As we promised in last month’s newsletter, our shelves continue to expand with products both old and new! We’ve been so busy working from morning to night in fulfilling new orders and stocking more awesome new products on our shelves that we use these very same FVF products to help us wind down each evening and get a full night’s sleep so we can awaken refreshed and ready for another productive day at the Farm! 

FVF Insider Tip: A wonderful wind-down formula that many of us at FVF employ can be found with our awesome capsules – CBG Capsules and CBDA/CBDVA Capsule with Terpenes – along with our ever-reliable CBDA/CBGA/CBDVA Capsules which seem to work in a three-way tandem for true relaxation leading to an uninterrupted night of solid sleep!

Meanwhile, in between our shelf-filling sessions, we came up with a wonderful February sale to keep you happily and healthily hemping along!

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AnnouncementsAs we suggested in January, you should continue visiting our store regularly throughout February since we are nowhere near done stocking our shelves… and that doesn’t take into account new products in the midst of development or in their final testing stages, nor other wonderful items not yet conceived but likely to emerge as the year progresses.

Speaking of newly-stocked items, we believe you will be wonderfully pleased with the sale we are running for the month of February, so let’s get right to it!

ALL Newsletter Sales Now

Start on the 1st of Each Month!!!

Before we dive into the sales on offer this month, we want to update you on our monthly sales policy. As you probably noticed, our newsletter usually comes out around the first or second weekend of the month. We decided, effective immediately, that all of our newsletter sales will go into effect on the first day of the month and will run the entire month (or until supplies run out).

This gives you more time to plan your budget and for you impatient types, you can jump on our deals on the 1st of every month! This also gives you more reasons to regularly visit our store and check out the awesome savings to be realized! And, yes, you should still read our newsletter just in case you missed one of our sales (plus you can enjoy all the other good stuff in each newsletter, like recipes, customer reviews, and quotes!).

All Vape Cartridges – 25% OFF!

Vape Cartridges on Sale!Quite a few of you have been clamoring for vape cartridges, especially after we released our distillate in syringes. For those of you who reached out to us about your wishes, we appreciate your patience and understanding while we performed the necessary due diligence to ensure that we offer you only the best products in terms of content and functionality.

We are pleased to inform you that at long last we have developed a series of vape cartridges that not only contain the very best concentrate you can find on the planet today (more on that in a bit) but also work reliably from the first delicious puff down the last tasty hit.

Even better, we have infused both Delta 8 and THC-O distillates with the following four potent and delicious terpene profiles:

  • Sour Space Candy (Relaxation/Joyful/Soothing effects; Citrus/Sour Apple Candy flavor)
  • Bubba Kush (Relaxed/Calm/Discomfort Relief effects; Citrus/Pepper/Coffee-Chocolate Hint flavor)
  • Hawaiian Haze (Upbeat/Alert/Motivated effects; Pineapple/Mango/Lavender/Pine flavor)
  • CBG White (Relaxed/Content/Laid Back effects; Mild Lemon/Cream flavor)

This gives you four fabulous options when it comes to flavor and effects.

Even though we employ our standard practice of setting incredibly low retail prices for our full one-gram vape cartridges, for the entire month of February you get another 25% OFF!!! 

We also mentioned that these are unlike any other cartridges found on the planet today. In fact, they are so unusual that they easily earned the spotlight for our highlighted product this month. (Jump to our Product Highlight and we will explain why these vape cartridges are so unique and valuable!)

A Healthy Valentine’s Day Gift for You!

This year for Valentine’s Day, we want to make it easy for you to keep your health up! Beginning Friday, February 11, and running through Monday, February 14, our awesome and healthy capsules will be on sale at 50% OFF their normal affordable retail prices!

Many of you have been enjoying our beneficial CBG Capsules since they reach our shelves last summer. As the many reviews reveal, these capsules are truly versatile and therapeutic. We cannot emphasize enough how including these 100% natural CBG hemp capsules in your wellness regimen can aid you in your daily activities and nightly rest. But don’t take our word for it… read our reviews to learn what other consumers are getting from these CBG Capsules.

If you have not yet treated yourself to these awesome capsules, this is a great time to try them at half their usual price. And for those of you regularly consuming and benefiting from these amazing CBG Capsules, we’ll see your order soon! 😉

Even though we just introduced our CBD/CBDVA Capsules with Terpenes last month, we already received three reviews, each of which rated this amazing product with a full five stars!

Talk about great timing and an excellent opportunity for you to maintain a healthy system!

Both of these capsules are already a wellness bargain at $50 per 75-count bottle. Now they will be a flat-out steal from February 11 through February 14 at $25 per 75 capsules! You can note these important dates on your calendar but don’t worry because we’ll shoot you a reminder email right when the sale starts.

Check Out Our Wholesale Site!

We invite you to hitch your entrepreneurial wagon to our swiftly rising star!

If you have been a regular subscriber of our monthly newsletter (which launched less than a year ago!), you have witnessed the tremendous growth we have experienced, as evidenced by the greatly expanded line of products we now proudly offer.

Our own FVF Wholesale site is growing just as fast since nearly every retail product you can find at our store is also available for purchase at wholesale prices.

While not for the casual shopper, any serious hemp consumer should investigate the pricing opportunities possible by shopping wholesale.

There are no sales requirements on our side nor must you present a business or wholesale license to take advantage of the incredible deals on this site. The minimum purchase is only $500 and the discounts are simply fantastic. We have some customers who form their own informal “franchise” where several hemp consumers combine their usual retail purchases into one larger wholesale buy. Once received (it comes just as lightning-fast as our retail products!), they divvy it up between themselves, all while enjoying more savings on our already affordable products!

If you love FVF products and think you’re already getting a great deal, we suggest you register an account with us for free and check out our wholesale prices. We’re pretty sure you will like what you see! If you have any questions, head over to our contact page and reach out to us; we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Vape Cartridges with Live Resin Terpenes

Fern. Valley Farms delta 8 cbg white vapeWe are beside ourselves with excitement and brimming with satisfaction! Yep, we all patted each others’ backs after coming up with and testing our new Delta 8 and THC-O Vape Cartridges + Live Resin Terpenes! Now, not only are you receiving the potency of these awesome cannabinoids but they are also tempered by the terpene profiles from four of our fabulous hemp flower strains: Bubba Kush, Sour Space Candy, Hawaiian Haze, and CBG White!

As you examine the descriptions of our eight different vape cartridges with live resin terpenes (the same four strains are infused into Delta 8 distillate and into THC-O distillate), you will notice we proudly proclaim that our vape cartridges are unlike any other vape cartridges you will find on the planet today. This is not mere hyperbole or exaggerated swaggering: we don’t spend an awful amount of time appraising the products of our competitors but we have to say we were more than a bit surprised when we realized we may be the only hemp producer in the market today that is infusing true live resin terpene compounds into our Delta 8 and THC-O distillates!

This is not to say that you cannot find cartridges flavored with profiles mimicking some of your favorite hemp flower strains since the standard and accepted practice in the industry is to synthetically emulate the aromas and flavors of various terpenes commonly found in hemp flower strains, which are then added to the distillate for distinct flavoring. While we appreciate the scientific art of terpene mimicry, we remain convinced there is greater value for the end consumer by directly extracting actual terpene compounds from our plants and infusing them with our distillate. 

When you consider we chose the natural path for extracting terpenes and that those terpenes are derived from our exclusive crop of quality hemp flower strains, you can better understand why we can claim with all honesty and sincerity that we produce and offer the best and most unique Delta 8 and THC-O vape cartridges on the planet today!

No brag… just fact!

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Because our vape cartridges with live resin terpenes are brand-new and just reached our shelves, there have been no reviews as of this writing (that could have easily changed by the time you receive this newsletter!). However, we also put two distillates with live resin terpene syringes on our shelves a few weeks ago: THC-O Distillate + Sour Space Candy Live Resin Terpenes and Delta 8 Distillate + Bubba Kush Live Resin Terpenes

Not only have we seen brisk sales for both of these products but the reviews are already flying in and they are super-positive!

We got our first review for our THC-O Distillate + Sour Space Candy Live Resin Terpenes within days of it hitting our shelves; while all three reviews earned five stars, we grabbed the first review this product received (on January 22, 2022) and are sharing it here:

“OKAY! Now this is the best in the market currently, flavor and all! Such a blessing to have access to this currently, thank you FVF! 10/10!”


Our Delta 8 Distillate + Bubba Kush Live Resin Terpenes has been on the shelves longer, so it has earned more reviews. As of this writing, a total of 17 reviews have been offered for this hot new product and every single one was a 5-star review! Here is one we grabbed from January 20 2022 that summed this product up beautifully:

“Amazing!! Great quality delta 8, 80% with a little bit of cbc which really helps. Plus the live resin terpenes on top. The taste is phenomenal, so clean and so fresh. Very uplifting energetic effect but also has a chill vibe about it. I hope there are other flavors released in the future! Blown away by the quality this company provides every time. They take care of their products and they take care of you. Thank you!!!!”


Thank you, Kyle and Nathan, for your enthusiastic and authentic testimonies. In answer to your hopes Nathan, we now have four awesome flavors in our cartridge versions (both Delta 8 and THC-O!), so do check them out and enjoy their different benefits! Even better, they are on sale throughout February at 25% OFF our usual affordable retail prices!

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Cozy Up with β-Myrcene!

Do you love mangos and/or beer? Do the scents of bay leaf, cardamom, lemongrass, and ylang-ylang conjure up warm and fuzzy emotions? Do your taste buds perk up when they recognize the addition of parsley or thyme to your favorite dishes? 

It is also quite likely that you love the flavor and effects of various CBD hemp flower strains, such as our classic Hawaiian Haze, Super Sour Space Candy, and Sour Suver Haze hemp flower strains as well as some newcomers to our inventory like Forbidden V, Pine Walker, and Sour Elektra.

Chances are that you are drawn to at least one of the above-mentioned fragrances and aromas; even more likely is that you love several or even all of those taste and flavor sensations. Interestingly, there is a very important and beneficial ingredient common to all these foods, herbs, and spices.

The common element that ties all these varieties of consumables together is the incredible and beneficial β-myrcene (pronounced “Beta Myrcene”). This versatile compound not only delivers a spectrum of unique earthy flavors but also contains a load of wellness properties from which every human can benefit.

First, as to flavors and fragrances, the following scents indicate the presence of β-Myrcene:

  • Balsam
  • Clove
  • Musk
  • Pepper
  • Spice

While those above fragrances differ, there is an earthiness to each of them that is partially sourced from the β-Myrcene compound found in those various aromas.

More significant to us humans are the potential wellness benefits for which β-Myrcene has gained such recognition, including these properties:

  • Anti-Oxidant
  • Calming
  • Soothing

Surprisingly, even with its sedative qualities, you will find β-Myrcene appearing in many hybrid and Sativa-dominant hemp flower strains. That’s because the soothing (think of eased discomfort and reduced swelling) and anti-oxidant (think healthy hydrated skin and hair) features of β-Myrcene are always in demand regardless of whether we seek a state of calm or a boost in energy.

Now that you are more aware of β-Myrcene, you may notice it appearing more in the ingredient list of our various products. Be sure to especially examine the terpene profiles for each of our quality CBD (and CBG) hemp flower strains, as β-Myrcene regularly appears, often as the top terpene. 

If you really want to get the full benefit of β-Myrcene (along with a beautiful bouquet of other terpene aromas), you simply must check out our new exciting line of Delta 8 and THC-O vape cartridges containing live resin terpenes. You will find the same four terpene profiles used for both Delta 8 and THC-O cartridges; not surprisingly, β-Myrcene registers as the top terpene in all of those profiles!

Also keep in mind that you don’t need as many terpenes (as compared to cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, Delta 8, or THC-O) to realize and profit from the beneficial effects that they deliver. Think of terpenes as similar to spices, where a little bit can go a long way.

So if you are seeking ease discomfort and a state of calm, try our products containing β-Myrcene. This terpene, in tandem with other terpenes, can also serve as an excellent sedative that can help you get a full and complete night of sleep.

As many of you already know, we pay close attention to the terpene content in our products, from our original, organically cultivated hemp flower strains to the many other products developed by utilizing key elements derived from this miracle plant. If you want to learn more about terpenes in general or dive deeper into a terpene of particular interest to you, we recommend you visit and examine our Terpene Talk series.

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Canna-Shrub Libation Enhancer!

Quick Query: Can you drink a shrub? 

Quicker Answer: Yes!

Check out our most unusual recipe so far… this drinking vinegar recipe will do more than raise your eyebrows thanks to the cannabinoid punch you get with this wonderful libation enhancer. Perfect as a flavor enhancer for non-alcoholic drinks, the more adventurous can also add booze to this drink (but we recommend you give this a go without alcohol first)!

Check out our unique, FVF-inspired canna-shrub recipe and learn how to make your drinks brighter and happier!

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If your body’s not right, the rest of your day will go all wrong. Take care of yourself.

V. L. Allineare

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Don’t forget to grab your February coupon, good for 5% off on all non-sale items. You’ll find it in your newsletter email and can be used for every non-sale purchase throughout February.

Speaking of affordability, we also recommend our blog post, Save More Money at Fern Valley Farms, which is packed with even more money-saving ideas! 

See You In March!

That’s it for this month’s newsletter but keep on the lookout for our next valuable and fun newsletter which will reach your mailbox in early March.​

Until then, Happy Hemping!