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Rise Up - High CBD Hemp Flower Strain

Potency: 21.4%
Reviews: ( 2 )
  • Total CBD 21.4 %
  • CBC .06%
  • CBDA 23.7%
  • CBGA .75%
  • D9-THC LOQ%
  • Grown in Southern Oregon by Fern Valley Farms
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    Product Details

    Rise Up High CBD Hemp Flower Strain


    Say hello to our most CBD potent strain! These incredibly dense, hairy and deep green buds are enough to make one Rise Up and relax at the same time due to its basically 50/50  hybrid genetics. There is a small amount left to the imagination upon first sniff. However, once you break up these gorgeous buds you are taken by surprise with the number of layers this vanilla fruit cake has. Enjoy the strong yet sweet taste that hits the head hard. It is possible that the name comes from the standing ovation that follows these fast-acting effects. 


    As always, this flower was grown without any kind of pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers.


    Complete Cannabinoid Profile:

    CBD 21.4%

    CBC .06%

    CBDA 23.7%

    CBGA .75%

    D9-THC LOQ%

    Terpene Profile

    Camphene .054%

    beta-Caryophyllene .082%

    beta-Farnesene .112%

    Fenchol .023%

    Fenchone .0199%

    Guaiol .032%

    alpha-Humulene .040%

    Linalool .021%

    beta-Myrcene .23%

    trans-Nerolidol .0176%

    Phytol 1 .0084%

    Phytol 2 .0176%

    alpha-Pinene .043%

    alpha-Terpineol .0139%

    Terpinolene .023%

    Total Measured Terpenes .73%


    Grown in Southern Oregon by Fern Valley Farms

    Customer reviews

    Based on 2 Reviews

    • 5

      Deb Etheridge on May 6th 2019

      Calming strain containing beta-myrcene and beta-farnesene terpenes. I made hard candies each containing over 20% CBD!! Portable relief from anxiety.

    • 5
      Rise Up

      Karen Oltman on May 4th 2019

      Rise Up is great for making candy and tincture with for my arthritis and COPD. I have ordered twice and intend to order more. Great job Fern Valley