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Treat Yourself to Fun, Information, and Savings!

If you are like most Fern Valley Farms customers, you are all about saving money while acquiring the best quality hemp products in the marketplace today. As you know by looking at the prices of our products, we get you when it comes to saving money. But we also believe you want to enjoy life and stay current with our activities, which is why our subscribers look forward to our monthly newsletter, the Fern Valley Farms Voice. 

While each month’s newsletter brings you new stuff, we strive to make it easy to read and absorb. Here is an idea of what you will find upon opening your monthly issue of the Fern Valley Farms Voice:

Monthly Sale

First and foremost, we let you in on the sale of the month. Each month, we select a group of products that are on sale for the entire month. This sale is automatically factored into the retail price, so you don’t even need to remember any coupon codes to enjoy our Deal of the Month!

But our Deal of the Month gets better! If you have accumulated any Reward Points or have another (non-exclusive) coupon, you can use them to save even more money!

Product Highlight

Each month, we examine one of our hemp flower cultivars in our Cultivar Chronicles series. Learn about the best times for consuming it, the taste and effects many people experience, and even get insights from satisfied users.

This is a great way to become more familiar with our array of amazing and effective hemp flower cultivars!

Terpene Talks

Cannabinoids are not the only compound in our products that can help change moods or ease discomforts. Terpenes are another group of compounds contained in our hemp flower cultivars that influence your overall sense of wellbeing.

Each month we point out another terpene typically found in our products. In addition to its flavors and fragrances, we discuss the possible physical effects you may enjoy from the featured terpene. Of course, we also guide you to the products containing our featured terpene.


Each month, we offer you a new cannabinoid-based recipe you can make at home. Many of our customers love our flower strains, but most especially love our offerings of smalls and trim/shake of those same quality strains. They are still rich with cannabinoids and terpenes but are better suited (and priced lower!) than our premium buds for making edible products. Our recipes are designed to take advantage of these affordably priced alternatives to full-sized flower strains.

You will also find recipes using kief from our popular collection. One common method combines kief and flour into “kief-flour.” This creates an excellent baking foundation instead of plain (and boring) flour. Our blog post “Empower Your Flour” demonstrates how easy and effective this approach is for adding CBD to homemade goodies.

Monthly Coupon

The Deal of the Month is not the only savings you can realize each month at Fern Valley Farms. Each month you will find a special, single-use coupon good for an extra 5% OFF any one purchase during the month.

This coupon can (and should!) be used in tandem with your Deal of the Month. For instance, if there is a 10% OFF sale on our vape cartridges, you can bump that to a fat 15% OFF by adding your monthly coupon.

Do remember that your monthly coupon can only be used once, so use it wisely! One smart approach is to use your monthly coupon for your largest purchase of the month.

Extra Newsletter Tips and Info

So there you have it. We strive to keep our newsletter simple and informative so you can scan in all the pertinent information in a brief glance.

Our monthly newsletter will usually reach your inbox during the first week of each month. However, we encourage you to visit our Sales page at the start of each month. This gives you a head start in identifying our Deal of the Month, which always starts on the 1st and runs through the entire month.

But remember to make your big purchase of the month AFTER you get your newsletter so you can apply that extra 5% OFF coupon! 😉

Finally, don’t be surprised to find a few emails with extra promotions or coupons in between our monthly newsletters. We love celebrating key events and find the best way to do that is by issuing extra coupons and promotions for you to enjoy! 🙂

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