With August marking the last full month of summer, the heatwaves are likely not over. At Fern Valley Farms, we know the heatwave will be raging all through August because we have set up the hottest sales we have ever offered! Maybe our sizzling sales will help distract you from the real heat outside; for sure, they will save you a lot of cool cash! 

Let’s not dither in the heat but jump right into all the excitement cooking at Fern Valley Farms this August…

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We already mentioned hot summer sales, so put on your shades and sunscreen and let’s check out the deals! By the way, as always with sales announced in our newsletters, our sale prices are automatically discounted, so you don’t need to remember or apply any special codes! All sales listed below run through the month of August, so make the most of this hot month of sizzling sales and cool savings!

Bulk Kush CBD Flower – 33% OFF!

In our biggest sale ever, we slashed the prices of our bulk Kush CBD flower by a full 33%! This popular and soothing Indica dominant strain offers a healthy 18.45% CBD content coupled with 19.63mg of flavorful and aromatic terpenes, just perfect for soothing away the stress of the day. 

Everyone should have a good supply of our Kush CBD flower and we just made it much easier for you to follow that recommendation. Check out these jaw-dropping prices that will run through the month of August (or when supplies run out):

  • ¼ Pound (normally $140)only $93.80 ($23.45/oz. or $0.84/gram)
  • ½ Pound (normally $245)only $164.15 ($20.52/oz. or $0.73/gram) 
  • 1 Pound (normally $450)only $300 ($18.75/oz. or $0.67/gram)  

Order your bulk Kush CBD flower today!

Select Kief Strains – 25% OFF!

Don’t miss out on huge savings on these kief strains:

The above kief strains are all 25% for any size! You can never have too much kief, especially if you like to fiddle about in the kitchen; try out some recipes that use kief or make your own kief-flour and go to town with baked goods! Go big and save big; one pound of any of the above kief strains costs only $300, saving you a cool $100. More impressive is you are getting your hands on quality kief at a cost of less than $0.67 per gram! 

Select Trim/Shake Strains – 25% OFF!

Another baker’s delight appears in the form of our trim/shake strains.

Just like our fabulous kief sale, you get a full and automatic 25% off of the following strains: 

With the above trim/shake strains on sale at 25% off, this is the perfect time to stock up your pantry for fall and winter cooking projects! One pound of any of the above trim/shake strains only costs $82.50 per pound, which works out to a ridiculously low price of less than $0.19 per gram!

All Indoor Flower Strains – 10% OFF!

Our two veteran indoor CBD flower strains, Indoor Hawaiian Haze and Indoor Super Sour Space Candy, were our highlighted products in last month’s newsletter. Well, we have been busy because since then, our indoor crop has doubled!

Yep, we recently rolled out Indoor Sour G CBG Flower and Indoor Lemon Octane CBD Flower for your health and enjoyment, both of which include CBG in their profile. Our Indoor Sour G CBG Flower is a CBG-rich Sativa strain, perfect for daytime relief and calmness; our new Lemon Octane is an ideal companion to our other newcomer, as it blends a CBG lineage with the always popular Bubba Kush strain for a CBD-rich Indica dominant strain with a clear CBG influence.

Now, until the end of the month, all indoor strains are 10% OFF!

Don’t miss out on your chance to experience the premiere taste and effects of our carefully tended and harvested indoor strains. This is not an indulgence; it is how you should always treat yourself!

5000mg CBD Tincture – 20% OFF!

This is also our highlighted product for the month, so you can get more details about this amazing tincture immediately below our announcements. But we’re pretty sure you don’t need too much convincing to pull in an awesome 20% savings on each and every 5000mg CBD Tincture you purchase during the month of August!

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Product Highlight: 5000mg CBD Tincture

We must admit that our line of CBD tinctures holds a special place in our hearts. Before we realized our dream of owning and operating Fern Valley Farms, we were making CBD tinctures at home for ourselves, family members, and friends. 

Thus even before we planted our first seed at Fern Valley Farms, CBD tinctures were our first product; because of the consistently positive effects everyone was experiencing with CBD tinctures, you could say that our CBD tinctures were the first inspirational seed that ultimately blossomed into Fern Valley Farms and the expanding array of natural wellness products we proudly and lovingly grow for you, our extended family.

Our years of tincture-making experience have culminated in this powerful and pure 5000mg CBD tincture. We also chose to make our most potent tincture flavorless; this means you can add it to foods or drinks without altering their original taste. A lot of people still prefer the classic method of application by squeezing a dropper under the tongue. No matter how you take it, you will be sure to feel and appreciate it!

But wait! It gets better!

As part of our sizzling sales during the month of August, you can get a full 20% off our 5000mg CBD Tincture! Instead of $120 per bottle, you only pay $96

We suggest you place an order today; after trying it for a few days or a week, we’re pretty sure you will be convinced that this is a worthy addition to your wellness program. If so, order another bottle or two before the end of August to stock up your wellness cupboard while saving money! Consider using Sezzle during checkout; you can break up your purchase into four interest-free payments over a 6-week period. That makes buying two (or three) bottles of this wonderful 5000mg CBD Tincture that much easier and manageable!

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Customer Kudos

Our customers mean the world to us; after all, you folks are the lifeline that keeps us working and producing the best quality hemp products possible. Each month, we want to give a nod to a recent reviewer, which provides you, dear reader, with a perspective of how other FVF customers perceive our products.

This testimony can be found on our 5000mg CBD Tincture product page:

This works great, definitely a step up from the 2000mg version. I had to take a tolerance break for a few days and then started this and all I can say is Wow. Great stuff, I would absolutely recommend it. Make SURE you start slow! – Kris

Thanks for the kudos, Kris! We agree that this awesome 5000mg CBD tincture more than doubles the power and effects already enjoyed by consumers of our line of 2000mg CBD tinctures. And thanks also for the cautionary advice to start slow; as with all new CBD, CBG, CBN, or Delta 8 products, starting with the minimum always makes sense. With such a careful approach, you are more likely to find that “sweet spot” of potency for your own tincture regimen sooner rather than later.

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The CBD Cookery: CBD-Infused and Kief-y Hummus

A centuries-old mid-Eastern dish, hummus is now consumed worldwide. Healthy, versatile, and delicious, this ancient spread is an excellent alternative to mayonnaise, butter, or margarine and makes sandwiches and toasts come alive with a fresh and different flavor. The perfect dip for bread, crackers, or veggies, it also graciously accepts and incorporates any other foods or tastes you want to add and even makes the perfect foundation for salads as a replacement for traditional beds of lettuce and spinach leaves.

Even more enticing is the addition of cannabinoids to this already vigorous dish of wellness; in the case of our recipes, we are going to use CBD-infused olive oil and a dash of kief for a duet of cannabinoids; you get to decide which strains to use for each!

Ready for a healthy, no-cook kitchen activity? Check out our CBD-Infused and Kief-y Hummus recipe

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Thought for August

In some Native languages, the term for plants translates to “those who take care of us.” – Robin Wall Kimmerer

Save More with Your August Coupon!

Every newsletter also includes your exclusive subscriber discount coupon, good for 5% off all non-sale items. You will find your discount code in the email that linked you to this newsletter. Even better, you can use it every time you make an order during the entire month of August!

It’s super-easy to use. After you fill your shopping cart and are ready to check out, you will see an entry to add a discount code.

This coupon is only good for regularly priced items; if you have some sale items you want to also buy, we recommend you make two orders (one order with regularly-priced products with your second order filled only with sales items) so you can still use your coupon for all non-sale items.

What’s that? You haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet? Check out our subscription page to learn why you must become a subscriber today!

Money-saving Tip: Check out this blog post – Save More Money at Fern Valley Farms – and stretch your dollars further at Fern Valley Farms! 

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