Delta 8 Meteorites

279 customer reviews


  • D8: 40.53%
  • CBG: 10.6%
  • Type: Hybrid
  • Usage: Any time of day
  • Enjoy Enhanced Effects

Delta 8 Meteorites COA (PDF)



About Delta 8 Meteorites

This time, we really pushed the envelope when it comes to delivering rich concentrations of Delta 8 THC: and after creating and testing the result in-house, we knew we came up with something that was out of this world. And somewhere during our session, as our moods lifted, the smoke cleared, and laughter began filling the air, everyone began realizing how spacy we all really were. We previously offered Moon Rocks and Kief Dusters, but this experience was so unlike those two other products that Meteorites seemed the only appropriate name to give these amazingly thick, rich, Delta 8 THC-drenched CBD buds smothered with CBG kief.


  • Hawaiian Haze CBD Flower – this always-popular and powerful Sativa-dominant strain sets the foundation
  • Delta 8 Distillate – next, these premium buds are dipped into our Delta 8 distillate which adds an amazing 405mg (40.53%) of Delta 8 THC to the picture
  • CBG Kief – finally, a full 98mg (9.8%) of CBG kief completes this masterpiece, bringing more than 650mg (per gram) of combined premium cannabinoids to your table 

Consuming Delta 8 Meteorites

We recommend using a pipe for consuming Delta 8 Meteorites. We further recommend you dedicate one pipe specifically for consuming Delta 8 Meteorites. There are two reasons for this:

  • Delta 8 Meteorites are designed for all-day sessions, so your pipe will remain filled and ready to fire up whenever you wish
  • Your pipe will develop a unique flavor and coating related to Delta 8 which can enhance future Delta 8 Meteorites sessions

We further recommend you use a pipe with a good-sized bowl instead of one-hit pipes. You want a lot of bowl space so you can pack an Delta 8 Meteorite in it and let it serve you throughout the day. 

Recognize that you are not trying to grind these into fluffy mounds of evenly shredded flower buds; you just want to break them into smaller pieces to scatter around in the bowl of your pipe. 

Due to the density of Delta 8 Meteorites buds in combination with the high Delta 8 distillate content, we do not recommend using traditional grinders (neither electric nor manual) to break up these thick hemp flower buds.

Suggested Storage

To maintain the state of freshness in which they arrived, we recommend storing your Delta 8 Meteorites in the refrigerator or freezer until they are ready for use. If stored in a freezer, remove at least 30 minutes prior to its intended use.

About Delta 8

As with all Delta 8 products we offer, we urge you to practice extra caution particularly with the first use of any new product that contains the Delta 8 compound. We strongly recommend that you consume this product in very small doses (as compared to your usual consumption practices for this CBD flower strain). Please wait at least 30 minutes between each dosage session.

While Delta 8 THC does not produce effects as pronounced as its counterpart, Delta 9 THC, the Delta 8 THC compound can still produce a mild degree of psychotropic effects. The addition of Delta 8 THC to this Chemberry CBD flower cultivar will not only enhance or amplify the effects you normally enjoy when consuming it but can include other effects, including psychotropic reactions or experiences.

(To better educate yourself about Delta 8 THC, we recommend our blog article “Investigating Delta 8 THC” which explores this new compound in much greater detail.)

Hand Trimmed

Our flower is cared for by hand from seed to finished flower. All our flowers are slow-dried and cured here on our farm and hand-trimmed for the best possible quality.

Oregon Grown

Grown by Fern Valley Farms. We feel very fortunate that we get to grow in Southern Oregon as this area offers one of the best growing climates in the world for cannabis and hemp crops. The soil is premium, with growers bringing generations of experience to their fields. Getting to provide some of the best CBD Hemp in the world is one of our greatest joys.

3rd-Party Lab Tested

All flower is 3rd party lab tested for potency and to make sure there are no microbial, mycotoxins, heavy metals and pesticides, or foreign matter.

This flower was grown without any pesticides, sprays, or synthetic fertilizers. 


Because high concentrations of Delta 8 THC will be found in Delta 8 Meteorites, Fern Valley Farms makes NO guarantee that any individual will be able to pass a drug test after consuming this product.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All products contain less than 0.3% Δ9THC.

All customer reviews are the opinion of the reviewer, have not been evaluated by the FDA, and do not represent the opinion of Fern Valley Farms or their employees.

279 reviews for Delta 8 Meteorites

  1. Leroy

    These are definately an awesome buy. 😌👍

  2. Anonymous

    I would give it a 10 but it only goes to 5. If you have nails, put on gloves to break it up. I sprinkle a little on the bowl, and it does the trick. SUPER potent. Don’t smoke by itself. Pack a bowl.

  3. Leroy S.

    These remind me of smoking hashish back in the 60s & 70s. Excellent quality! 😎👍✌️

  4. 420guy

    FVF! Just bought an oz of sour candy kush and the Delta 8 Meteorites loved them both!!! Keep it up FVF!!

  5. John P.

    Love them meteorites

  6. David S.

    Excellent, I take a tiny pinch and mix it with the dry Delta 8 Small Buds for my vape pipe. I put in a layer of dry 1st. Then the mix on the next layer. Smooth, nice.

  7. Anonymous

  8. Anonymous

    Best on the market. Sticky, dense, and great effects.

  9. Anonymous

    A bit harsh but really does the job! I take one bud and split it 4 ways and roll one of those up. I put it on top of flower in a bowl. It seems to smoke itself gone and not leave ash.

  10. Anonymous

    Best of six brands I’ve tried. Very effective, strong diesel flavor, burns great.

    • Fern Valley Farms

      The order was shipped on 7/10 and USPS tracking is showing arriving late as of 7/17. We will continue to monitor the tracking to make sure you receive your order. We have to give it 14 days before we place a claim with the post office and reship a replacement. Sorry for this delay and inconvenience.

  11. James Gunter

  12. Joey K.

    Your meteorite are the best I’ve ever had.

  13. Cheryl G.

    Excellent products helps relieve pain

  14. Mike Edwards

  15. Robert B.

    I’d like a stronger choice of regular flower but I’m 100% happy with everything.

  16. Alex

    Best product Fern Valley has! I regularly buy these and add a pinch to a bowl of D8 flower.

  17. Anonymous

    This right here out of this world 🌍

  18. Rickey

    One of the greatest and best yet. I can eat now and sleep which is unheard of with my disease. And the delivery has been on point!!! Thank You!!

  19. Chad Davis

    Regret wasting my money on this, honestly would have just bought a second syringe of Distillate with different terpenes had I known what these were like. Don’t waste your’ time or money imo.

  20. Steven C.

    Of all the products this gives you the best buzzz. Not the same as the real thing, but if you’re an old stoner who hasn’t smoked in years this will surprise you. I would recommend recommend smoking it with some sour candy kush flower to take make it a little less harsh.

  21. Brandon L.

    Ratings face says it all

    Image #1 from Brandon L.
  22. Sam

    The meteorites are the bomb. A tiny piece sof one of them coated in any other CBD or any kind of flower is total heaven. Engaged, aware and in a very up mood !! But def lit !!!
    Really quite amazing!

  23. jesse

    awesome product works great 1 lil nug sandwiched between a lil regular in a bowl will last you all day sometimes into the next keeps me calm all day an I sleep great at night helps my PTSD, anxiety, I highly recommend this product an I have continued to buy d8 meteorites

  24. Steven Cybulski

    If you want a really good D8 experience, this is it.

  25. Joey K.

    Really really good delta 8 meteorites.

  26. Jason

    Good stuff

  27. Curt

    I ordered an Oz, when it arrived it seemed more like an 1/8 ( but package said 1oz. Strike one. Realized it’s basically resin rolled in very fine kief. Strike two. Emailed company to get info on something else instead of the horrible meteorites but no one replied, Strike three. I guess I’ll take my biz elsewhere.

    • Katie Thomas

      Hi Curt,
      We see you emailed on Sat, 4/15 and we responded back to your email on Monday, 4/17. The Meteorites are much smaller than the regular flower. They are dipped in Delta 8 distillate which makes them heavier. The 1oz of Meteorites usually is packaged in 1/4oz bags. I see you emailed again with another question on 5/2 and we replied on 5/3. Possibly these emails are ending up in your spam folder. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  28. John P.

    My favorite Moonrocks

  29. Anonymous

    Did not enjoy great company tho

  30. Anthony

  31. Scott Larkin

  32. Curtis M.

    Very very small 1/2 oz. It’s basically resin mixed with kief.

  33. Anonymous

  34. John P.

    Delta 8 meteorites may favorite of the moon rocks great value and a great buzz 2

  35. Norris P.

    For this old dude this is good medicine at a real good price. So happy I found these folks.

  36. jesse t.

    I really like the d 8 meteorites mellows me out calms me right down I sleep good a lil bit lasts all day sometimes into the next will definitely continue to purchase

  37. David H.

    I have made purchases at a number of different online dispensaries for moon rocks and meteorites, and I can honestly say that yours not only gives you the best high but the longest lasting by far, also the best tasting that I have found. Reminds me of my days on the coast back in the 60’s and 70’s. What ever you do don’t change a thing.

  38. Norris P.

    Excellent product. Just a tiny piece works for me.

  39. Harry Stout

    Excellent ☺️

  40. Aaron

    Not for me, I was very disappointed. It is a goey mess. Still like fern valley farms.

    • FVF Sales

      Hi Aaron,
      This is not your typical CBD bud. The Meteorites are directly dipped into a Delta 8 distillate. One of the properties that Delta 8 THC is famous for is its stickiness; even after the distillate has “dried” on the bud, it will remain very sticky and gooey. We have a lot of information in our product description on the best ways to prepare and consume meteorites. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  41. Lee

    Follow FVF’s suggestions for handling and use. Helpful to use sparingly until effect is known. A very enjoyable experience. Long lasting trip.

  42. Scott Larkin

    Nice feelings

  43. Demetric Jackson

    I have too say this is one of the best strains I have ever had I will continue to do business with Fern valley

  44. Scott Larkin

    Excellent buzz

  45. Rich W.

    Prompt shipment, very good product. I highly recommend!

  46. Christopher

    These are awesome, i smoke these out of my bong and let me tell you they smoke amazing and 1 bowl will last a long time. I will be buying this again, and the free 1/8th was cool of you guys too.

  47. Gus

    Top shelf products!

  48. Dawn H.

    These meteorites are no joke. They’re really sticky and a little bit goes a long way!

  49. jessie t.

    awesome product will definitely continue to purchase the delta 8 meteorites this product has never let me down

  50. Latisha Bearden

  51. Mercedes

    So sticky I cannot roll it. Cannot burn in pipe. A gooey extremely sticky black nastiness is all it is. Remind me to not buy this stuff again please.

    • Katie Thomas

      Hi Mercedes,
      We are very sorry to hear you were unhappy with the product. The sticky black that you see is the distillate. The meteorites are dipped in distillate which does make them very sticky. We have a lot of information in the product description on the best ways to prepare and consume the meteorites as these are very different than your normal flower or moon rocks.

  52. Anonymous

  53. Anonymous

    They look like the picture,very smooth like can smoke anytime of day

  54. Mike

    Great!! Small buds, but nonetheless high quality. Very, very sticky and burns well (you have to put out the flame….a good thing in my estimation). I just broke them up and put in a glass pipe and the buds are staying sticky all the way through. I believe I will do the flower/meteorite/flower sandwich method next. Excellent value for that price. Definitely recommend these, and I will be a return customer…!!!

  55. Robin Walker

  56. terry

  57. Tylers F.

    Looked Real Sticky And That’s What I Been Looking For

  58. [email protected]

    It only take 4 days to arrive. The meteorites look smaller in person. They have a Kief texture on the outside and a moon rock consistence on the inside, when you burn them on it will keep the flame on unless you turn them off. The psycho active pressence is great, strong results with just one hit in a glass piece. I have not try this on a joint yet. Good calm effects and pregame vibes before going to sleep. Highly recommend for someone who wants to laugh watching a movie, or need something legal to go Bob Marley vibes.

  59. Eric Hingsbergen

    Placed a order on the 25th still hasn’t been shipped!

    • Katie Thomas

      Hi Eric,
      We sincerely apologize for the delay. Your order was placed on Friday, 11/25 and our office was closed Thursday (11/24) and Friday (11/25) for the Thanksgiving holiday. We are closed on the weekends, so we are filling orders as quickly as possible this week. Your order should go out today (11/30) or tomorrow. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  60. John P.

  61. Mary OConnor

  62. Chris C.

    Great product!! The strongest I have found with the many companies I’ve purchased from. It’s best used with flower. Shipping is supper fast. I usually chose the free shipping and it’s 3-4 days to get to me.

  63. Loriann L.

    These meteorites are the perfect compliment to your delta 8 hemp products. I have chronic pain from an injury 27 years ago. Since finding this product, my pain level is so much less than without it. Thank you so much

  64. Joe Buswell


  65. Rex Untied

    Very good. Will order agian

  66. Joe Buswell

    Thank you so much for your service.

  67. Nicholas B.

    Amazing for the price

  68. Jim Barth

    Once again FVF goes yard and blast this one out of the park. As a 25 year cannabis user I found myself in search of cheaper and legal methods of consumption. If delta 8 is approximately half the potency of delta 9. Do the math. Most delta 9 flower resides somewhere between 14-24 % potency. With this product you’re getting over over 50 percent potency. So. As I said. Do the math. Pack a little flower in your bowl/bong flatten a mediorite or 2 depending on size to a pancake. Place on bed of flower. Top off with flower. This is my recommendation. If you’re by yourself plan on said bowl/bong lasting all day. If its a party. It’s going around many times. Slow burn. Efficiency in the sense of bang for your buck. Trust me. Potent. And gonna last ya awhile.

  69. Roy

    This is an especially strong yet mellow product with white CBG Kief and Hawaiian Haze bud along with the amazing distillate. These waxy pellets of delight combine perfectly with FVF flower as well as Shake/Trim and Kief so you can target your medicinal hemp remedies and really dial in overall effects to suit your personal needs. A phenomenal product with oldschool flavor and velvet hammer effects.

  70. Anonymous


  71. Benjaman

    Smooth with a great taste.

  72. Harry

    Meteorites are super potent 😀 Great prices product, packaging and fast shipping 👍 I will be back for sure !

  73. Robley Liebelt

    I wish I could rate higher!!! I love this company!!! 10 out of 10 mmmm!!!

  74. Bob

    Good product, fast delivery!!!

  75. Loriann L.

    Absolutely love these meteorites, I have chronic pain and a little bit of these with my hemp and I am pain free for a hours.

  76. Rita

    Wonderful taste and feeling as well

  77. Anonymous

    very good product value and fast delivery

  78. Jonathan

  79. Eric F.

    Great % of Delta 8. With Bubba kush, good to burn with.

  80. David

  81. Anonymous

  82. John

    Love it, I order at least once a month you should try if you haven’t already great taste and a good buzz

  83. matthew

    Best hemp I have ever smoked.

  84. Peter K.

    Was somewhat surprised to see that these were “smalls” as oppoed to standard size buds. I guess that’s the reason why they are “Meteorites” as opposed to “Meteors”. They are a little hard to handle if you’re not going to use a whole one. I prefer to cut them up and place them on regular hemp buds. The effects have been good, but somewhat inconsistent.

  85. Stuart

    The meteorites were awesome! Definitely one of the best delta 8 products out there. Shipping was fast, packaging was great. Overall great product 👌

  86. Carl

    Absolutely the best product money can buy anywhere.

  87. Anonymous

    Amazing taste and effect. Would buy again.

  88. ZZebra

    Just got my meteorites and am beyond happy. By far the best product I have ordered from FVF. I have been extremely happy with all my orders,not one disappointment. Now if most people understand the Farm Bill,nothing is going to knock you out , but the potency of these moon rocks to me,maximize the policy of the bill. Next order have to get the OZ. For that price,I would be insane not to. Dispensary or street its double or more.So I’m locked into this product til the end.

  89. William C.

    Killer! Best tasting , strongest product fvf makes. Actually the best d8 product ive tried from any company. They taste like real cannabis moonrocks and have a great buzz.

  90. Eric F.

    You simply add a small piece and flatten, then put on top of hemp in bowl. Burns slow so it lasts longer.

  91. Ryan Bloom


    Image #1 from Ryan Bloom
  92. William Clagett

    These are insane. More like delta 9 then any other d8 product ove tryed. They actually taste like gas, and gives u the full on buzz like smoking moonrock or sunrock (the real d9 strains) this is the closest to real weed as it gets in the world of delta 8. Thats just my opinion but ive tryed all the other brands and i mean all of them. Fvf are killer! And also their fast acting d9 gummies are potent and good as well. Good giggly happy buzz.

  93. Anonymous

  94. Anonymous

    The meteorites make all buds better

  95. Logan

    Always the best customer service and experience with Fern Valley Farms. Out of all the products I’ve tried. I have to say the meteorites hit the absolute hardest. 10/10 would recommend and will be buying again. Thanks a lot Fern Valley Farms!

  96. Bob

    Good quality, timely delivery!

  97. Charles F.

    Would give it a 6 if I could

  98. Justin

    once again fvf killing it !.Amazing,affordable quality products.Great for night time! very relaxing .taste great ,very smooth everyone must try these once !!!!

  99. Anonymous

    I bought this a few times and will buy with future orders. I smoke it by itself or mix with THC-0 flower products. Love it and recommend it if you’re looking for that potent buzz feel. Thank you FVF for the amazing customer service.

  100. Michael

    Very consistent quality product.

  101. Alex Cullum

  102. Ryan Bloom

    U guy’s are amazing ur products are amazing thanks

  103. Rebecca Hendley

  104. Tony Borg

    I like the meteorites, but it took 8 days to deliver. I paid priority usps and would think I would recieve my order in less than a week instead of over a week

  105. Kevin Bueno

    Great flavor good quality stuff 4stars because of the nugs size

  106. Anonymous

    This is great to add to your bong bowl 🙂 good high for a few hours.

  107. Anonymous

  108. Anonymous

  109. Nicholas F.

    Two part review;
    1. Product – Meteorites are the preferred product for my wife and as usual, these FVF Meteorites deliver the potent punch desired! If you haven’t tried them, give them a shot but read the description and suggestions regarding how to cut and use. We’ve found that a small pair of pruning scissors (bonsai) works best for cutting into usable nuggets before loosely packing the bowl.
    2. Customer service – After a shipping error delayed our order, the meteorites roasted in our VERY hot mailbox far too long. After a BRIEF call to FVF and a PROMPT return call, they truly bent over backwards to make us 100% satisfied. FVF customer service absolutely can NOT be beat!

    Love the products and the service! This is the ONLY place we will order from!

  110. Ryan K.

    Great product. Highly recommend

  111. Anonymous

    Very good product n good price.

  112. William Briggs

    It used to be good flower and really good potent Moon meter rights now it’s just like chief that’s slightly coated and they barely do anything and the nuggets are very small it’s not even worth it anymore

  113. Anonymous

    Mellow yet potent. Just right

  114. John P.

    Awesome 👌

  115. Ryan Bloom


  116. Justin G.

    Absolutely fantastic, best Delta-8 product I’ve tried anywhere!

  117. Rebecca H.

  118. Marcia H.

  119. Richard N.

    Tasty and effective

  120. Loriann L.

    This is the perfect compliment when joined with the hemp of my choice.

  121. Robert A.

    Excellent high and the nugs burn for a very long time.

  122. Anonymous

    Crush it up with bud and it makes it a lot more potent.

  123. Andy

    Out of this world!!!

  124. Peter

    Love the product. Great effect for “legal” flower. I’d compare it to regular d9 flower as far as potency goes. Fast shipping. Only thing i wasn’t expecting was the small tiny buds I got. Overall solid 4/5 would be 5/5 if it was big buds like the photo.

  125. Rebecca Hendley

  126. Joe Buswell

    Awesome Service

  127. Anonymous

  128. John P.

    Awesome 👌

  129. Edward M.

    Quick delivery. Awesome smoke. Very smooth.

  130. Jeff Mango

  131. Anonymous

  132. Janet Pelly

    What an amazing product! No experience with the stickiness but it wasn’t hard or messy as I expected. Glass pipe definitely the way to enjoy these delicious meteorites for me!

  133. Kristy Barker

    Awesome quality, dense and potent. I mix it or put it on top of some delta 8 flower. I only smoke off and on these days because now I am a bodybuilder. I prefer Delta 8 now to normal delta9 thc due to it’s effects having less negative side effects. These were just as good as some of the california/oregon stores I have been to and better than most! Keep up the good quality FernValley!

  134. Diana J.

    Love the sticky potent moonrocks

  135. Samuel B.

    Love it will definitely keep buying these 🔥

  136. Angela

    Excellent quality

  137. brendan thomas

  138. Christopher S.

    Nice smoke and definitely potent. Mix with any flower or by itself in a bowl. Lasts a while so no need to keep packing. Smells great. I always mix it with delta 8 flower I always purchase from FVF. My favorite is bubba kush mix with meteorites is a beautiful combination. I have no complaints about the place at all. Love the service! Thanks FVF.

  139. Dre J.

    Got a good head/body high, definitely copping again 😉

  140. Debra

    I was surprised how fast the shipping was,very pleased with the meteorites.Thanks

  141. charles o.

    Always gd shipping an quality product if it was this price normally id buy all the time

  142. Richard

  143. Priscilla Stuckey

    My favorite full of power and taste very very potent

  144. John P.

    Meteorites has a great kick and taste like hash, one or 2 hits will having you feeling good for hours😉

  145. Richard N.

    Awesome addition to my flower both together worked perfectly

  146. priscilla stuckey

    The best moo rock I had, everyone love them. And excellent shipping

  147. Anonymous

  148. Bob

    Very good quality and Delivery in two days ????

  149. Robert Jageman

    Hi, I liked the D8 meteorites.. but I just noticed that the price went up about$100 per 1/4 lb. Why such a jump??

    • Katie Thomas

      Hi Robert,
      The Meteorites are very temperature sensitive. Now that the weather is warming up, we have to ship all Meteorites via UPS overnight air with ice packs so that is why you have seen a price increase in this product. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

  150. Jonathan M.

    These are very potent and go great on top of a bowl of CBD flower, or by themselves. Both worked great, taste was good, a bit harsh because of the high D8 content, but not as harsh as I expected. Effect was pronounced and euphoric, energetic without being overly cerebral. Highly recommend.

  151. Joshua B.

    Perfect product!

  152. Lauren

    Grind this up with any bud and it fantastic. Chill, not too heady. Good stuff.

  153. Cameron White

  154. William

    I’ve been buying these for a while as time is gone by it seems like they have gotten smaller the last ones that I bought were almost hard as rocks

  155. Nicole T.

    Great all around product. Good experience, good feeling.

  156. charles o.

    Very nice taste quality an shipping

  157. Roger

  158. William Briggs

    Very very relaxing and good

  159. charles

    Awesome love the taste an quality keep them the same fire

  160. Sonny T.

    The favorite of my roadie and driver, just make sure it’s after the gig!!! These last forever, as it just takes a little to go a long way!!! Sonny T

  161. Anonymous

  162. Anonymous

    Amazing product as always.

  163. Diana J.

    Very potent. The affects are similar to an indigo high.

  164. Alexander

    Really enjoy the product, that said- it’s quite difficult to grind or even break apart. But that’s an issue of the type of product rather then quality or production.

  165. John

    Very very good

  166. Al

    Taste look and smell great. Does a good job as well.

  167. Rza k.

  168. Amanda

    Love these!

  169. William William

    The nuggets were very tiny and it was mostly powder this time usually it’s pretty Dynamite

  170. Anonymous

    This batch seemed to not have that much oil or whatever on it like it wasn’t dipped good before the kief. Besides that I like them a lot. The last batch was fire super sticky and gooey, this one not very gooey at all

  171. Kevin Hebert

  172. Ryan k.

    Fantastic product. Grateful to find a legit company with legit product.

  173. Erik

    First time with anything like this and very pleased! I do as suggested and use the sandwich method. A little Sour G or your available herb, then a small slice of the meteor, then top with layer of herb. Blast off!

  174. Laura

    I have tried many products from FVF, but this was my first and one of my faves. Will definitely get the job done even though they’re a little messy, but that’s the magic. My only issue is it smokes a bit harsh, but that could be my method of smoking, or just the nature of the product. It also has a much stronger, less green smell, but again that’s probably the nature of the product. It works fast and takes very little from my experience. FVF has outstanding customer service and insanely fast processing and shipping times. The prices can’t be beat either. I love them and now purchase all of my cannabis items through them.

  175. Anonymous

    Look great smell great taste great. Overall very happy with them.

  176. Ann

  177. Killthehat

    You need to smoke them in a bowl with other herb and poking a hole through the melting goop is sometimes needed but these are basically just goopy d8 chunks but it gives hemp flower the little extra kick it needs. Great for relaxation and ease discomfort.

  178. Edwin

  179. Lauren

    I previously purchased from other online retailers, but I was blown away with the speed of shipping as well as the prices.

  180. Stephen

    They have a good kick to them , my favorite

  181. Edward Miller

    Hits smooth and only need 2 or 3 hits and I’m lit.

  182. Richard

    These things will really get you where you wanna be.
    You get a very nice high from them but they’re very messy. make sure you have a very clean knife of some sort when you get these if you’re new to moonrocks/meteorites. If you get a buzz from the regular flower sold here. This stuff is really next level. A truly excellent product it helps me sleep.

  183. Anonymous

    Great for long lasting with cbd flower.

  184. Dominick Z.

    A great addition to any bowl or bong!

  185. Anonymous

    They had me feeling real good for sure but they are really goopy so don’t put them in a grinder

  186. Edwin

  187. Eric

    Smokes great with a potent combination of relaxation and easing discomfort. Solid buds that are very sticky inside. Great for the bong,Burns long.

  188. Robert Vitale

    Better then real goes straight to head

  189. Larry T.

    I bought an ounce of the meteorites. When the package came there was only a quarter ounce on the box. Contacted customer service. No questions asked they sent me another whole ounce. Thank you guys. Will be placing another order soon

  190. Elijah M.

    Amazing!! Love these so much love the sitcky oil when you open them up lol

  191. Samuel

    A fraction of a nug of one of these wrapped in a coat of Sour Space Candy D8 shake will deliver a smooth, blissful rush !!!

  192. Sonny Tackett

    If you’re looking for a D8 product with punch, this is it!! My roadie has problems sleeping at night from an old injury, and smoking hemp has given him much better relief at night. With these Meteorites, he only has to smoke a small bowl, instead of a big 1-2, which is much better on him as he is an avid tobacco smoker and is trying to quit. I highly recommend these to anyone who wants the effects but doesn’t want to smoke a lot. These are just as Awesome for those that want to also!!! And they last forever!! A little Meteorite goes a long way!!
    Sonny T

  193. William

    Awesome ????

  194. Priscilla

    I love these product, told other people and they been ordering. PRICES ARE THE BEST ON SITE.

  195. paul rao

    U did absolutely amazing. U guys r incredible!! 5thanks 4 the samples, I can’t wait 2 get paid again so I can try a wide variety.thanks guys!!.fast shipping 2!!

  196. Robert Schweiker

  197. Brian S.

    Perfect product to help my wife????????Helps her with eye pressure and to sleep better at night. Will continue buying.

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