2023 Fall Harvest: Cultivars To Expect From Fern Valley Farms

Hello, hemp enthusiasts!

As we approach the exciting season of fall harvest here at Fern Valley Farms, we thought it was high time (pun intended) to share with you the lineup of the incredible CBD hemp cultivars we have growing on our fertile lands.

This year, our dedicated team has been tirelessly tending to a beautiful mixture of our beloved returning favorites and some exciting new cultivars we’ve added to the mix. Let’s dive into the aromatic, flavorful, and therapeutic world of our 2023 fall harvest!

Returning Favorites

Sour Elektra

No list of returning favorites could start without Sour Elektra. This powerhouse CBD cultivar has a distinct, sweet and sour aroma and flavor profile, mixed with notes of citrus and forest pine.

sour elektra cbd flower 1oz
2022 cbd flower harvest sour elektra fern valley farms
cakeberry brulee cbd flower delta 8

Cakeberry Brulee

An absolute treat for the senses, Cakeberry Brulee combines the sweet, berry-like taste with a creamy, caramel undertone. Just like a fine dessert, it’s hard to say no to this delicious strain.

cakeberry brulee cbd flower 1oz

Sour Brulee

Sour Brulee remains a favorite, thanks to its unique blend of sweet and sour flavors and a punch of citrus. This cultivar is perfect for those seeking an exciting mix of tastes and effects.

hemp cbd flower sour brulee 1oz
cbd flower bubba kush in the field 2022 harvest

Bubba Kush

A classic in the world of hemp, Bubba Kush brings an earthy and spicy profile that hemp enthusiasts adore. With a potent CBD level, it’s as effective as it is flavorful.

bubba kush hemp cbd flower 1oz

Sour Special Sauce

It’s all in the name! This cultivar has a special place in our lineup, with its rich CBD content and the intriguing mix of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors.

hemp cbd flower sour special sauce 1oz
hemp cbd flower sour special sauce in the field
hemp cbd flower super sour space candy in the field

Super Sour Space Candy

Prepare for a journey into the cosmos of flavor with Super Sour Space Candy. Its tropical fruit tang combined with the sour note gives a taste explosion not to be missed.

hemp cbd flower super sour space candy 1oz

Sour Hawaiian Haze

Bringing the tropical flair to Southern Oregon, Sour Hawaiian Haze continues to shine with its fruity and floral profile and hints of sourness.

hemp cbd flower sour hawaiian haze 1oz
hemp cbd flower sour hawaiian haze in the field
hemp cbd lemon octane in the field

Lemon Octane

Get ready to rev up your senses with Lemon Octane. Known for its fresh lemony flavor and high-energy effects, this strain is a definite crowd-pleaser.

cbd flower lemon octane 1oz

Fruit Loopz

Fruit Loopz, with its flavor resembling the popular cereal, offers a sweet and tangy experience that you’ll look forward to every time.

fruit loops cbd flower 1oz
fresh harvest cbdv flower fruit loopz
cbg white cbg flower fern valley farms close up in the field

CBG White

Known for its high CBG content, this cultivar continues to be a cornerstone of our harvest. CBG White is the go-to strain for those seeking a smooth and subtle effect with a hint of floral notes.

cbg white cbg cbd flower 1oz

Forbidden V

Last but not least, the Forbidden V, with its mysterious and bold flavor, brings a sense of adventure to your CBD experience.

forbidden v cbdv flower 1oz
forbidden v cbdv flower in the field close up

Introducing Our Newcomers

fern valley farms cbd hemp flower sour chem

Sour Chem

Sour Chem makes a debut this year, and we’re excited about this powerhouse. Its potent aroma of diesel fuel, coupled with sour citrus undertones, make for a unique and impactful experience.

Critical Berries

A fruity addition to our family, Critical Berries offers a rich berry flavor profile with a significant CBD punch. This strain promises a relaxing yet uplifting experience.

critical berries hemp cbd flower in veg at fern valley farms
royal og cbd hemp flower growing in veg at fern valley farms

Royal OG

Expect a noble experience with Royal OG. This new cultivar brings an earthy flavor with piney undertones, offering a soothing and grounding experience.

Pink Pineapple

Ready to taste the tropics? Pink Pineapple brings a delightful burst of fruity, tropical sweetness. With this cultivar, you can expect a flavorful experience and a refreshing CBD effect.

pink pineapple cbd hemp cultivar from fern valley farms
legendary platinum og cbd hemp flower growing at fern valley farms

Legendary Platinum OG

Living up to its name, Legendary Platinum OG delivers a legendary experience. With its high CBD content and a complex profile of spicy, earthy and piney flavors, it’s set to become a classic.

We can’t wait for you to experience the wonders of our 2023 Fall Harvest. Stay tuned for updates on when these marvelous cultivars will be available for purchase. Here’s to another wonderful harvest season at Fern Valley Farms!

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