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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the following answers to questions we are frequently asked by customers just like you! 🙂

How can you offer such low prices? 

If you have shopped other online outlets offering CBD products, you may be surprised at how much lower our prices are in comparison. A major advantage of buying direct from our family farm is the absence of a middleman!

We are involved in the entire process of growing hemp cultivars, from seed to shelf. The vast majority of our products, including our lotions and tinctures, are produced right here on our farm on a regular basis.

In our opinion, the question you should ask other CBD suppliers is why their prices are so darn high!

Can I save even more money?

Oh yeah! 😉

The two best ways to save more money are:

With your free account, you accrue reward points with every purchase you make. Those rewards can be redeemed with your next purchase. When you register your free account, you can also opt in to our newsletter. 😉

By subscribing to our newsletter, you not only stay current with our newest products and latest deals. Our monthly newsletter provides you with an exclusive 5% off coupon good for any purchase during that month. Plus, don’t be surprised (but rather be delighted!) to find extra emails coming your way with special deals that often pop up. 🙂

Finally, we let you stack coupons AND apply reward points to a single order. No need to grab a calculator to find out which is the best coupon or if you should use your reward points. In our opinion, the best coupons are ALL of them in combo with your accrued reward points! 😉

(In rare instances, we offer a super-discounted coupon that cannot be combined with other coupons or rewards points. But don’t worry because those coupons are rich in savings all on their own!)

How can I be sure I am buying quality products?

To ensure you are buying quality products, they are all independently tested at third-party labs. These lab reports don’t just show you how potent our products are by indicating the level of CBD (or other cannabinoids) in them. They also identify other important compounds (like the different terpenes produced by our hemp cultivars).

Finally, we also tell you what’s NOT in our products. Our reports also ensure the absence of microbial contaminations, mycotoxins, heavy metals and pesticides, or other foreign matter.

In our ongoing spirit of transparency, we make access to these reports super easy for you. At the top left of each product page is an image gallery. Appropriate lab reports related to that product can be reviewed there.

Do you apply organic practices when growing hemp?

While we are not officially “certified organic” growers, we always employ organic planting and growing practices. Our hemp flower cultivars grown without any pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers. They are also cared for by hand from seed to finished flower. After hand harvesting, our cultivars are slow-dried and cured. Finally they are hand-trimmed to result in the highest possible quality.

And yes, it all happens on our farm. So we are not kidding when we say it’s from our farm to your home! 🙂

Do I have to pay shipping on my orders?

We absorb the shipping costs when your order exceeds $40. All orders up to $500 are shipped via USPS First Class Mail.

Orders exceeding $500 are shipped via UPS, require an adult signature for acceptance, and cannot be rerouted to an access point.

I’m excited about my order! How long do I have to wait before it comes?

We’re just as excited to deliver your order as quickly as possible! 🙂

We are located on the West Coast (Pacific Standard Time). For orders we receive by noon on Monday through Friday, we do our best to pack them and get them to the Post Office that same day. After weekends and holidays, we are typically super busy fulfilling weekend orders. But we know how busy our first day of the week will be so we plan accordingly. We not only fulfill those weekend orders but usually success in sending out all orders received before noon! 🤞

Once they leave our hands, we are all at the mercy of the Post Office. That being said, most customers receive their order within 3 business days (or sooner!) of our sending it! 🙂

Can I get high using your products?

Yes and no.

We are not being intentionally coy with you. The fact is that quite a few of our products contain cannabinoids with psychoactive properties (meaning, they can make you high). However, any products with psychoactive properties are clearly marked as such.

Specifically, our Delta 8 THC, HHC, and THC-O product lines contain psychoactive properties. Consuming them will likely make you high but remember that each person responds differently to the same product. An intense high for one person might be a light buzz for another!

Our original line of CBD products do not contain any psychoactive compounds. That doesn’t mean you won’t experience noticeable effects when consuming such products. Many people love our psychoactive-free products because they can ease tension, relieve discomforts, and lift moods. All while retaining a sharp mental state. But no matter how much CBD (or CBDV, CBG, or CBN) you consume, you will NOT get high.

At Fern Valley Farms, we give you as many legal options for consuming and enjoying hemp products as possible! 😉

Can I pass a drug test after using your products?

Drug tests vary widely in their methods and results. No products at Fern Valley Farms contain higher than 0.3 Delta 9 THC. While this is considered a trace amount of THC, it does not mean that it will not appear on certain drug tests. The bottom line is that most people pass such drug tests. Please note that we said “most” because invariably there will be a few unlucky individuals who fail drug tests!

Also, because we sell products with legal psychoactive properties, test results may mistakenly identify those compounds as Delta 9 THC.

Bottom line: we do not guarantee anyone will pass a drug test after using our products (even though the majority of our customers do pass those tests)!

Can I buy your products wholesale?

Absolutely! You don’t even need to fill out extra forms or show us a business license. All you need to do it create a wholesale account. And yes, you can use the same email address as your retail account. 😉

Our wholesale customers enjoy greater discounts by purchasing larger volumes. We not only have online and brick-and-mortar businesses who are regular wholesale FVF customers. We also have small informal groups of family members and/or friends who take advantage of the deeper discounts our wholesale program offers.

Minimum wholesale order is $500.

Get all the details and check out the mouth-watering prices at our wholesale site.

Need More Answers?

Didn’t find the answer you were seeking above? Please reach out to us by email or phone (541-897-0151 during normal PST business hours). If sending us an email, please allow 1 business day for a reply. If we are unable to answer your call during business hours, please leave a message so we can get back to you! 🙂

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