With the onset of July, we are now peeking at the second half of an already awesome year; celebrations replete with fireworks, picnics, and quality hemp and Delta 8 products from Fern Valley Farms are completely called for! To help you get in the spirit, this month’s newsletter offers another Terpene Talk, two new recipes, more announcements (including new goodies!), and two product highlights. Also included are our Customer Kudos and Thought of the Month, making a full newsletter this month!

Terpene Talk

At Fern Valley Farms, we emphasize the terpene content of our various strains because we know how much this element of the hemp plant contributes to the overall effect upon consumption. Of course, you want the CBD and other fantastic cannabinoids offered by the hemp plant, but you cannot and should not ignore the importance of terpene content in each flower you enjoy. In fact, the terpene content contributes greatly in differentiating the effects you receive from the various strains you have learned to love and benefit from, coupled with the CBD content you find in each flower.

You could think of terpenes as mood magic: just like cookies baking in the oven triggers thoughts of a comfortable home and the fragrance of popcorn can paint movie images in our head, the terpenes you will find in our different hemp flower strains will also shift attitudes and modify moods, often into an improved state of mind and physical being.

This month, learn how β-Myrcene (a major terpene found in both of our highlighted products for July) may improve your well-being…

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The CBD Cookery: Kief-y Shortbread PLUS BONUS (Lemon Bars)

This time around, we add our own CBD (and/or Delta 8) twist to a classic Scottish treat: shortbread! As usual, we offer both vegan and non-vegan versions of this popular and buttery goodie but we decided to go one step further by offering a bonus recipe: our lemon bars are made with a shortbread foundation which explains our bonus recipe special for July.

Since you will be busy with two recipes this month, let’s jump right into our Kief-y Shortbread and bonus Lemon Bar recipes now…

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Product Highlights: The Specialist and Kush 

Sometimes, we just can’t decide about which product deserves bragging rights for the month. This happens to be one of those months where we cannot shut up about two of our awesome hemp flower strains, so it’s your lucky month! Yep, this month we’re going to rattle on about the wonders of Kush and The Specialist. As they represent opposite ends of the spectrum (Kush is Indica and The Specialist is Sativa), and as we all like varying moods, you are well-advised to pick up each of these wonderful strains to help kickstart your day (The Specialist) and then to wind it back down (Kush).

The Specialist

Some people need coffee or tea in the morning to feel fully awake; a new crowd is finding The Specialist offers a similar morning boost without accompanying jitters. We’re not advocating the overthrow of coffee or tea as liquid stimulants but we are certainly insisting that The Specialist take its rightful position as another natural plant product able to percolate our sluggish system after waking up.

With its Sativa-dominant profile, The Specialist is fully capable of delivering the burst of energy one often needs to give 100% to any task at hand. This ability is powered by a 13.66% CBD content and bristling with a healthy cocktail containing almost 33mg/g of terpenes including:

  • β-Myrcene – 14.7mg
  • α-Pinene – 5.3mg
  • trans-Caryophyllene – 4.12mg
  • α-Humulene – 1.92mg
  • β-Pinene – 1.72mg
  • Limonene – 1.68mg
  • α-Bisabolol – 1.12mg

When there is a lot on your plate and you require a steady hand and focused mind, The Specialist will help your attention to remain laser-sharp while your energy is recharged with a certain spark and lift to it that makes even drudgery endurable, if not enjoyable. Feel like a kid again with the bubble gum fragrance and a sweet flavor that make your taste buds dance in delight; their rich green hues are beautifully offset by striking orange pistils which you swear you can taste with each puff. 

Treat yourself special with The Specialist which is even more special this month since all quantities above one ounce are automatically discounted 25%! (Also available is The Specialist with Delta 8 added, also with the same awesome discounts on purchases over an ounce!)


When it’s time to unwind after a full productive day, our Indica-dominant Kush strain may be just what the hemp doctor would order for a smooth and soft landing into an evening filled with relaxation. And no wonder you feel as if floating on a cloud when you consider the 18.45% of CBD being delivered to your system in tandem with the following terpenes (with their mg/g count noted):

  • β-Myrcene – 9.2mg
  • α-Pinene – 3.38mg
  • Limonene – 1.72mg
  • β-Pinene – 1.2mg

Offering hints of citrus mingled with a spicy peppery punch, get ready for heavy-duty tension relief, positive mood shifts, and reduced inflammation. As if these wonderful effects aren’t enough, prepare for a visual feast as you pluck a bud from your batch; a thick, heavy density encrusted with rich green and purple hues with visibly sticky trichomes and orange pistils completes the perfect picture of wellness in a flower!

Get cushy with our premium quality Kush at even cushier prices because all quantities above one ounce are on offer with automatic 25% discounts already in place! (You can also snag our Delta 8 version of Kush which also offers the same great discounts on purchases over an ounce!)

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Gummies Galore and More!

As promised, we worked around the clock to get more Delta 8 gummies back in stock. But since we were already burning the midnight oil to keep our word to you, our valued extended family, we thought “What the hey!” and decided to also bring CBN and CBG gummies to your table as well! 

But even that seemed not quite enough for our awesome and loyal customers, so we thought again, had another “What the hey!” moment, and decided to also offer CBG capsules!

We also stepped up our game to remain as inclusive as possible by manufacturing this new line of gummies as vegan-friendly, so all we can say is “Get ‘em while the gettin’ is good!” (If you recall from our last newsletter, our Delta 8 Gummies sold out in record time; we hope we are better prepared for the onslaught this time around but do not recommend you delay too long!)

Yep, get ready for a virtual banquet of gummies, all in 10mg pieces, in quantities of 10 or 20 per package. Go ahead, feast your eyes on these beauties and get your salivary glands in full-fountain mode by checking them out:

But don’t just window shop; fill your cart quick and we promise to get them to you as fast as we can (allowing for USPS constraints).

Indoor Strains!

Have you treated yourself to our indoor strains? If not, you are in for a wonderful surprise, excellent moods, and fantastic flavors and fragrances. 

If you like your buds thick and sticky with resin, consider our indoor strains as amplified versions of our outdoor premium flower strains; more flavor, stronger effects, bigger smiles seem to be the result of enjoying the following ultra-premium hemp flower strains:

One word of warning though: if you think we spoil you with our outdoor strains (we try our best!), brace yourself for next-level pampering!

Planting Season in Full Swing!

This is one of our favorite times of the year because we just finished planting our new crop of quality organic hemp flowers. We love our infant crops mainly because it’s so exciting to watch them mature into full adult caretakers of our endocannabinoid system!

What is that? You want to know what strains you should be anticipating come our fall harvest? Check out this mouthwatering roster of fall arrivals and start planning your harvest shopping list now:

  • Pine Walker
  • Forbidden V
  • Sour Elektra
  • Sour Special Sauce
  • Sour Hawaiian Haze
  • Sour Suver Haze
  • And More!

We will keep you apprised of our progress; we might even offer a sneak preview of some of our maturing plants. Keep reading our upcoming newsletters to stay current with our 2021 crop which looks to be a real winner this harvest season for our extended family of quality hemp (and Delta 8) consumers!

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Customer Kudos

Our customers mean the world to us; after all, you folks are the lifeline that keeps us working and producing the best quality hemp products possible. Each month, we want to give a nod to a recent reviewer, which provides you, dear reader, with a perspective of how other FVF customers perceive our products.

This testimony was found on our Kush CBD Flower product page:

Wow, Bridget, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Thanks also for the daytime use tip: we all have those moments where we need to reset ourselves back to a state of calmness, and what better way to achieve that than with a relaxing Kush session! 

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Thought for July

Newsletter quote July 2021

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This coupon is only good for regularly priced items; if you have some sale items you want to also buy, we recommend you make two orders (one order with regularly-priced products and a second order filled only with sales items) so you can still use your coupon.

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Money-saving Tip: Check out this blog post – Save More Money at Fern Valley Farms – to stretch your dollars further at Fern Valley Farms! 

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See You In August!

That’s it for this month’s newsletter but keep on the lookout for our next valuable and fun newsletter which will hit your mailbox in early August.​

Until then, Happy Hemping!