We mentioned in our last newsletter how excited we have been while examining the latest seed catalogs. We’re beyond excited now… we are all in with our 2022 planting selection! Our Announcements section will give you all the exciting details, so read on.

Actually, this month is packed with a lot of Announcements, including the details on our May sale of distillates, our Mother’s Day promotions, and a hint about Memorial Day weekend. So polish up your reading glasses and dive into our Announcements!

The best way to get an overview of the current sales in our store is to check out the Sale category in our store. With sales items regularly rotating, this is the best spot to see what’s currently on sale at our Farm!

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May is a special month indeed! For one thing, we just made coupons and rewards easier for you to use! Of course, we also have fun and different sales happening throughout May. PLUS we must share our planting plan for 2022 with you!

So let’s stop with the niceties and dive right into all the excitement the month of May offers you at Fern Valley Farms!


We know you want to get to those sales but first we have to let you know how we improved your reward points! We too were frustrated that those reward points couldn’t be used with other coupons or for sale items. Because we have so many sales running, there always seemed to be a coupon you could use or a sale item on offer. And your reward points kept building.

There was also another annoying limitation: coupons could not be redeemed on sale items. That meant that sometimes your coupon would sit on the sidelines while you picked up a product on sale. Sharp shoppers learned to split their purchases into two orders: one filled with sale items and the second one with regularly-priced products with which they could use coupons.

We fixed and simplified all that! Now both reward points and coupons can be used together AND can be applied to sale items!!!

So you don’t have to split orders anymore nor do you need to calculate whether it’s better to use your reward points or use a coupon. Because combined together, using your reward points AND coupons is the best deal of all!

Exclusive Coupons

On special occasions, we may issue exclusive coupons. They usually offer a higher discount but have these limitations:

  • You cannot use reward points with exclusive coupons
  • You cannot combine other coupons with exclusive coupons

You still earn reward points with every purchase, even when applying an exclusive coupon. In other words, even as you save money with our exclusive coupons, you are also building more reward points!

Changes to Your Monthly 5% OFF Coupon

Because this major improvement makes redeeming reward points and coupons easier, we also changed our monthly 5% OFF coupon.

Here is how your monthly 5% OFF coupon now works:

  • You CAN use your monthly 5% OFF coupon with your reward points
  • You CAN use your monthly 5% OFF coupon with other coupons (except exclusive coupons)
  • You CAN use your monthly 5% OFF coupon on sale items

Please note that, in exchange for these improvements, your monthly 5% OFF coupon is now a single use coupon.

Cash In Those Reward Points!

Those of you who amassed a virtual arsenal of reward points because you couldn’t stay away from our sales, get ready to splurge! And remember, every time you spend money at Fern Valley Farms those reward points are going to build up again and can be used on the very next purchase you make with us!

Happy Hemp Hunting! 🙂


Distillate Sale May 2022 FVF VoiceHave you joined the thronging masses of customers who are scooping up our awesome variety of distillate syringes?

If you haven’t yet experienced our potent and effective Delta 8 and THC-O distillate syringes, this month is the best time to get in on the fun. That’s because they are all 10% OFF for the entire month of May!

If you have already had the wonderful experience of consuming these amazing distillates, then you KNOW that May is the perfect month to stock up on all your favorite flavors and effects. (For many of you, it’s hard to find a favorite. Since EACH and EVERY distillate syringe we offer delivers wonderfully unique flavors and effects, that’s not too surprising!) 

Whether you are a seasoned consumer or new to the game of Delta 8 and/or THC-O distillates, this is an excellent time to fill your personal wellness cabinet with these beauties!

Remember, we offer both pure Delta 8 or THC-O distillates and Live Resin Terpene versions. The pure distillates are ideal for making your own edibles, tinctures, or even treating your favorite flower strains while our Live Resin collections allow you to take full advantage of some of our most popular terpene profiles. 

Whichever you select, we’re pretty sure you will be smiling after a session with any of these awesome distillates!


Mothers day BOGO offer May 2022 NewsletterMoms are amazing! Their seemingly bottomless well of generosity and indulgence towards others is unmatched. Well, this Sunday, we’re going to try our best to match that legendary generosity and indulgence our moms are famous for…


Indulge your body AND your wallet in one fell swoop with this generous and unlimited BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offer. 

You read that right… this UNLIMITED sale runs ALL DAY!!! Making it a perfect time to gift Mom and/or her descendants! Each lotion you buy on this special day gets you a second lotion for later use.

Just like your Mom indulges you, we do too! No coupon is needed! Just buy as many lotions as you want and get twice as many as you paid for!

Our Indulgent Mother’s Day Sale runs all day on Sunday, May 8.

Now go indulge yourself! 🙂


Memorial Day Promo May 2022Memorial Day is a somber holiday commemorating the innumerable lives lost in all too many battles over the decades and centuries. However, there is nothing that stops us from benefiting from the freedoms that soldiers have fought for over the years, so celebrate we will!

And to give you more opportunities to take advantage of this important holiday, we have expanded this promotion to run from Friday, May 27 until the end of Monday, May 30.

We are still teasing out the details for this final event in May but we are pretty certain you will like the results! So keep your eye on your mailbox for full details which will arrive first thing Friday, May 27!

Watch us grow section newsletter

We know that every cycle in our growing season is exciting but we still turn into thrilled kids when planting time arrives! There is an immense satisfaction in germinating and planting thousands of seeds on our farm. One reason is because it signals the beginning of yet another season that results in a broad variety of hemp flower plants. Another equally important reason is that you will have more products from which to choose in about six months.

As always, there are some returning stars and some newcomers on our 2022 seed list. Let’s jump right into it, so you can start dreaming of our green harvest that begins in the Fall season!


We’ll begin with the hemp plants we just can’t live without. Yep, we’re talking about those exemplary strains that are always in demand. And we know why people clamor over these; they consistently deliver the goods for our discerning customers!

Start dreaming today about these 11 returning classics:

  • Bubba Kush CBD Flower – Indica Dominant
  • CBG White CBG Flower – Hybrid
  • Forbidden V CBDV Flower – Sativa Dominant
  • Lemon Octane CBD Flower – Indica Dominant
  • Pine Walker CBDV Flower – Indica Dominant
  • Sour Elektra CBD Flower – Sativa Dominant
  • Sour Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower – Sativa Dominant
  • Sour Lifter CBD Flower – Sativa Dominant
  • Sour Suver Haze CBD Flower – Hybrid
  • Sour Special Sauce CBD Flower – Indica Dominant
  • Super Sour Space Candy CBD Flower – Sativa Dominant

Fortunately for you, there is no need to wait to enjoy these classics since we still have plenty in stock!


Now let your imagination soar as we show you our six newcomers, along with a brief description of each plant (as described by the seed provider, Oregon CBD Seeds):

  • Cakeberry Brulee CBD Flower – described as offering ‘Sweet and creamy aromas of vanilla, berries, with a touch of gas,” expect big buds rich with trichomes
  • Chemberry CBD Flower – said to deliver “Pungent citrus aromas with mild hints of sweet fruit,” this hybrid should produce buds dripping with resins
  • Sour Brulee CBD Flower – these resin-thick buds promise to produce “Powerful and pungent lime and gas aromas with a hint of cream” 
  • Sour Candy Kush CBD Flower – sappy, dense, and green flowers will likely generate “Powerful aromas of sweet and sour lemon candy doused lightly in fuel”
  • Sour Chem CBD Flower – the final results are tempting big buds “Jam packed with fuel and citrus aromas with a chemical bite”
  • Vitality CBDV Flower – this hybrid is another hemp plant producing CBDV, offering a “Berry and citrus tang with earth and gas to finish out”

In all, when our harvest is complete, we anticipate offering a vivacious array of 17 CBD, CBD, and CBDV hemp plants perfect for managing moods and discomforts! And just for feeling doggone good! 🙂

Now you have plenty to anticipate (along with us!) at the end of the year!


Last month we introduced four interactive product summary pages intended to aid you in comparing four of our fabulous product lines (CBD/CBG Flower, Delta 8 Flower, THC-O Flower, and Kief). 

You can now find these sortable comparison tables at the top of each major product summary page in our store:

You can also continue using the links we posted in our April newsletter to view these interactive tables. They are listed again for your convenience…



Are you a hemp enthusiast? We think you must be since you are a member-in-good-standing at Fern Valley Farms!

FVF wholesaleMost entrepreneurs assert that attaining success is more likely when pursuing a career in an industry with which you are passionate and familiar. Oh, you got that! 😉

Another way to assure success is to invest in a growing industry. As you likely know, the CBD industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years and is showing no signs of abating. That gives you an excellent head start over others who may be thinking of getting into the hemp industry. And even with competitors, the opportunities appear to be endless.

If the idea of sharing the joy and benefits of CBD products appeals to you, spend some time researching the potentials and possibilities to be realized by getting involved in the CBD industry.

And there is no better partner to have on your side than Fern Valley Farms! We have been in the trenches, so we can offer personal and relevant insights and support for your own entrepreneurial journey!

Check out our FVF Wholesale site today. We don’t make you run through gauntlets with extra paperwork, permits, or licenses. Just open a new account and check out our fabulous wholesale pricing! (IMPORTANT NOTE: Your username and password for your retail FVF account won’t log you into our Wholesale site. But you can use that same email address to create your wholesale account.)

Need more information or help? Go to our contact page and shoot us a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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Our Sour Lifter CBD Flower is one of our cornerstone flower strains. This Sativa-dominant hemp plant can deliver a sense of relief that is buoyed by a wonderful flow of calm energy. The flavor is a marvelous blend of oranges and sweet grapes that are beautifully tinged with a fantastic diesel hint that seems to enliven those fruity tastes.

And while flavor clearly matters, it is the results that elevates this Sour Lifter CBD Flower to upper-class status. Even though this is a Sativa-dominant strain, expect the lift you experience to be smooth and steady. As it eases discomforts and chases away the jitters, you will also find your mood rising. All of these effects work in tandem to get you in a productive and happy space. Even the most dreaded and dreary tasks transform into laughably light duties that are finished quickly and without drama!

Sour Lifter CBD Product Highlight May 2022

Here is a summary of our original, untreated Sour Lifter CBD Flower:

  • Potency: 14.92% CBD
  • Effects: Calm Energy and Relief
  • Flavor: Orange and Sweet Grapes with a hint of Diesel
  • Type: Sativa dominant
  • Use: Any Time

Now comes the best news of all. You can find our Sour Lifter all over our site! The best place to start is with our CBD/CBG Flower menu. But if you are a fan of psychotropic effects, then you definitely must visit our Delta 8 Flower menu and our THC-O Flower menu.

Just to make sure you have found every page that even mentions “Sour Lifter,” we suggest you use our ultra-efficient search function (just click that magnifying glass icon left of our menu in the upper-right area of any page).

We even made it simpler by performing the search for you… 

Click for Sour Lifter search results (opens in new tab)


Here is an extra reward for reading our newsletter! This special discount offer cannot be found anywhere else on our site or within any of our emails!

Sour Lifter Kief Coupon May 2022

By virtue of reading about our wonderful Sour Lifter CBD Flower, you get 50% OFF our Sour Lifter CBD Kief (one ounce or less, one per customer)!

Click the above banner to visit our Sour Lifter CBD Kief page. Select one ounce (or less) of our fabulous Sour Lifter CBD Kief and add it to your cart. When checking out, add the following code in the “Coupon Code” box:


If you choose the one-ounce size (and you should!), that is a huge $20 instant savings! And doesn’t that make you love our Sour Lifter products just a tiny bit more? 😉

This Exclusive Coupon cannot be used with other coupons or reward points. It may only be redeemed once and expires at the end of May 2022.

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We are not the only ones raving about our fantastic Sour Lifter CBD Flower! The reviews continue to accumulate; with over 50 reviews of our Sour Lifter CBD Flower, we are honored to register an nearly-perfect rating of 5 stars!

We grabbed two recent reviews to share with you…

This review was posted on January 15, 2022:

“Good price. Good smell. Good smoke. Great effects. What more can you ask for?”

– Charles

This review was posted on November 20, 2021:

“This is the best hemp I have ever had, and I’m a medical cannabis patient. The medical dispensaries don’t have products with high CBD and CBG. Fern Valley Farms fills that void! Prices are the best and shipping within 3 days and I called Thanksgiving night, lol. This is my go to place and it should be yours too.”

– Lisa

Thank you Charles and Lisa! We are proud to offer the highest quality CBD hemp flower strains at industry-low prices. While saving money means a lot, the end result is what really matters. As both of these reviews indicate, our products really do deliver the goods without breaking the bank!

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While rarely the predominant terpene in any of our hemp plants, terpinolene is one terpene that should not be overlooked. In actuality, terpinolene is an isomer of terpinene; it is sometimes called δ-Terpinene (delta-terpinene).

But no matter what you call it, it is what it does that makes this compound key to so many of our flavorful products. So let’s dive a little deeper and find out what makes terpinolene tick.

Fragrances, Flavors, and Benefits

Even though terpinolene is an isomer of terpinene, it appears in an unusual variety of herbs and fruits. This includes:

  • Apples
  • Cumin
  • Lilac
  • Nutmeg
  • Tea Tree

Terpinolene generates several noticeable aromas, including:

  • Citrus
  • Floral
  • Herbal
  • Pine
  • Woody

Perhaps most significantly are the potential wellness effects you may find in terpinolene, such as:

  • Calmness
  • Elevated Moods
  • Energized
  • Relaxation

We particularly appreciate its apparent ability to settle rattled nerves and create an aura of calmness while generating a soothing flow of even energy.

Curious where you might find terpinolene? Fortunately for you, we tend to list the terpenes found in most of our products. So a quick search for “Terpinolene” (using our cool magnifying glass icon in the upper-right area of any page) will list every page on our site that even mentions this wonderful compound.

Want to try it out? We already searched it for you so click below…

Click for Terpinolene search results (opens in new tab)


We believe terpenes to be as crucial to overall effects as the cannabinoids found in hemp plants. That’s why we provide terpene profiles as well as cannabinoid potencies whenever appropriate.

Remember, you can find our terpenes in products other than our hemp plants (where they naturally grow). Those aromatic and influential compounds are in many of our products, including concentrates, tinctures, capsules, and lotions.

Want to learn more about terpenes? Check out our Terpene Talk series!

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canna-nooch popcorn seasoning recipe

Popcorn is a wonderful and affordable snack. For many, the fragrance of freshly popped popcorn conjures up images of relaxing at home or a night at the movies.

There are many variations you can add to popcorn, with salt and butter being the most common seasoning. For this recipe, we keep popcorn in its vegan state while adding the perfect combination of spices and cannabinoids to make movie night at home even more of a kick! Check out our Canna-Nooch Popcorn recipe and get poppin’!

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Our bodies are our gardens; our wills are our gardeners.

– William Shakespeare


Don’t forget to grab your single-use May coupon, good for 5% OFF on any single purchase (including sales items). It’s in your newsletter email and can be used once for a purchase in May. (We suggest you plan ahead and use this coupon for your largest purchase this month… that way you maximize your savings!)

By the way, your FREE monthly coupon is just one way to save money at Fern Valley Farms. Our blog post, Save More Money at Fern Valley Farms, outlines more ways you can stretch your dollars! 


That’s it for this month’s newsletter. Keep an eye on your mailbox for our next monthly newsletter which arrives in early June. While you’re watching, you may find more “flash sale” emails to enjoy. That includes reminders for our upcoming Mother’s Day and Memorial Day promotions. 

As always, Happy Hemping!