As a sesquiterpene, guaiol is unusual in its own right, as it appears not as an essential oil (as most sesquiterpenes do) but instead comes in a liquid structure. And yes, before we proceed, let’s learn to pronounce this jumble of letters… broken down, it sounds like “g-why-ee-ol” – with the “g-why-ee” covering the first four letters (“guai”) and ending as sensibly as it is spelled (with “ol”). (By the way, some people prefer to call it “champacol,” so if you hear that reference, understand the conversation is really about guaiol.)

Other sesquiterpenes you will find among our various strains, and which are examined in greater detail under their own Terpene Talk pages, are the following:

Where You Can Find Guaiol

Unlike many other sesquiterpenes, guaiol tends to be located in just one tree and one plant (besides the cannabis plant), as follows:

  • Cypress Pine
  • Guaiacum (the plant from which the terpene gains its name)

What Guaiol Smells and Tastes Like

Because guaiol is limited to just a couple of plant species, the flavors and fragrances are similarly limited to the following:

  • Pine
  • Rose
  • Woodsy

Beneficial Properties Found in Guaiol

As a newer terpene on the radar, research on guaiol has been rather limited. However, the guaiacum plant from which it comes has been used in traditional medicine for centuries and was brought to Europe by Spanish explorers in the 16th century. Two remedies using guaiacum gum extracted from the thick wood were treatments for syphilis and intense menstruations. Modern science is already making inroads into learning about other properties which guaiol may offer beneficial results, including:

  • Antioxidant – diets rich in antioxidants can reduce the risk of other diseases as well as prevent damage caused by prolonged exposure to oxygen
  • Antiparasitic – effective in treating diseases caused by parasites like amoeba, ectoparasites, helminths, parasitic fungi, and protozoa (to name but a few)
  • Insect Repellant – perhaps not a medical miracle, but its ability to discourage the presence of insects is always a plus in our book
  • Tumor Reduction – in a recent study on mice, tumors were reduced while the benefits of chemotherapy were impressively boosted 

Perhaps the most unusual of all wellness mixes we have found with terpenes so far, there is no doubt that the inclusion of guaiol in your wellness cabinet may be a very good idea! 

Fern Valley Farms Products with Guaiol

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