Sky High THC Honey


Honey, are you ready for this?

We are now preparing our THC Honey. Start your day off high with our Sky High THC Honey, with 3 different honey types to choose from.

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Clover – Raw clover honey is light colored tending toward light amber and hails from a pristine 40 acre Dutch Clover field located in the famed Willamette Valley. Its aroma is delicate, sweet and flowery with hints of freshly cut grass or hay. Its taste is clean, mild and very sweet that lingers in the mouth. Hand harvested from start to finish by the Beekeeper.

Heavily Nuanced Clover – This honey hails from a 200 acre Dutch Clover field surrounded by the famed grass fields of the Willamette Valley. It’s aroma is sweet and flowery with hints of Blackberry, Thistle and Pennyroyal, (member of the mint family) present in and around the field. The color is darker than typical Clover and has a complex taste with a tinge of mint finish. Absolutely fabulous and unique!

Southern Oregon Summer Wildflower – Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley honey is a delicious mix of the valley’s summer bloom offerings which includes Blackberry, Star Thistle, Mustard and other indigenous wildflowers and trees.  This is the darkest of our varietals and is packed with higher concentrations of nutrients and vitamins with a somewhat sweet, earthly taste.

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