We may be all in for this fall season but our minds are not on what’s falling to the ground but rather on what’s coming out of the ground! Yep, it’s harvest time at Fern Valley Farms, so we are extra busy right now in order for you to be extra happy very soon! Meanwhile, there are more sales and exciting happenings on Fern Valley Farms… get all the latest scoops in our full newsletter below!

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Yep, our sales just keep happening, even while we’re in the midst of our new harvest! We decided to give this month’s sales a special name – the FVF Harvest Hooplah Sale – because, while we’re in the midst of pulling up, drying, and curing this year’s crop, you can whoop it up with these awesome close-out sales!

We also have another update on this year’s harvest and more, so let’s get going on this month’s announcements…

Join Our FVF Harvest Hooplah Sale and SAVE!!!

As promised, we are continuing our hot sales even as the weather begins cooling. But do not delay, because our supplies are dwindling… we’d hate to see you miss out on some of the richest deals we have offered to date!

There is no other way to put it: we have gone “Kush Crazy” by slashing our already whacky low prices even more. And now we have included every Kush product, including our entire line of Delta 8 Kush products, in this insane sale. Hence, we are truly Kush Crazy and you would be nuts not to take advantage of this offer before we return to our senses!

If you love big savings, then spend your bucks on our Kush Crazy deals, and enjoy the following insane savings:

Yep, you read those numbers right! A full and fat 40% discount applies to all bulk sales of both classic and Delta 8-enhanced Kush CBD flower strains PLUS 25% to 35% off all other Kush CBD flower strain products! Now that is Kush Crazy!

Because the entire Kush line is our headliner sale, we also have selected this fabulous strain as our product highlight for October. We suspect you will gain a greater appreciation for our popular Kush hemp flower strain after you get a close-up examination of this powerful and delightful hemp flower strain!

Keep in mind that our Kush kief is not the only kief product on sale. We are continuing our fabulous 25% off sale on the following kief strains:

Stockpiling different strains of our CBD kief while prices are historically low is a smart move on your part. The shelf life of properly stored kief (away from air, heat, and light) can easily last several years, making it viable to build a significant CBD kief collection to satisfy various moods and needs. If you want any ideas, check out our recipes that use kief. Or you can make your own kief-flour and bake up some of your food favorites with an infusion of kief! 

While you will get the fattest discount with our Kush CBD trim/shake (30% off!), you can still take advantage of full 25% discounts on the following trim/shake strains: 

Regular buyers of our trim/shake collection claim they get more bang for their bucks when it comes to buying cannabinoids. Whether they are making teas, rolling joints, infusing oils, or concocting lotions, they love the ease with which our trim/shake collection can be used in so many different ways with minimal preparation.

Harvest Update

Check out those towering plants! Our focused and dedicated work really paid off this planting season and now we are shifting into full harvest mode!

We hope you are as excited as we are in anticipation of our in-progress harvest! We planted our seeds so they would flower in three separate cycles, allowing us to properly harvest each strain and get them through the drying and curing process without encountering a “traffic jam” of scads of different hemp flower strains waiting for their turn.

We are now in our first cycle of harvesting and we would like you to be with us in spirit. One way you can join in is to learn which were the first strains that have come out of the ground and are in the drying and curing stage:

  • NEW STRAIN! Sour Elektra (Indica)
  • NEW STRAIN! Sour RNA (Hybrid)
  • NEW STRAIN! Sour Special Sauce (Indica)
  • CBG White (CBG Hybrid)
  • Super Sour Space Candy (Sativa)

Most of you are already familiar with our two returning strains, CBG White and Super Sour Space Candy, but we’re pretty sure you are wondering what may be in store for you with these three new strains coming aboard this year. Let’s take a quick peek at these new strains to learn a little more about them:

  • Sour Elektra – this ACDC x GG#4 CBD conversion promises sweet citrus with berries paired with a deliciously subtle diesel note; expect myrcene and terpinolene dominant terpenes
  • Sour RNA – promises a high CBD potency with a terpene profile that tantalizes with sour apple flavors and gassy undertones
  • Sour Special Sauce – here you get a SS x GG#4 CBD conversion with big buds and a sour spin on the typical terpinolene, β-caryophyllene, and limonene profile found in Special Sauce

Of course, the only mystery for the returning CBG White and Super Sour Space Candy will be how potent and rich in terpenes and cannabinoids they will end up being. But we can already tell you, based upon the healthiness of these crops, it should be as good as last year, if not better!

To further whet your appetite, check out these three of our precious beauties which are now out of the ground…

There will be two more phases of harvesting, with the following strains remaining to be picked:

Erratum: Some of you eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that Sour Lifter was denoted in last month’s newsletter as retiring. That was our editor’s proofreading error that indicated Sour Lifter was on its way out. Our growers in the field, upon reading the newsletter, set us straight but not until after our September edition was published. So please accept our apologies for the erroneous information but let’s celebrate the fact that Sour Lifter is here for another season!

Do Not Forget Our Retiring Strains!

As a reminder, here are the strains from our previous harvest which took a break this year:

Grab them while you can!

Cha-Ching! Be a Fern Valley Farms Wholesaler!

Have you ever dreamed of running your own business? Most business experts advising new entrepreneurs agree that if you select a business or venture for which you have a great passion, your chances for success are greatly increased. 

We know how passionate you are when it comes to consuming our quality CBD products. That gives you an excellent headstart on your business path to success and perfectly poises you to kickstart your own independent gig. All you need to do is share an amazing line of products with which you are very familiar and already love. It’s hard to even call this work!

You don’t have to run a formal enterprise. It can be as casual as talking with friends and sharing your positive experience with hemp products. You can even hold informal gatherings in your home, like those old Tupperware parties but with healthy and natural plant materials instead of plastic.

The minimum purchase at our wholesale website is only $500. If you plan it right you can presell your products to close friends and family members and collect the money in advance to pay for your wholesale order. This makes for a great and affordable way to start your new business – by investing your time and sharing your knowledge without plunking down a bunch of your own dollars.

Visit our new wholesale website and create your own wholesale account today.  

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Kush (Original & Delta 8 Enhanced CBD Flower)

As part of our Kush Crazy month, we must put the spotlight on our Kush strains not only because they are all impressively discounted throughout the month of October but also because this particular strain has an impressive history. So let’s take a deeper dive into this amazing and time-proven classic Indica strain…

Kush Origins

This particular strain carries a long and global chronicle, having initially been cultivated in the Hindu Kush region, a long-known area of conflict between Afghanistan and Pakistan. While current conflicts make visitations to this area impossible, back in the 1960s and 1970s plenty of enthusiastic Americans and Europeans traversed the “Hippie Trail” (which included this historical region) in search of potent and proven cannabis strains. The Kush strain was one of their top discoveries and those cannabis hunters very bravely and generously risked their freedoms by smuggling this amazing strain (and others) back to North America and Europe.

Now, more than a half-century later, Kush has left its mark across both cannabis and hemp plants, which is outstanding news for the millions of hemp consumers out there! At our own farm, on top of our classic original Kush CBD strain, we also currently stock the following Kush variations:

The Kush strain is also popular with cultivators, thanks to its shortened growth and flowering phases along with the small and bushy appearance that makes it ideal for indoor growing. Its potency delivers long-term effects, and its skunky fragrance and citrus flavor make this original strain a perennial favorite among both veteran and new CBD consumers.

Generally, when you encounter a Kush strain, it will be an Indica type but with the endless and continuing crossbreeding consumers are now finding some Kush strain variants that rank as hybrids or even fall into the Sativa category. Most CBD consumers gravitate to the various Kush strains for their relaxing and pain-relieving properties, something our own original Kush delivers quite competently!

Our Kush CBD Flower Strain

Speaking of which, let’s take a closer look at our amazing Kush strain (which also happens to be our headline sales product for this month). For this highlight, we will examine the potency and terpene profiles of our original Kush CBD flower strain, reporting results from our 2020 crop that is currently on our shelves. (Do keep in mind that our other products, such as Delta 8-enhanced Kush flower, Kush shake/trim, and Kush kief differ slightly in their cannabinoid and terpene levels but generally contain the same composition as our original Kush CBD hemp flower strain.)

The 2020 lab reports for our Kush CBD flower strain reveal a healthy and powerful 18.45% CBD content for this Kush CBD flower strain. On top of that, check out the awesome terpene profile, which clocks in with more than 19 mg per gram of combined aromatic and flavorful compounds:

  • β-Myrcene (9.2mg) – earthy tones; pain and inflammation relief properties
  • α-Pinene (3.38mg) – piney tones; antimicrobial and anti-depressant properties
  • Limonene (1.72mg) – orange fragrance; energizing and mood-lifting properties
  • β-Pinene (1.2mg) – similar properties and fragrances to its sibling, α-pinene
  • trans-Caryophyllene (1.12mg) – spicy flavors; antibacterial and anxiety-relieving properties

Visit our series of terpene talks to get more details about these different terpenes, including their effects, flavors, and fragrances.

Rave Reviews

Perhaps our best salespeople for this versatile and potent Kush CBD flower strain are other consumers who have tried it and can attest to its reliability and effectiveness. For instance, if you visit the reviews section for our original Kush CBD hemp flower, you will find comments such as the following…

Tasty, tasty, tasty! (Trent, 8/30/21)
Calming effects are great. (Gwendolyn, 8/29/21)
…helps unwind your body and mind. (Robert, 7/21/21)
Feels like an angel of mercy. (Bridget, 2/14/21)

If you haven’t tried our outstanding Kush strain yet, there is no better time than today! Place your order and learn firsthand why everyone consistently raves about this awesome and delicious hemp flower strain!

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Our customers mean the world to us; after all, you folks are the lifeline that keeps us working and producing the best quality hemp products possible. Each month, we want to give a nod to a recent reviewer, which provides you, dear reader, with a perspective of how other FVF customers perceive and consume our products.

This testimony on July 4 2012 can be found on our Delta 8 Kush product page:

The d8 infused Kush is a great deal for the price. I switched to dabbing d8 recently after smoking regular weed and dabs for 15+ years, and was missing rolling up blunts and joints. This will definitely scratch that itch, I promise. This is the first hemp flower I’ve ever smoked, and I love it. The buds are actually beautiful, I was expecting some reggie/mids/brick weed looking product in all honesty since this seemed too good to be true, but this stuff is super tight trimmed big buds, they’re a little darker than the pics because of the d8, but overall the bud is really beautiful. There was less than half a g of shake in my 1/2lb. The smell is pungent, when you crack open a nug it smells as strong as regular bud, I am blown away by this product and have recommended this to many people that I know. Will be buying another strain to try out soon!Lauren

Thanks for the thorough and enthusiastic review, Lauren! Quite a few new customers brace themselves for the classic bait-and-switch, where images look awesome and the actual product pales in comparison. We actually operate in reverse because a photo of these amazingly rich and beneficial Kush buds cannot do justice to the real thing in your hand (and then in your pipe, joint, or vaporizer and finally into your endocannabinoid system)!

Since you let out the secret on how great a deal our Delta 8 Kush really is, we’ll let you (and our readers) in on our October secret: the great deal has transformed into an unbelievably incredible deal since all of our Kush products are now on sale (including our Delta 8 Kush products) with discounts of 25% and higher! 

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Fruity Nutty Seedy CBD-Infused Maple Syrup Granola

The fall season is the perfect time for a hearty breakfast to carry you through the day. With that thought in mind, we whipped up a special granola cereal that is naturally sweetened with CBD-infused maple syrup and festooned with a wide variety of dried fruits, nuts, and seeds to make this a breakfast of conquerors… in other words, a great leap beyond champions. As you supercharge your day with this incredibly healthy and delicious recipe you will definitely feel as if you could conquer the world (or at least your corner of it)! 

Want an extra challenge? Say “Fruity Nutty Seedy CBD-Infused Maple Syrup Granola” five times very fast… if you can! Otherwise, head over to this delicious recipe and establish a new and healthier foundation for your first meal of the day…

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