evening use, particularly when you need to stay alert and energized to complete unfinished tasks. Thanks to the CBG compound at work, you will also find it easier to disengage with a calmer mind and a relaxed soothed body once those responsibilities are completed.

Flower Details

When you first lay these buds out on the table, you will be pleasantly surprised by their plumpness. Upon closer inspection, you can see fine silvery trichomes frosted across the entire surface of the light-green flowers which bunch tightly together. Woven within those tight buds are delicate orange pistils that have worked their work through to the surface of the flower. Each bud sits nicely in the palm of the hand but is lighter than most other hemp buds of similar size; this results in a higher yield of smokable materials once the flower is broken up.

While the buds are hearty they are also delicate enough that one rotation of a manual grinder is all that is required to break these buds into smokable heaps of light green goodness. They are also olfactory and tactile pleasures to break apart with your fingers, as a gentle sour fragrance is emitted while breaking apart the bud which feels pliant and silky smooth between the fingers. Thanks to that soft consistency, Sour CBG smokes and vapes very effectively even when it first arrives at your door in its freshest state.

Smell and Taste

Like any other CBG strain, you will find the fragrance and flavor to be more subtle than similar CBD strains. In the case of Sour G, just bringing a bud near your nose will reveal the diesel and citrus combo with an earthy, peppery undertone following on its heels without being overwhelming. Likewise, when smoked or vaped a gentle yet clear taste of diesel and citrus pairs excellently with that undertone of pepper and earth but most noticeable is the absence of massive smoke or vapor clouds. You still get full, powerful hits without the concern of accidentally choking and coughing from thick smoke or vapor plumes. Sour G is proving itself a quality Sativa strain that goes down easy and delivers noticeable effects quickly and effectively. It is certain to be another valuable strain to add to your wellness program.

Hand Trimmed

Our flower is cared for by hand from seed to finished flower. All our flowers are slow dried and cured here on our farm and hand-trimmed for the best possible quality.

Indoor Grown

Fern Valley Farms is proud to offer Indoor Grown CBD and CBG Flower. Indoor strains provide an upper tier smoking experience for the hemp flower connoisseur. As always, we use all organic practices and cure these premium nugs to perfection.  Getting to provide some of the best CBD/CBG in the world is one of our greatest joys.


Oregon Grown Hemp Flower


All of our flower is 3rd party lab tested for potency and to make sure there are no microbial, mycotoxins, heavy metals and pesticides, or foreign matter.


This flower was grown without any pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers. 

Despite the extremely low concentration of Δ9THC, Fern Valley Farms makes NO guarantee that any individual will be able to pass a drug test after using this product.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All products contain less than 0.3% Δ9THC.

All customer reviews represent the opinion of the reviewer, are not evaluated by the FDA, nor do they represent the viewpoint of Fern Valley Farms. 

Due to the constantly shifting and widely varying legal landscape in the United States, Fern Valley Farms does not monitor state laws concerning cannabinoid possession and consumption. It is the responsibility of individual consumers to ascertain the legality of acquiring, possessing, and consuming various cannabinoids in the state in which they reside.

5 reviews for Indoor CBG Flower | Sour G

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    Smell is nice a bit fruity. Somewhat seedy and dark brownish buds that look nothing like photos. Seems like it wasn’t flushed well or something as the ash is more dark gray and black. The amount of seeds in the buds makes it hard to smoke as you spend so much time picking out seeds. Tastes like hay.

  4. Timothy

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  5. Chris H.

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