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Shipping CBD within the United States

Shipping CBD within the United States

Posted by Fern Valley Farms - Tysan McClusky on Jan 2nd 2020

Shipping CBD in the US

(This is not legal advice. Please consult an attorney before shipping or selling any CBD products.)

Selling CBD products legally in the modern United States is very new and there are a lot of questions about what is ok and what isn't. Here is a little from our experience that will hopefully answer some questions.

Is it Legal to ship CBD Flower and other products?

It is legal to ship CBD flower and products in the United States. The 2018 Farm Bill made Hemp legal in all 50 states.

Different carriers have different requirements so it is best to check with the carrier you prefer. 

How to ship CBD with USPS

Again, I want to say that you should contact the carrier on your own to ask their requirements and see if there have been any updates.

For us as a business USPS requires us to include a letter from the owner of our company, copy of business license, and test results from every strain in the package.

USPS has been great to us and we would recommend them. 

Shipping CBD Overseas

We do not ship overseas since the laws are so much different from place to place. 

If you are just trying to ship a package to a friend I would definitely check with your postal carrier and with the country you are sending it to and see if it is legal and the best way to go about sending it. 

Do CBD packages go missing?

Yes. Packages do go "missing." We have found that we lose less packages sending Monday through Wednesday so that they aren't sitting at random post offices throughout the country. We have lost a lot less packages since we started doing this.