Wholesale CBD Distillate

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our CBD Distillate is NOT suitable for vaping. Due to its high purity, it has the tendency to crystallize. Ensure appropriate use to maintain integrity and effectiveness.

Quality Ingredients

This distillate boasts a potent 720.2 mg/g CBD content, undiluted by other cannabinoids, delivering an unmatched potency.


Oregon Grown

All products are produced with hemp-derived cannabinoids, extracted from organically grown CBD hemp flowers at Fern Valley Farms.

Join Easily

No fancy requirements to join our program – you only have to make an order of $500 or more to get access to our premium CBD Distillate in bulk with wholesale pricing.


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Bulk CBD Distillate

Introducing our premium Bulk CBD Distillate, specifically curated for our discerning wholesale customers. Harnessing the powerful essence of the hemp plant, our distillate boasts a potent 720.2 mg/g CBD concentration. This makes it one of the most concentrated and pure forms of CBD available in the market.

Purchase our bulk CBD Distillate in 250ml or 500ml, or get quantity based discounts when you purchase (2) 1000ml or more!

Purchase CBD Distillate at Wholesale Prices

Minimum order of $500.

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