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Rise Up CBD Shake / Trim

Potency: 21.4%
Reviews: ( 15 )
  • Total CBD 21.4 %
  • CBC .06%
  • CBDA 23.7%
  • CBGA .75%
  • D9-THC LOQ%

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    Product Details

    Rise Up CBD Shake / Trim


    Say hello to our most CBD potent strain! These incredibly dense, hairy and deep green buds are enough to make one Rise Up and relax at the same time due to its basically 50/50  hybrid genetics. There is a small amount left to the imagination upon first sniff. However, once you break up these gorgeous buds you are taken by surprise with the number of layers this vanilla fruit cake has. Enjoy the strong yet sweet taste that hits the head hard. It is possible that the name comes from the standing ovation that follows these fast-acting effects. 

    Because of the presence of plant matter, the cannabinoid content of trim/shake is expected to be at least 4-5% lower than that of the full flower.


    As always, this flower was grown without any kind of pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers.


    Complete Cannabinoid Profile for Full Flower:

    CBD 21.4%

    CBC .06%

    CBDA 23.7%

    CBGA .75%

    D9-THC LOQ%

    Terpene Profile

    Camphene .054%

    beta-Caryophyllene .082%

    beta-Farnesene .112%

    Fenchol .023%

    Fenchone .0199%

    Guaiol .032%

    alpha-Humulene .040%

    Linalool .021%

    beta-Myrcene .23%

    trans-Nerolidol .0176%

    Phytol 1 .0084%

    Phytol 2 .0176%

    alpha-Pinene .043%

    alpha-Terpineol .0139%

    Terpinolene .023%

    Total Measured Terpenes .73%


    Grown in Southern Oregon by Fern Valley Farms

    Customer reviews

    Based on 15 Reviews

    • 5
      Rise Up Shake and all products

      Kathy on Oct 17th 2019

      I have been completely satisfied with ALL products and service I have received from Fern Valley.

    • 5
      Rise Up Cbd Shake/ trim

      Emanuel Brown on Oct 9th 2019

      Great product. This had a lot of small buds in it. The trim is very good for relaxing and alertness at the same time. I a, very happy with the the price and the effects of this product. I will be buying it every month for sure. I can go through the day pain and anxiety free. Just a great product all the way around. Also shipped in two days. Excellent. Price very good.

    • 5
      Great Product

      Elisa Shiemke on Oct 8th 2019

      Originally I bought this just for the dogs for their itching issues. They have allergies to everything and this really helps calm them. I tried some of the coconut infusion I made and I felt better too. I will be using some of the infusion myself with my other herbal infusions for health benefits.

    • 5

      robin on Oct 1st 2019

      I have a connective tissue disease called ehlers-danlos syndrome which means all of my collagen is deficient. My soft tissue, ligaments, organs, bones, spinal cords, and eyes stretch out due to connective tissue not holding them together. Like many with eds I was born with a split cord malformation forming two spinal cords which rotate in opposite directions; one is tethered near my cervical dorsal junction causing it to stretch out and the other is tethered in my lumbar region so as the cords stretch out the ligaments tear which causes the muscle to retract from the bone (same thing that happens often in people in their 70's or 80's) and the bones to dislocate including hips, pelvis, jaw, shoulders, bones in the skull, face, and feet. The ligaments loop around the facet joints in my vertebrae which causes them to dislocate causing protruding discs, rotoscoliosis (the vertebrae rotate onto themselves like a corkscrew in the different directions each spinal cord pulls), degenerating discs, a collection of cerebra spinal fluid in the spinal canal (there are 2 syrinx), stretched out organs prone to rupture, peripheral nerve damage, central nervous system damage, pots, and damage to the vagus nerve responsible for digestion in the stomach. Living in a state that not only hasn't legalized cannibis, but also which only has 1 specialist in the entire state of Texas. Combining cbd along with having been premed and studying ahead is the only thing that gets me through. This specific strain helps with muscle relaxation and I use it right before sleep as it does have some sedative qualities although not as much as something with thc though along with benadryl and my other medications it helps me sleep 6-8 hours after being up 16-20 hours which for me is good (doctors believe my condition causes cortisol levels to rise, but at this time studies are inconclusive). CBD along with biofeedback techniques, vocal exercises, other exercises, and prolotherapy are allowing me to go back to work from home in a zero gravity chair. So I do enjoy the muscle relaxation and sedative help of this strain. The quality was good though as its shake I recommend adding a humidity pack to it (which is to be expected from shake as well as from it traveling through Texas which is hot). So if you have no access to a thc strain this is the best swap I have ever used for it.

    • 5
      CBD Flower (shake/trim)

      Young on Sep 27th 2019

      Excellent product! Very fresh and clean. Beautifully Bright natural color. 25% of it were beautiful small buds. Nice clean smoke. Amazing price, excellent customer service & experience! Thank you!

    • 4
      Rise up CBD shake/trim

      Lisa Sisco on Sep 27th 2019

      I was overall impressed with the product, although it was a bit dry. You can't beat the price!

    • 5
      Rise Up CBD Shake/Trim is perfect for making edibles.

      Kathy Bourdeau on Sep 24th 2019

      I am extremely pleased with this product and Fern Valley Farms. I finally have the pain relief I need without doctors, pharmacies, or unpleasant side effects of prescription medications.

    • 5

      Tom Petroff on Sep 15th 2019

      Thank you, I am happy to report my 94 year old mother and most of my family get a pain free day and a restorative sleep with the oil I made!

    • 4
      hemp trim fern valley farms

      Mark Vartanian on Sep 15th 2019

      I am very happy with my order everyone is helpful and nice. Very pleased, Thank You continue your work there please!!