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Organic Hemp-Derived Terpenes

Elevate your sensory experience with our meticulously curated selection of Organic Hemp-Derived Cannabis Terpenes, now available in nine distinct cultivars.

Immerse yourself in the robust aroma of four indica-dominant cultivars, designed to soothe and relax, or invigorate your palate with two sativa-dominant profiles that offer a refreshing and uplifting effect. Our three hybrid cultivars strike a harmonious balance between relaxation and stimulation. Among these carefully selected varieties, you’ll find renowned and sought-after strains like ACDC and Bubba Kush.

Crafted for versatility and convenience, our terpenes come in an array of sizes – from the personal 2ml size to the ample 32 oz option (available as two 16oz bottles) – ensuring a perfect fit for every consumer’s needs, whether for individual enjoyment or for bulk applications.

Top Terpenes: Derived from Organic, Home-Grown Hemp

We take pride in our home-grown hemp plants, from which we extract these pure essences.

With an extractor nestled directly amidst our crops, we embrace a seamless transition from harvest to extraction. The moment our terpene-laden hemp flowers are harvested, they are ushered immediately into the extractor, transforming them without delay from freshly picked blooms into rich, aromatic terpenes.

This swift process ensures that the vibrant, full-bodied essence of our hemp is preserved, delivering fresh and potent terpenes directly from our fields to you.

Eager to learn more about our terpene extraction process? Read the full blog post on terpene extraction at Fern Valley Farms.

At Fern Valley Farms, transparency in our process is as crucial as the quality of the products we offer. When it comes to terpene extraction, we believe in the importance of understanding the distinction between Botanical Terpenes and Hemp-Derived Terpenes.

While botanical terpenes are sourced from a variety of plants, offering a wide spectrum of scents and flavors, our hemp-derived terpenes are exclusively extracted from the hemp plant, presenting an authentic and full-spectrum experience that botanical terpenes simply can’t mirror.

If you’re interested in learning more about the intricacies of hemp-derived Top Terpenes, we suggest reading through our blog post titled “What Are Terpenes?

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