What is CBD Shake/Trim?

“Leftover flower” might be the simplest description. Shake/Trim consists of small pieces of hemp flower and leaves that break off of larger buds, generally as the result of regular handling.  This includes the small leaves, often called “sugar leaves,” growing out the sides of a hemp bud that usually glister with trichomes. These are sugar crystal-like glands that get their name from their appearance; and they are extremely important parts of the cannabis plant. The trichomes are where most of the plants cannabinoids (THC & CBD) and terpenes are stored.

If you buy shake separately, it’s almost always cheaper than flower that’s still in bud form. So the question becomes whether the discount is worth it. The answer depends largely on what you’re looking — and how you plan to consume it.

If you’re someone who regularly grinds your flower before using it, shake might be worth considering. Joint, blunt, and spliff rollers are an obvious audience, but even fans of glass might be interested if the quality is good and the discount is deep enough. Bakers and other edible makers should also take a look: If you’re making infused butter, it doesn’t matter much if there are even a few small stems and leaves mixed in — just be sure to strain the butter well before using.

Quality, Safety, and Consistency
  • All of our products are organically derived and 3rd party lab tested for microbial, heavy metals and pesticides
  • Multiple checkpoint systems. All products are being assessed for quality and consistency from bucking and trimming to processing and packaging
  • We listen to customer feedback and make adjustments accordingly
  • We love what we do and hold each other accountable making it easy to provide superior products