Save More Money at Fern Valley Farms

When we opened Fern Valley Farms for business, an important component of our model was to ensure that our customers could acquire quality hemp products at reasonable prices. We hear many businesses speak of sustainable operations but rarely do those same entities talk about integrating affordability into their sustainability model. Frankly, when we see companies touting sustainability without consideration of their buying public, we cannot help but believe that their larger concern is sustaining high profits.

For us, a truly sustainable model offers reasonable everyday prices on all products with an occasional sale popping up. Usually, our sales are based upon inventory; if our inventory in one product line remains large while other items are more consistently moving out the door, we might offer a special discount for a week or two. Sometimes we are launching a new product and want to include a special introductory discount so you can test it out. And at other times, we’re just feeling extra generous and want you to share in our generosity!

To make your shopping experience at Fern Valley Farms more enjoyable, your dollars should go as far as possible. We already get lots of messages and emails telling us how much they love our super-competitive prices but we have a crazy secret for you. We rarely compare the prices of our competitors; rather, we learned early on that if we price our products to include a reasonable profit for our hard work and dedication to growing and preparing the finest quality hemp products, we will always be strongly “competitive” in comparison to other hemp vendors. 

We really don’t have time to peek over our fence at other operations! Instead, our focus stays where it belongs: cultivating the finest hemp strains possible and creating an amazing array of products to please and satisfy our growing customer base. 

So instead of looking with wide shocked eyes at the prices found at other hemp farms and then nudging our prices slightly below those inflated numbers, we try to see and think like a real customer seeking quality hemp products at fair prices. So far, this has been a winning formula for us and we get no complaints from our growing customer rolls, so we’re sticking with it!

Your Guide to Saving More Money

As we mentioned already, we’re about saving you money without scrimping on quality which is why you immediately begin saving just by shopping our everyday low prices. However, there is more than one way to squeeze a dollar until it squeaks; in fact, we have eight strategies you can apply when shopping at Fern Valley Farms so your dollars are squeaking like a choir of mice! (That may not be music to your ears but your wallet will be doing a happy dance for sure!)

1. Become a Member

You do not need to create a member account to purchase quality hemp products at Fern Valley Farms but you are well-advised to do so. Here are the main advantages to creating your own member account at Fern Valley Farms:

  • Save Personal Information – rather than re-enter your name, address, and other information, as a member it is automatically added for you
  • Track Orders – even more convenient is the ability to review your purchase history; by looking through past orders, you may be reminded of a product you need to reorder
  • Earn Reward Points – every dollar you spend at Fern Valley Farms earns you ten reward points; previously earned reward points can be cashed in, saving you more money at checkout

2. Free Shipping

It only takes an order of $30 or more to qualify for free shipping. By always purchasing enough products to surpass the minimum order, you never have to pay for shipping! And yes, we deliberately created a very low bar to qualify for free shipping. Our intention is that every customer should get quality hemp products delivered without having to pay the shipping costs. It’s just one more way we help you allocate your dollars to buy more great hemp products from Fern Valley Farms! 

3. Purchase Larger Quantities

You can save more money just by purchasing larger quantities of the same product. For instance, let’s say you are a huge fan of our Indoor Sour Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower (and you would not be alone; this strain has a huge fan following). By upping your purchase quantity, you lower your per-gram prices as follows:

  • ⅛ Ounce – $20 for 3.5 grams; ~ $5.71 per gram
  • ¼ Ounce – $32 for 7 grams; ~ $4.57 per gram
  • ½ Ounce – $55 for 14 grams; ~ $3.92 per gram
  • 1 Ounce – $88 for 30 grams; $2.93 per gram

As you can see, the savings can really add up; by purchasing an ounce, you realize almost 50% in savings ($2.93 instead of $5.71 per gram)! And you get so much more to enjoy while saving nearly 50% on one of your favorite products.

For you eagle-eyes who noticed that our ounces contain 30 grams (instead of 28 grams): no, we didn’t make a mistake and yes, we know how to do the math. As part of our efforts to reward higher quantity buyers, any purchase of an ounce yields you 30 grams instead of 28 grams. It’s kind of our version of a Baker’s Dozen but we call it the “Hempster’s Ounce” instead. 🙂

By the way, you can really step up your game and save more money with our outdoor strains, because we have quantities and price breaks going all the way up to one-pound quantities! Some of our customers have created their own informal co-ops with friends, family, and neighbors so they can pool their money and buy one-pound quantities which they split up amongst themselves. In this way, your savings are even more substantial so start telling everyone you know about Fern Valley Farms and create your own exclusive cooperative for huge savings.

4. Buy Our Smalls, Trim, and Shake

Admittedly, our full-sized flower strains are awesome and beautiful but you should not overlook the huge savings you can realize by shopping our inventory of smalls and trim/shake flowers. You will find the same great strains as you do in our full-sized versions, so you can capitalize on the same rich cannabinoid and terpene profiles and obtain the same results as with our premium buds.

As already mentioned, huge savings are on hand for the adventurous hemp shopper and consumer. For instance, you can buy an ¼ pound (4 ounces) of our always-popular Super Sour Space Candy CBD Flower for a mere $173 ($43.25 per ounce, or $1.54 per gram), but check out the pricing for our smalls or trim/shake version of Super Sour Space Candy CBD Flower: 

So what exactly can you do with the smalls or trim/shake versions of our awesome strains? 

Think of our smalls as mere miniatures of our thick full-sized buds. You will still enjoy the same great flavors and wellness effects that you get with the big boys; when you grind up these smalls, they fluff up quite nicely, just like their larger counterparts. The plain fact is that a variety of bud sizes will populate the plant at harvest time, so we just carefully separate them into two lots. You can consume these smalls in the same manner as the larger ones: by smoking, vaping, or even making edibles or tinctures.

However, if you want to create your own CBD-infused (or CBG-infused) oils for cooking or tinctures, we heartily recommend our excellent selection of trim/shake. This consists of the smaller pieces of hemp leaves and flowers that don’t qualify as smalls but are still rich in CBD (or CBG) and terpenes. You can smoke this material, either rolled up or in pipes, but most consumers earmark their trim/shake inventory for cooking purposes or making tinctures. 

You may have noted that the smalls are also excellent candidates for cooking or making tinctures but if your sole goal is cooking or tinctures, you will get similar results with our shake/trim selections while saving more money (a full $41 cheaper – $44 instead of $85 – making it almost 50% less than the price of our smalls).

Either way, do not overlook our great selections in these categories. You can realize awesome savings without sacrificing the valuable effects you appreciate from our full-sized choices.

5. Subscribe to Our Newsletter

Not only do we offer fun stuff in our monthly newsletter (including a cannabinoid-based recipe each month!) but you also get a monthly newsletter coupon good for 5% OFF any one purchase (except special sales – see below) during the month! 

Yep, those great prices can get greater, just by subscribing to our newsletter and using the 5% discount code found there! The discount code is active from the moment you receive your newsletter and doesn’t expire until the end of the month. 

6. Exclusive Coupons

Keep your eyes peeled for newsletters and emails from us. This is the very best way to remain informed and current on happenings at Fern Valley Farms, particularly about special sales that pop up randomly throughout the month.

In addition to the 5% OFF coupon you receive in your newsletter every month, we will sometimes issue exclusive coupons. Sometimes you get an actual coupon that you apply at checkout; at other times, the discount will be automatically applied for you. In such instances, you simply add the product to your cart and the discount is already calculated and applied for you!

These automatically discounted specials offer you steep price cuts (sometimes as much as 40%!). Because of this, you cannot use reward points or other coupons for these great deals but don’t worry… you will have plenty of opportunities to take full advantage of those reward points and coupons on other deals!

7. Reward Points

In the member section above, one of the listed benefits is our reward program. Like everything at Fern Valley Farms, we like to keep it simple so here is how our rewards program works for you:

For every dollar you spend, you earn 10 reward points. Every 1,000 points may be redeemed for a dollar and yes, you can redeem any number of points. 

For instance, let’s say you have racked up 5,710 points (nice job, by the way!); you can cash them in for a nice $5.71 discount. To paraphrase Ben Franklin, every penny saved is another penny earmarked for more quality hemp products!

Reward points can also be used with coupons (except for Exclusive Coupons described above). 

So there you have it… 7 smart ways to stretch your dollars farther at Fern Valley Farms! 

Happy Hemp Hunting!

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