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Our Story

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Birthed out of a love, passion and respect for the land.

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. As I watched the city grow, I found myself drowning in the fast-paced life Vegas has to offer. I was working in the casino business and although it was providing my family a good life, I was not fulfilled. I was longing to do something I was not only proud of but would make a positive impact; I wanted to know I was doing good in the world. I not only wanted this for myself but even more so for my family. My dream was to build something my whole extended family and friends could be a part of as well; something we could build together. A place we could bond with our children while instilling a love, passion, and respect for the land.

I began my search for the perfect place in 2017. After a trip to Southern Oregon, and the help of a newly found friend, I found my perfect place. At last, my dream had begun. Fern Valley Farms was established in the beginning of 2018. My newly found friend Andrew introduced me to the most crucial person in the evolution of FVF, Dave Bish.

Dave Bish is a 3rd generation farmer. In addition, he is a licensed landscape contractor and horticulturalist. Dave’s character radiates an excitement and dedication for nature unlike any I have ever seen before.  His father, Dan Bish, founded Plant Oregon in 1975.

Plant Oregon has developed over the decades to encompass 58 acres of quality plant production and is still owned and operated by the Bish family.

With Dave’s extensive background, he became an essential source of wisdom and knowledge. This wealth of intellect and expertise became the backbone of my successful first harvest in 2018.

My wife (Katie Thomas) and my sister (Beverly Pikelny) have also been vital influences in the growth and success of FVF.

Beautiful plants now saturate the entire 25 acres, containing 2 greenhouses, 3 warehouses, a natural swimming pond and a playhouse. We also lease an additional 17 acres located a few miles from FVF. The expansion of FVF can be directly attributed to our dedicated, hardworking team. I absolutely love my team and enjoy having a personal relationship with each of them. I genuinely believe if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. I finally love what I do!

– Kelley Thomas
hemp plants with buds
fern valley farms crew


  • In accordance with our commitment to employing organic cultivation practices, every flower strain is cultivated without using any products containing microbial, mycotoxins, heavy metals and pesticides, or foreign matter. This policy also applies to any products derived from any of our hemp flower strains.
  • Samples from every type of flower strain and other products are submitted to an independent and government-approved testing laboratory to provide you with a third-party analysis of the cannabinoid and terpene content
  • We listen to customer feedback and make adjustments accordingly
  • We love what we do and hold each other accountable making it easy to provide superior products

What Sets Us Apart from Other CBD Producers

  • All products are organically grown without microbial, mycotoxins, heavy metals and pesticides or foreign matter
  • All of our tinctures, lotions, and wax are made in-house with the highest quality ingredients
  • Our love and passion for what we do
  • Better prices, superior product
  • Prompt processing and shipping
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We welcome your feedback!


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