As we approach the end of the year, we would love to sit back and reflect upon the fruits of our labor. But we’re not going to let up now because we want to make sure that you, our valued and greatly-appreciated customer, are taken care of for the rest of this year and well on into 2022. We are still stocking our shelves for you but more exciting is the expanding line of products we are working hard to launch for you!

Honestly, from the time this newsletter is written to the time you receive it, there is a great likelihood that even more products will be revealed for your examination and consumption. Meanwhile, let’s unveil what is already available for your purchase and enjoyment…

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This is a thrilling time of year for us, as most of the hemp flower strains that we grew over the past 6 months are now sailing out of our doors and flying into your mailboxes. We swear we can almost hear the collective sigh of contentment as our customers across the United States are excitedly and happily opening our newest and most delicious CBD hemp flower strains!

We are sure that when you taste and experience the fruits of our 2021 harvest, a large smile will grow upon your face and remain there for quite a while. We love it when our customers are happy, so we have plotted out a sale-to-end-all-sales to end this year on a very positive and money-saving note!

December Sales

It’s been a fantastic year for us, as we hope it has been for you. For us, the greatest pleasure is the amazing increase of new members in our growing virtual family! As with all cycles, as much as we enjoyed 2021, it’s time to look forward to an even more exciting year.

But let’s not close the doors on 2021 quite yet… as we wind down this fantastic year, we want everyone to get more great deals before the year ends. So we’re going to bring a lot of sales and fun with our final festive promotions of the year.

Most of us are still kids at heart; we love gifts and surprises. So we decided to combine those two pleasures into one and then we multiplied it by twelve!

Introducing our Twelve Days of Hempmas, where on the twelve days leading up to Christmas you will get a surprise email with a special sale announcement inside! Be sure to check your emails regularly and prepare to take fast action, as these sales will all have a limited time window in which you can take advantage of these awesome deals!

Are you curious about what you might find in these emails?

We’re not telling nor are we even giving you any hints! Just keep an eye on your inbox; we’re pretty sure each one will make you smile!

‘Tis the Season to be Gifting!

Are you worried about getting gifts for family and friends during this festive yet busy time of year?

Well, worry no more because we at Fern Valley Farms are here to help you keep life simple and your gifts awesome! That way, you can save time while showing your loved ones that you genuinely care about their well-being by giving one or both of our thoughtful and therapeutic gift bundles!

Here are the two boxes we have prepared for you…

Hybrid Heaven

If you want the best of all worlds, then you want our Hybrid Heaven gift box. We carefully selected four amazing hybrid hemp flower strains that can help relieve pain, provide motivation, instill a sense of calm, and put a smile on your face!

Enter Hybrid Heaven, where you can feed your endocannabinoid system with this outstanding selection of quality hybrid CBD and CBG hemp flower strains from our 2021 harvest:

  • Sour Suver Haze (⅛ oz.) – 14% CBD; Effects: Relaxation, Joyful, Anti-Inflammatory
  • Sour RNA (⅛ oz.) – 9.19% CBD; Effects: Joyous, Motivated, Focused
  • Lemon Octane (⅛ oz.) – 16% CBD; Effects: Pain-Relief, Relaxation, Calm, Lucidity
  • CBG White (⅛ oz.) – 12% CBGa; Effects: Relaxed, Content, Laid Back

The combined total retail pricing for the above products is $38 and includes an attractive gift box. All you need to do is sign your name to it and give one to each of those special people on your list! 


Both the inside and outside of your body can benefit from our special Interior/Exterior gift box. For specific aches and pains, use one of our amazing lotions for direct application and benefits. To augment overall ease discomfort and to reclaim lost energy, follow up with one of our fantastic flavored tinctures. 

This Interior/Exterior gift box contains:

  • 1000mg CBD Lotion (2 oz.) – directly targets sore areas and contains terpenes (β-myrcene, limonene, and trans-Nerolidol) for added benefits; choose between Soothing Menthol or Citrus Orange fragrances
  • 1000mg Flavored CBD Oil (1 fl. oz.) – start your day by applying a dropper under your tongue for daylong effects and benefits; choose between Peppermint, Cinnamon Bark, or White Grapefruit flavors

The combined total retail pricing for the above products is $68 and includes an attractive gift box. All you need to do is sign your name to it and give one to each of those special people on your list

Finally, don’t forget to buy a gift box (or both!) for that most important and special loved one in your life who is all too often taken for granted: YOU!!!

Get Your FVF T-Shirt!

Lately, we have been hearing from more of our customers asking if we have any FVF merchandise they can purchase and proudly wear.

We can now say, “Yes! We have FVF merchandise!” We invite you to check out our new, and ultra-comfy, FVF T-shirts, with our classic logo embossed in white so it stands out noticeably from the heathered gray cloth (or black cloth for XXL size).

Get your own today and let the world know that you’re proud to be part of our FVF family! At only $20 and in 5 popular adult sizes, this is a bargain you don’t want to miss! And, yes, you can use your 5% off coupon!

A Wholesale Idea for You

If you regularly read our newsletter, you have been hearing about our burgeoning wholesale site. It continues to expand, so it reflects most of the products you already find here at our original retail website.

Even though there is a minimum $500 order, with smart planning and perhaps a few advanced sales, acquiring CBD, CBG, and/or Delta 8 becomes significantly more affordable.

If the idea of being a salesperson is not appealing, then view it differently. You really are a liaison, connecting people you know and care for with products that have already proven their value in your life. When you see yourself that way, then you also realize you are not selling but sharing.

Creating a wholesale account in no way obligates you to make purchases; instead, it perfectly positions you to take advantage of wholesale prices when the time is ripe for you. It also allows you to review the awesome wholesale prices. Then you can crunch your own numbers and determine your best approach for saving money and sharing these products.

We encourage you to register as a wholesale partner and see what all the excitement and savings are about!

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Soothing Menthol and Citrus Orange CBD Lotions

This month, we want to talk about CBD lotions. Since they are part of our Interior/Exterior gift bundle, we thought this was a good time to examine them a bit more closely.

Frankly, we are too busy creating all of these products to even think about tooting our own horn but every once in a while, when communicating with a customer (either on the phone or via email), we mention that we make all of our lotions here on the farm. Many customers and prospects are surprised; considering the high quality and professional presentation of our lotions (not to mention the noticeable effectiveness they experience when applying them), they naturally assume that we farm out this process to outside manufacturers.

We strive to present our products as professionally as possible but we also love creating our lotions, tinctures, and other cannabinoid-based products in the same place where we grow our fantastic variety of hemp crops. We are also all about using other quality natural ingredients in both of our lotions, where you will also benefit from shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut and sweet almond oils, and other pure elements which combine into a fragrant and relieving salve.

We have formulated two fragrances from which you can choose:

Each 2-ounce jar contains 1000mg of CBD, along with three key terpenes to better emphasize the pain-relieving and relaxation properties this lotion offers. 

This is a great time to experience and benefit from either or both of our CBD lotions. And for this month only, you can pair one of our excellent CBD lotions with one of our equally awesome 1000mg CBD Oils (either Peppermint, Cinnamon Bark, or White Grapefruit flavors) by purchasing our fun and healing Interior/Exterior gift box!

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Since one of our two product highlights for this month is our Soothing Menthol CBD Lotion, we wanted you to hear straight from other customers what they think about this product. 

So we went to the Customer Review section for our Soothing Menthol CBD Lotion and plucked out three reviews, starting with the very first review this product ever received, on August 14, 2020:

I got this for my girlfriend who broke her ankle just last year in 3 different places and this lotion has helped with her sleep and relieve some of her pain thank you again fern valley


This review appeared on February 24, 2021:

We have used several different CBD lotions in our office with mixed results. This one, patients can feel the difference in relief before they leave our office. The BEST! 


Finally, you can’t help but love this review, placed on June 2, 2021:

My 91 yr. young Mom loves this stuff for her arthritic joint pain.


Normally, we prefer not to quote anonymous reviewers but we made an exception in this instance, as it appears to have been placed by an office offering health services. As with many health services, having the right products can make the difference between success and failure; this company has had the good fortune of discovering our products early on. We wish them great success in their endeavors and we are proud to be helping their patients so much!

Also, a big thank you to both Siegfried and Michael! We are glad that the special women in your life have gained much-needed and greatly-appreciated relief from this awesome Soothing Menthol CBD Lotion!

By the way, check out similar rave reviews on our equally amazing Orange Citrus CBD Lotion. Many of our customers enjoy keeping both products on their shelves for treating various conditions in different situations. They don’t think of it as a luxury at all, but rather as a sensible necessity.

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Delta 8/CBD Holiday Wassail

Waes Hael!

End-of-year celebrations can be fun, with or without alcohol! We will prove our point with this alcohol-free libation that still lets you ring in the cheer!

To help lift spirits at any festive gathering during this cold season while avoiding the consumption of alcohol, we came up with the perfect hot winter beverage: Delta 8 THC & CBD Wassail!

Plus you can learn what “Waes Hael!” means…

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There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

Albert Einstein

Save More with Your December Coupon!

Don’t forget to grab your December coupon, good for 5% off on all non-sale items. You’ll find it in your newsletter email and can be used for every non-sale purchase throughout December.

Speaking of affordability, we also recommend our blog post, Save More Money at Fern Valley Farms, which is packed with even more money-saving ideas! 

See You In 2022!

That’s it for this month’s newsletter but keep on the lookout for our next valuable and fun newsletter which will reach your mailbox in early January.​

Until then, enjoy your end-of-the-year celebrations with plenty of Happy Hemping!