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If you are like most Fern Valley Farms customers, you are all about saving money while acquiring the best quality hemp products in the marketplace today. As you know by looking at the prices of our products, we get you when it comes to saving money. But we also believe you want to enjoy life and stay current with our activities, which is why we now deliver to our subscribers our monthly newsletter, the Fern Valley Farms Voice,  filled with fun, information, and savings.

While each month’s newsletter brings you new stuff, we strive to make it easy to read and absorb. Here is an idea of what you will find upon opening the Fern Valley Farms Voice each month:



Each month, we offer you a new CBD-based recipe you can whip up at home. Many of our customers love our flower strains, but most especially love our offerings of smalls and trim/shake of those same quality strains. They are still rich with cannabinoids and terpenes but are better suited (and priced lower!) than our premium buds for preparing for baking and cooking. Our recipes are designed to take advantage of these affordably priced alternatives to full-sized flower strains. You will also find recipes utilizing our fabulous line of awesome kief that uses the concept of combining kief and flour into “kief-flour” for a baking foundation (our blog post “Empower Your Flour” walks you through the process).


Also, keep an eye out for our fun Thought of the Month which is designed to inspire you with positive thoughts for a little lift in your day. An example you may find is the quote we used in our July 2021 newsletter:

“Just living isn’t enough,” said the butterfly, “one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” 

Hans Christian Anderson

Nothing earth-shattering or life-changing but hopefully it is a thought that brings you a smile to brighten your moment.


We all love a bit of fun in our life but what we really appreciate is being kept in the loop. That is precisely the intention of the Fern Valley Farms Voice: to keep you apprised of the many happenings on the farm and in our store.

Here is the type of information you will likely come across while reading the latest issue of the Fern Valley Farms Voice:

  • Customer Kudos – each month, we select a customer review for you to read; this is one of the best ways to get the low-down on our top products
  • Farm Activities – as the seasons roll by, we are in different stages of growth or harvesting; read along as our crops mature and are prepared for delivery to you
  • Product Highlight – each month we select one of our popular products and give you a closer look at it
  • Product Introductions – we can’t promise you a new product each month but when we do roll out new products, this is the best place to get in the know


If you want to save even more money, the Fern Valley Farms Voice is where you can read about upcoming or ongoing sales. Even better, each month, the Fern Valley Farms Voice provides an exclusive month-long discount coupon worth 5% off all regularly-priced products. 

Additionally, we often have automatically discounted sales of certain products where you can realize as much as 25% in savings. Again, the Fern Valley Farms Voice is the perfect place to learn of ongoing or upcoming deals.

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