What is CBD Kief? 6 Questions About Kief Answered

What is CBD kief?

CBD Kief is a concentrated form of the Female Hemp Plant where the trichomes are removed from the plant to produce a fine CBD powder-like substance, rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.

Many people consider kief to be one of the cleanest ways to get a concentrated form of the plant since there is little to no processing, or solvents, involved to get it.

Is CBD Kief Psychoactive?

CBD Kief is not psychoactive, unlike its cousin THC.

The THC content in hemp is so low that it does not affect people in the same way as marijuana. That is why many people prefer hemp to marijuana. They can get the benefit without the high.

How Do You Use CBD Kief?

1. Place Kief on flower

Sprinkle kief on your flower in whatever smoking method you use (Pipe, CBD Cigarette, Water pipe, etc…). You can then smoke the way you normally do. You may want to take smaller hits though as the kief burns quick.

2. Cook with Kief

More and more people are using CBD Kief to cook with.

Keep in mind that to cook with any CBD it must be decarboxylated. Which simply put means heating it up. There is a little more to it than that though.

You can CLICK HERE to read our article on cooking with CBD where we go over the decarboxylation process 🙂

3. Smoke Kief by itself

You can smoke kief by itself. Just be careful not to pack it too tight because the kief is so fine it can clog things up.

You can use any smoking method such as pipes, water pipes, joints, etc. Although, we would recommend throwing a little flower in the joint if you are going to roll it up. Kief joints clog quickly.

What color should kief be?

Better quality kief is usually blond or gold in color.

The greener kief gets the more plant matter it has in it and the less potent it will be.

You will also notice that a good kief will appear to melt when smoked as opposed to just burn up.

4. Does Kief smell strong?

The smell of good kief (and even not so good kief sometimes) is incredibly strong (like smell it across the hallway strong).

If you are worried about the smell when having company over or taking it with you in the car we would definitely recommend storing it in an air and smell-tight container.

Click here for our blog on storing CBD that goes over different options when it comes to storage. 

5. Why should I use Kief?

Kief is a great way to get concentrated CBD, other cannabinoids and terpenes without all the plant matter.

For CBD smokers, you can get more potency with less smoke going into your lungs which is healthier.

6. How do I know if my Kief is CBD not THC?

You cannot tell by looking at it or smelling it so my best advice is to purchase your kief and other CBD products from a trusted resource that has online reviews and test results from a trusted lab.

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