As we head into the fullness of September, we look forward to cooler weather and new seasonal colors while schools and work shift into high gear this fall. We admit that most of our excitement these days is focused on the upcoming fall harvest, where a new generation of premium hemp flower strains (along with related products) will be soon filling our shelves.

Even though the weather may begin cooling, we think you can handle more hot sales, so check out the Announcements section of our newsletter to get the scoop on our sizzling September sales…

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We have more than awesome sales to announce this month. Of course, we always start with the sales but don’t miss out on two other important happenings at Fern Valley Farms: an update on our 2021 harvest and a Fern Valley Farms wholesale opportunity for you!

Help Us and Save Money!

We need your help in making space on our shelves for our new incoming crop of premium hemp flower strains! Since you are helping, of course, you deserve an extra discount! 

Thanks in advance for all your help and enjoy the fabulous savings you will earn by being a good Samaritan while supporting Fern Valley Farms and your well-being in one fell swoop! (To make it easier for you, we already discounted the below-announced sales items so you don’t need to apply any codes but can instead sail right through checkout!)

September Sales… And Beyond!

When you have a good thing going for you, there’s no reason to stop it which is why the following sales will continue until our newly harvested hemp flower strains hit our shelves (or when any sale product sells out)…

Bulk Kush CBD Flower – STILL 33% OFF!

Our biggest sale ever continues with the prices of our bulk Kush CBD flower discounted by a huge 33%! This popular and soothing Indica dominant strain delivers a strong 18.45% CBD content along with a full 19.63mg per gram of flavorful and aromatic terpenes, ideal for eliminating stress. 

Everyone should have a good supply of our Kush CBD flower and there’s no better time to do that than right now. Another important reason why you want to get as much Kush while you can is that this strain isn’t included in our new 2021 crop. While this classic may return in a future planting season, this is the time to procure your own stockpile of this enduring and popular Indica strain.  

Continue enjoying these unheard-of prices until our 2021 harvest reaches our shelves or when supplies run out (whichever happens first):

  • ¼ Pound (normally $140) – only $93.80 ($23.45/oz. or $0.84/gram)
  • ½ Pound (normally $245) – only $164.15 ($20.52/oz. or $0.73/gram) 
  • 1 Pound (normally $450) – only $300 ($18.75/oz. or $0.67/gram)  

Don’t miss out; get your bulk Kush CBD flower today!

Did you know you can also save 25% off our bulk Delta 8 Kush flower strain? Yes, you can, so jump on that deal as well!

Select Kief Strains – STILL 25% OFF!

Also continuing until we run out or our 2021 harvest hits the shelves is our awesome 25% sale on the following kief strains:

Regular customers know what a fantastic deal our kief already is at regular retail prices. Now, with the above kief strains offering 25% off on any quantity, what an excellent time to stock up for the winter season! That way, whenever you want a CBD-filled treat, just head to your kitchen and try out some recipes that use kief or create your own kief-flour and whip up your own favorite recipes with a kief-y twist! 

For the ultimate in kief savings, buy a pound of any of the above kief strains for only $300. Not only are you saving a sweet $100 but you’re snagging quality kief products for less than $0.67 per gram! 

Select Trim/Shake Strains – STILL 25% OFF!

Also perfect for kitchen projects, you can still get an automatic 25% off of the following trim/shake strains:

As with the other above-listed sales, you can shop to your heart’s content until we announce our new 2021 harvest or run out of any of these products. Considering how popular our trim and shake strains are at regular prices, we recommend you nab some strains today before they sell out. That’s because, for just $82.50, you can get a full pound of any of the above strains. Believe your calculator or not, that means you’re scooping up hemp flower strains at less than $0.19 per gram!

2021 Harvest, Here We Come!

In our July newsletter, we gave you a hint of some of the strains you will be able to try once our harvest for this year is finished. 

Well, it’s time to spill the beans with a full roster of our upcoming strains (and do note that we now carry three awesome CBG strains for your pleasure and relief): 

Are you as excited as we are? 

Want to get more excited? 

Well, our Sour RNA has flowered, been harvested, and is now in the process of being packaged and put on our shelves! Of course, as a subscriber, you will hear of its availability before our other customers find it on the shelves, giving you the opportunity to be one of the first to enjoy and experience this amazing new Hybrid strain!

We anticipate that by December, all these new strains will be fully harvested, professionally packaged, and ready to hit your mailboxes early enough to make your holiday season so much jollier!

Start building your wishlist today and be one of the first to enjoy our 2021 harvest of health and happiness!

(The above links for current flower strains will have new lab tests performed once our harvest is complete, at which time we will update those web pages with that new information. For now, when you visit those pages you are viewing the cannabinoid potencies and terpene profiles of our current stock.)

A Bittersweet Farewell to Our Retiring Strains

By the way, here is the list of our retiring strains; while some of these strains may reappear in a future planting season, this is your last opportunity to grab these 2020 classics while they’re still on our shelves:

It is always difficult when deciding which strains to keep, add, and leave off for each harvest season but we are very excited about our new incoming strains, variations on some existing strains (like Sour Hawaiian Haze and Sour Special Sauce), and the continuation of popular strains that still please and serve you, our valued customers!

Become a Fern Valley Farms Wholesaler!

You already know how quality CBD hemp products can boost your physical well-being; now consider boosting your financial well-being by becoming a Fern Valley Farms wholesaler! 

For as little as $500, you can invest in your own financial future by acquiring our premium CBD hemp products at wholesale prices and running your own retail operation. Learn more by visiting our new wholesale website (link opens in a new tab) and registering your own wholesale account. 

Yes, you can and should be compensated for helping the world feel better and live healthier!

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Specialist Smalls

We cannot deny that we are proud of the full flower buds we grow and package for you but we sometimes feel as if the emphasis on our “best of the crop” big buds overshadow the fact that our smalls are equally flavorful and effective while priced at a fraction of the cost of those full buds harvested from the same plant.

As we are eyeing our upcoming harvest season, we want you to take a final look at The Specialist, this time focusing on the smalls. Just like its big bud siblings, these small buds contain the same 13.66% CBD potency and boast the same 32.92mg per gram profile that includes the following terpenes (learn more about terpenes with our Terpene Talk series):

  • β-Myrcene (14.7mg) – includes ease discomfort and sedative effects
  • α-Pinene (5.3mg) – includes antimicrobial and anti-depressive properties
  • trans-Caryophyllene (4.12mg) – delivers anxiety relief and antioxidant benefits
  • α-Humulene (1.92mg) – offers ease discomfort and appetite suppression properties
  • β-Pinene (1.72mg) – delivers antioxidant and analgesic effects
  • Limonene (1.68mg) – contains mood elevation and energizing properties
  • α-Bisabolol (1.12mg) – anti-irritant and skin moisturizing abilities

We consider our smalls to be the most versatile of all our flower types. This is because smalls are excellent for smoking but also offer higher CBD content than our trim/shake strains, making them equally superb and powerful products for making your own edible goodies.

To further tempt you to experience smalls yourself, we have dropped the price of our Specialist Smalls by as much as 50%, good throughout the month of September! Here’s the breakdown:

  • 20% off 1/2 ouncesonly $12!
  • 23% off full ouncesonly $20!
  • 30% off 1/4 poundsonly $63!
  • 40% off 1/2 poundsonly $90!
  • 50% off full poundsonly $125!!!

Smart shoppers will buy larger quantities, not just for a better price break but to have enough of these wonderful Specialist Smalls on hand for both smoking and cooking. Don’t miss out but instead jump on this deal while it lasts. 

Remember, our Specialist strain is not included in our 2021 harvest cycle, so you definitely should stock up plenty. With a 20% discount, you can get a pound for only $200 (saving $50 off the normal price of $250). No need to pull out your calculator because we already did the math for you: buying one-pound quantities means you are getting miniature buds containing the same CBD content and terpenes as its big bud siblings at the jaw-dropping price of $12.50 per ounce! 

Yikes! You better grab all you can because at that low price it may disappear right before your eyes! (Don’t forget: use Sezzle during at checkout so you can break up that $200 one-pound purchase into smaller $50 payments every two weeks without paying a penny in interest.)

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Our customers mean the world to us; after all, you folks are the lifeline that keeps us working and producing the best quality hemp products possible. Each month, we want to give a nod to a recent reviewer, which provides you, dear reader, with a perspective of how other FVF customers perceive and consume our products.

This testimony can be found on our Specialist Smalls product page:

“Nice smoke when you have to focus on things. I’m very sensitive to cbd flower and most strains make me foggy. But this was nice and relaxing with no lack of focus.” – Andrew

Thanks for sharing your experience, Andrew! For those of us who are busy and demand focus for different tasks, much more gets accomplished when that focus is supported by a foundation of relaxation. As you can see from the terpene profile for our Specialist Smalls, mood elevation and an energy lift are accompanied by anxiety relief and sedative effects, making this strain ideal for daytime focus without being rattled or wired.

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CBD-Infused and Kief-y Almond Butter Cookies

If you love peanut butter, we suspect you will go head-over-heels with this new tasty recipe! Bursting with almond flavors from almond butter, almond extract, almond cream, and chopped almonds, along with a sprinkling of chocolate chips, this is so much tastier and better for you than the proverbial spoonful of sugar that’s supposed to help the medicine go down!

Is your mouth watering yet? If so, jump over to our latest – and most almondy – sweet treat with CBD-infused coconut oil and kief included in the ingredients: our CBD-infused and kief-y almond butter cookie recipe

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If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.


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Get more money-saving ideas in our blog post, Save More Money at Fern Valley Farms

See You In October!

That’s it for this month’s newsletter but keep on the lookout for our next valuable and fun newsletter which will hit your mailbox in early October.​

Until then, Happy Hemping!