Sometimes called levomenol, α-bisabolol (alpha-bisabolol) is a sesquiterpene that appears in the form of a colorless, viscous oil. Sesquiterpenes offer a variety of potential healing properties, including the ability to promote strong immunity support and create states of calmness, something we can all appreciate during especially trying periods of life or activity. This is another terpene that is present in just a couple of plant species but appears to offer a variety of benefits

Other sesquiterpenes you will find among our various strains, and which are examined in greater detail under their own Terpene Talk pages, are the following:

Where You Can Find α-Bisabolol

Not discovered until the 20th century, α-bisabolol has been isolated as sesquiterpene alcohol from the following sources:

  • Candeia Tree (Vanillosmopsis erythropappa)
  • German Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla or Matricaria recutita)
  • Smyrniopsis aucheri (Apiaceae)

What α-Bisabolol Smells and Tastes Like

Because you will find α-bisabolol in a tree (Candeia tree) and a flower (German chamomile), there is an interesting mix of fragrances and flavors you may discover, including:

  • Citrus hints
  • Floral
  • Peppery
  • Nutty
  • Spice hints

Beneficial Properties Found in α-Bisabolol

Since α-bisabolol is a newer terpene discovery, ongoing research continues to uncover potential health benefits related to this sesquiterpene. However, good things are already coming out of α-bisabolol, such as:

  • Anti-Inflammatory – this is an apparently common property found across many sesquiterpenes residing in hemp flower strains
  • Anti-Irritant – ideal for soothing irritated skin
  • Antimicrobial – an excellent agent which can stop the growth or spread of microorganisms ranging from bacteria to fungi
  • Increased Absorption – α-bisabolol is a popular ingredient in cosmetics, thanks to its ability to help other ingredients penetrate deeper
  • Panthenol Rich – this is an important B vitamin known to aid in healing and moisturizing damaged hair and skin

As you can see, adding α-bisabolol in the form of quality hemp flower products to your wellness regimen is a sensible and likely beneficial addition. 

Fern Valley Farms Products with α-Bisabolol

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