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With a 2-gram capacity and a long lasting charge, these disposable vape carts are a must have for the dedicated consumer! It’s easy to access our wholesale pricing, just make an order of $500 or more!

Quality Ingredients

Our distillate is made from premium hemp strains, grown on our farm in Southern Oregon. All products are organically grown without microbial, mycotoxins, heavy metals and pesticides or foreign matter.


Choose between 4 stealthy and convenient disposables. All of our disposables are treated with our Live Resin Terpenes to give each flavor its unique taste.

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No fancy requirements to join our program – you only have to make an order of $500 or more to get access to our bulk prices.

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Bulk Disposable Vapes with THC-V!

THC-V is making huge waves in the industry for a reason. The effects and benefits are highly sought-after, and while similar to THC, they may surprise you.

THC-V has been shown to:

  • Supprese appetite
  • Reduce panic attacks
  • Stimulate bone growth

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