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Vape Cartridge Battery

71 customer reviews


  • Classic 510 Thread Battery
  • Three Voltage Outputs (2.7V, 3.4V, 4.3V)
  • Button Activated
  • Micro USB Charged
  • Fits all FVF Vape Cartridges



To take the best advantage of our expanding collection of quality vape cartridges, we now offer this wonderful Vape Cartridge Battery!

Offering three heat level settings, you control the level of consumption, as follows:

  • 2.7V (Green Light) – the lowest heat setting, this delivers a mild dosage
  • 3.4V (Blue Light) –  the middle heat setting, this delivers a medium dosage
  • 4.3V (Red Light) – the highest heat setting, this delivers a strong dosage

(Please note that our vape cartridges consider a single dose to be a 3-second draw on a 3.4V (medium) setting.)


Usage is simple and all rely on the battery button. These are the four controls you need to master:

  • Turn On – click the battery button 5 times quickly
  • Change Heat Level – click the battery button 3 times quickly
  • Prime Battery – click the battery button 2 times quickly
  • Use – press and hold the battery button while drawing

That’s it!

NOTE: Be sure to regularly charge your battery with the included micro-USB power charger. If you feel as if your cartridge is not performing well, chances are the battery is drained and not delivering consistent high heat!

71 reviews for Vape Cartridge Battery

  1. Kai Reyes

  2. Kai Reyes

  3. Tony

    This product is amazing. I ordered a cart, a battery and a h4cbd syringe and they all came and ate amazing, fern valley never lets me down I love it!!!

  4. Tony

    My pen came and it doesn’t pull at all just blinks white. I bought a cart and a battery and I tried to hit it and nothing came out, charged it for an hour and still nothing. Will be calling fern valley tomorrow to find out what this is all about

    Image #1 from Tony
  5. Kathleen

    perfect thank you

  6. Robert Ortiz

    These batteries are the best for vape cartridges. Adjustable power and helps get things vaping!

  7. Anonymous

    Super fast shipping

  8. Shana

    It’s a great battery. The only reason I gave it a four is because I prefer the draw active over the button.

  9. Jessica Rogers

    Great products! I’ve ordered numerous products from you guys and always been 100% satisfied with them all. Kudos on the fast shipping.

  10. Jessica Rogers

  11. Scott Mathis

    It works well and consistently

  12. Tim

  13. Marcel Billeaudeaux

    Seriously for the price you can’t beat it.

  14. Marcel Billeaudeaux

  15. Robley

    Works as expected. Nice pre heat good product!!!

  16. John

    Solid pen. Does it’s job day after day.

  17. Mercedes

    Great price. Excellent endurance. Sleek design. A fav.

  18. Shannon

    Didn’t work at all. Defective

    • Katie Thomas

      Hi Shannon,
      We are very sorry to hear it didn’t work. We will be reaching out to you to get this resolved.

  19. dwayne j.

    Nice product

  20. Anonymous

  21. Anonymous

  22. Anonymous

  23. Cherish Hobbs

  24. Mercedes

    Excellent product for the price!

  25. Owen H.

    The three settings are spot on.

  26. Anonymous

    Super fast shipping, Great product !!

  27. Fred

    Works wonderfully but blinkers are too long

  28. Charles F.

    Easy to use

  29. Anonymous

  30. Kevin S.

    Worked ok for a week and now it just keeps flashing and dying. Bummer!

    • Katie Thomas

      Hi Kevin,
      We are very sorry to hear you received a faulty battery. We will be in touch to get this issue resolved. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

  31. jimmy vanover

  32. Micah Baker

    Good long lasting pen. It does what it does well

  33. Anonymous

    you did super !! the battery works alto it doesn’t have a charging light as it it charges !!

  34. Anonymous

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  35. Evan Muskopf

  36. David R.

  37. Anonymous


  38. Amy

    Sad …will not hold a charge – tried other charges to make sure it was not a faulty charger.

    • Katie Thomas

      Hi Amy,
      We sincerely apologize that you received a faulty charger. A replacement has been sent out. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  39. paul rao

    Excellent pen!!

  40. Niles

  41. Annabelle Ortiz

    Shipped to home costs half as much locally plus the ability to change temperatures is a tremendous value. Thank you FVF!!!!

  42. Tim

  43. John

    Works great

  44. Jason Folsom

    Good bargain

  45. James G.

  46. Trish Whitney

    Nice price !! Works great !

  47. Jason M.

    I love this battery for the three power levels, the ability to heat the product up and the different lights that indicate the status showing which setting it is on and if it is heating. It is easy to use and lasts long on a charge. I find the medium setting to be sufficient for my taste. I have used others without the preheating features no power settings and they do not compare.

  48. Anonymous

  49. Larry Meza

    Simple and easy. Betty worth the money.

  50. Jeremy B.

  51. Josh B.

  52. Bridgette Pittman

  53. German G.

  54. Trish Whitney

    Battery lasts forever

  55. Micah Baker

    Very nice, simple battery. Discrete. Fern Valley Farms not only grows good flowers, they have quality vape batteries. P.S. the cartridges are worth the money, they last like the pink rabbit with drum

  56. Nicholas BUDENICH


  57. Anonymous

    Decent little vape stick, even heats up the oil for you.

  58. Jordan M.

    Functional and simple battery, and at a better price than most websites for them! I will say if you’re a chaintoker like me it can get a little warm.

  59. Patti W.

  60. Anonymous

  61. Anonymous

    Great price compared to the retail shops even better with the FVF discount.

  62. Matt

  63. Bridgette Pittman

  64. Gemma

    Works well and easy to use

  65. Justin DelValle

  66. Brian

    Great Battery. Big Fan of how it can be charged with a USB

  67. Edwin

    Image #1 from Edwin
  68. Anonymous

  69. Anonymous

    Long battery life Very Useful for the price too.

  70. Felix Hope

  71. Edwin

    simple and effective

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