The Art of Extracting Live Cannabis-Derived Terpenes at Fern Valley Farms

Terpenes play a fascinating and integral role in the world of hemp-derived products. They are the compounds that give cannabis its characteristic scent and flavor, and more importantly, they also contribute to the therapeutic effects of these products*.

Botanical Terpenes vs. Cannabis-Derived Terpenes

Before we take you on a visual journey of our terpene extraction process, it’s essential to clarify the difference between botanical terpenes and cannabis-derived terpenes. Botanical terpenes are extracted from various plants, not just cannabis, and can mimic the scents and flavors of a wide array of natural sources.

On the other hand, cannabis-derived terpenes are exclusive to the cannabis plant. They deliver a unique aroma and flavor profile that’s authentic, providing a full-spectrum experience that botanical terpenes cannot replicate.

At Fern Valley Farms, we are fully committed to offering you the most genuine experience, which is why we extract our terpenes from our own home-grown hemp plants.

The Extraction Journey

Our extraction system is expertly set up amidst our verdant fields, ready to greet the workers as they harvest fresh, CBD-rich hemp flowers.

live resin terpene extraction apparatus

The next step is a labor of love and precision. We delicately remove the fan leaves from the flowers, leaving behind only the terpene-rich hemp buds.

big frosty cbd buds for live resin terpene extraction

The raw flowers are then meticulously arranged in a large stainless-steel vessel, known in industry parlance as a ‘closed-loop extraction system’.

big frosty cbd buds for live resin terpene extraction

Once packed, the vessel is hoisted up with a pulley system, ready for the next stage of the extraction process.

live resin terpene extraction apparatus

The vessel is then placed inside a larger, industrial-grade closed-loop extraction system. This is where the real magic happens.

big frosty cbd buds for live resin terpene extraction

We secure the system with a robust lid, ensuring an airtight environment that facilitates optimum extraction conditions.

securing the lid on a live resin terpene closed loop extraction process

After a period of processing and patient waiting, the distinctive, aromatic cannabis-derived terpenes start to flow out, ready for their journey into our products.

live resin terpenes being extracted from cbd hemp flowers

Learn More About Terpenes

If you’re interested in diving deeper into the subject of terpenes, their uses, and effects, we recommend visiting our “Terpene Talks“. You’ll find a wealth of information that can help you understand the intricacies of various terpene profile. Learn how to use terpenes for the best experience.

The Promise of Purity

At Fern Valley Farms, we strive to ensure that our commitment to quality and authenticity resonates in every product we create. That’s why we infuse these freshly extracted, full-spectrum terpenes into almost ALL of our offerings, including our new vape line.

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