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Syringe Tips


Add these tips to your Distillate Syringe order for an easier method of application!

  • Clean and accurate dosages of your favorite distillates
  • Available in singles or 5 pack
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Accurate and Clean Syringe Tips

With these syringe tips, you can be assured of clean and accurate dosages of your favorite distillates! The extra length and narrower metal tube makes dispensing distillate fast and easy. It also allows for precise expression of your distillate into whatever material you intend to consume it. If you wish to dispense exact amounts of distillate, these syringe tips are for you!

Remember that Delta 8 and HHC distillate have a high viscosity (in other words, the distllates are thick and difficult to express from a syringe. Because these syringe tips are narrower than the opening of your syringe, these distillates need to be brought to room temperature for easy dispensing through these syringe tips.

Tips for Your Syringe Tips

For best results, we recommend:

  • Single use – once you have dispensed distillate through a syringe tip, toss it
  • Wipe with isopropyl alcohol – after screwing the tip on your syringe, sterilize the metal tip with rubbing alcohol

If you run out of clean syringe tips and need to dispense more distillate, we recommend you first soak the syringe tip in rubbing alcohol for 5 minutes to fully sterilize it. Then wipe the screw-on plastic base and blow through it to eject any distillate that remained in the tube from previous use.

This is not a recommended practice. It should only be done in the event your supply of syringe tips runs out before your new order arrives!