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7 Things You Need to Know About Smoking Hemp Buds

7 Things You Need to Know About Smoking Hemp Buds

Smoking CBD can be a great experience — but, there are a few things you need to consider beforehand. Here are seven things you should know about smoking hemp buds.

According to the latest research, approximately 814,000 Americans currently use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Many people consume products that contain a high amount of the cannabinoid THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

This isn’t an ideal option for everyone, though.

For those who want to experience the benefits of marijuana without any mind-altering effects, smoking hemp buds is a great alternative.

Never heard of hemp buds before? Not sure how to smoke them or why you should?

Read on to learn seven things every beginner ought to know about smoking hemp buds.

What are Hemp Buds?

Hemp buds are the flowers produced by the hemp plant.

Hemp is part of the Cannabis sativa family. It contains very little THC and a significant amount of CBD.

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is another cannabinoid that offers many of the benefits of THC. It does not have any mind-altering effects, though.

This makes it a better option for children and those who don’t want to feel high but still want to experience the benefits that cannabinoids have to offer.

Smoking Hemp Buds: What You Need to Know

Now that you know more about hemp buds, let’s get into what you need to know before you start smoking them.

Listed below are some of the benefits of smoking hemp buds, as well as tips on how to get the most out of the experience:

1. The Entourage Effect

There are lots of CBD products on the market these days. In fact, the CBD market, as a whole, is expected to reach a $22 billion valuation by the year 2022.

Some of the most popular products are things like CBD oils and CBD capsules.

These products can be great for some people, but they often only contain isolated CBD. When you consume CBD in this way, you miss out on a lot of the benefits that the hemp plant has to offer.

When you smoke hemp buds, you get to enjoy the benefits of CBD. In many cases, the benefits of CBD are also heightened by the presence of other cannabinoids.

All of the cannabinoids in the hemp plant, along with the terpenes, flavonoids, and other plant compounds, work together to provide the consumer with a better experience and greater outcomes. This is known as the entourage effect.

CBD isolate works well in a lot of cases, but it appears to be much better when it’s combined with all the other plant compounds.

2. Faster Results

When you smoke hemp buds (or other cannabis products), you’ll experience the effects much faster than if you were to consume a hemp oil or edible.

This is because smoking allows CBD and other cannabinoids to reach the bloodstream faster.

When you consume products orally, you have to wait for them to pass through the digestive tract before they can take effect. You tend to lose some of the potency along the way when you take this approach, too.

3. No, You Won’t Get High

Many people associate smoking any kind of cannabis product with getting high.

If you’re smoking high-CBD hemp buds, though, you’re not going to experience any mind-altering effects.

You’ll feel the benefits of the CBD, but the concentration of THC is these products is way too low for you to get high.

4. Heat Before Consuming

In order to experience the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids, you need to make sure the product is fully heated before you try to smoke it.

This activates the CBD and other cannabinoids and ensures that your body can absorb them in an efficient way.

5. Dosing Tips

Dosing hemp buds can be trickier than dosing other CBD products.

Because of this, it’s best to start with a small amount and then work your way up.

Remember, you can always add more if you don’t notice any effects.

Taking this approach saves you from consuming more than you need. It also prevents you from burning (literally) through all of your product.

6. Inhale Properly

Believe it or not, there is a right way to inhale when smoking hemp buds.

It’s best to inhale slowly and deeply.

Think about filling your lungs about two-thirds of the way full of smoke. This allows you to take in more of the cannabinoids and ensure you’re using the hemp buds in the most efficient way.

Be sure to wait for a few minutes in between inhales, too. That way, you won’t overdo it and you’ll get the most out of your supply.

7. Buy High-Quality Hemp Buds

In order to see the greatest outcomes from smoking hemp buds, it’s important to make sure you’re smoking a high-quality product.

It’s not always easy to tell if you’re getting high-quality hemp buds or other CBD products, so you need to know what to look for. Some qualities to watch out for include:

  • Use hemp that is organically grown to reduce the risk of pesticide exposure
  • Learn about the farm where the hemp is grown — ideally, it’ll be located in the U.S. to further reduce the risk of pesticide and toxin exposure
  • Choose products that contain a significant concentration of CBD — the higher the concentration, the greater the effects will be
  • Look for a terpene-rich product to enhance the entourage effect

If you find a company that meets all these requirements, there’s a good chance they’re selling safe, effective hemp products that will help you see the benefits you’re looking for.

Try Smoking Hemp Buds Today

The idea of smoking hemp buds might be a bit intimidating at first, especially if you’re new to the idea of medicinal marijuana products in general.

If you keep this information in mind, though, you’ll have a much easier time with it, and you’ll experience greater effects from the hemp.

If you’re ready to start shopping for hemp buds, make sure you’re buying from a reputable brand that sells high-quality, organically grown hemp.

At Fern Valley Farms, we check all those boxes.

Head to our online store today to learn about the different hemp buds we have to offer and place an order for yours.

Storing CBD in Jars

How To Store CBD

How should I store my CBD?

There are a lot of options to store your cbd flower and extracts. From old school plastic baggies to new school vacuum sealed UV resistant containers. There are also a lot of factors such as how much you have and how long you are wanting to store it. Take a few minutes with me and we will talk about the best storage methods for your CBD Products.

4 Main Factors When Storing CBD

1. Light 

Light is an important thing to consider when storing your cbd products. UV rays degrade the plant, as well as the cannabinoid and terpene profiles, and will reduce the life and potency of your CBD cannabis products. For this reason a dark room is ideal for storage. 

2. Heat 

There are a couple reasons why heat is important. Excess heat can degrade the plant and the chemical profile of your cbd. It also makes for a better environment for mold and mildew to thrive. A cool basement or pantry can be ideal for cbd storage. Refrigerators can be a good option as well.

3. Air 

Air is another factor that can degrade your flower and extracts. So storing in air tight containers that are hard to puncture is a key part in keeping your cbd fresh.  

4. Moisture

The moisture content of your product is important. Too much moisture and it can cause mold. Too little and you can get breakdown of the flower and crystals. Between 59% and 63% RH seems to be a good range to store your flower. You can also get humidity packs that will help control the humidity in your container.

CBD Storage Container Options

1. Glass CBD Storage containers

Glass is a great way to store your CBD Flower or extracts. It can be sealed air tight and it will not break down over time. It is also solid so your flower won’t be crushed. 

The downside to glass is that most are clear and will let in light which will degrade your product over time. Storing in a dark place will help with this. They are also making UV resistant glass which is suppose to solve this problem.

2. Stainless Steel CBD Storage Containers

Stainless Steel containers can be a great option as well since they have the advantages of glass with the added benefit of keeping the light out. There are also stainless steel containers that you can vacuum the air out of, for longer storage. 

3. Plastic bags

Plastic has always been a popular option for cannabis because it is easy to carry and doesn’t take up much space. It is also inexpensive which is a definite advantage for most people.

The problem with plastic bags though is that they are harder to keep air tight. Even when you vacuum seal a bag one little stem can puncture it and open that bag up to air, causing your product to degrade. Plastic also lets in light. 

4. Mylar Bags

A lot of people are going from plastic to mylar or wrapping their plastic packages in mylar for extra air and light protection. If storing in plastic bags, wrapping them in mylar is a good idea for extra added protection. 

Where do I store my CBD?

It is best to store your CBD Hemp products in a cool, dry area, without heat and light fluctuation. Basements can work great for this and so can a pantry. 

When you are storing larger amounts of CBD products in a bigger place like a warehouse, just make sure the building is temperature controlled and doesn’t get too hot or cold. 

How long is my CBD Good for?

It depends on the product and the condition. A year is pretty common with flower.  Although, I have heard of flower lasting up to 2 years with not much loss in quality.

Concentrates like oil and wax can have a longer shelf life but need to be kept in a refrigerator or freezer for longer term storage. 

Most people are storing their CBD for short periods of time so getting ideal conditions is not necessary. Just keeping your flower or wax in a glass jar in a drawer by your bed will work just fine. 

If you are storing for longer periods of time it is important to pay close attention to all of these factors so you don’t ruin your product. 

Full Spectrum CBD oil


What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Full spectrum CBD oil comes from processed hemp plants. The cannabinoid and terpene profiles are extracted mainly from the flower of the plant. Newer methods are making it possible to use the whole hemp plant for extraction, making it more efficient all the time. The most popular method for extraction these days is with C02.

What is the difference between full spectrum CBD oil and CBD isolates?

To put it as simply as possible full spectrum CBD oil contains the full chemical makeup of the hemp plant whereas isolates only contain the CBD cannabinoid itself. Isolates are great if you want a higher dose of just CBD all at once. Full spectrum is meant to deliver a more rounded chemical experience for your body and mind.

Why Use Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

The advantage of using full spectrum CBD oil is that your body can experience the full cannabinoid and terpene profile. Our body’s are constantly reacting to different chemical combinations. Many people feel that the combination of cannabinoids work together to produce better results within the body.


  • Cannabidiol (CBD): Of course there is CBD in CBD oil
  • Cannabigerol (CBG): CBG has been a big topic of conversation and research in the hemp and medical community lately. It is being dubbed as the mother of all cannabinoids and the precursor to other .
  • Cannabichromene (CBC): is another non-psychoactive compound found in small amounts in most CBD products.
  • There are many other cannabinoids out there but these are some of the main ones that show up on a regular basis. These are definitely worth researching more in depth if you are interested in the science of cannabis and hemp.

Why Use CBD Isolates?

CBD Isolates are a great way to get a large dose of CBD all at once. People use CBD for a wide range of reasons and some prefer the instant CBD to the receptors. Many people also feel it is a “cleaner” way to ingest CBD that don’t want the other cannabinoids.

How Do I Choose the Right Full Spectrum Oil?

Every CBD oil will contain a different cannabinoid profile and every profile with react differently depending on the person. So the answer to this question is that you have to try different products to find what is right for you. As you discover the cannabinoid and terpene profiles that interact with your body the way you want them to you can seek out products with those profiles. Never believe when someone says that a certain product does the same thing for everyone. We all have a different chemical makeup and we all react differently to things we put in our body. 


We offer pure full spectrum CBD oil in 1000mg and 2000mg full spectrum CBD oils for sale on our website. All of our products are natural with no chemical additives.  If you have any questions about full spectrum CBD oil or anything else pertaining to hemp and CBD please contact us. We would love to answer any questions.

What is CBD Kief? Image with Flower, wax and dusted kief

What is CBD Kief? 6 Questions About Kief Answered

What is CBD kief?

CBD Kief is a concentrated form of the Female Hemp Plant where the trichomes are removed from the plant to produce a fine CBD powder-like substance, rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.

Many people consider kief to be one of the cleanest ways to get a concentrated form of the plant since there is little to no processing, or solvents, involved to get it.

Is CBD Kief Psychoactive?

CBD Kief is not psychoactive, unlike its cousin THC.

The THC content in hemp is so low that it does not affect people in the same way as marijuana. That is why many people prefer hemp to marijuana. They can get the benefit without the high.

How Do You Use CBD Kief?

1. Place Kief on flower

Sprinkle kief on your flower in whatever smoking method you use (Pipe, CBD Cigarette, Water pipe, etc…). You can then smoke the way you normally do. You may want to take smaller hits though as the kief burns quick.

2. Cook with Kief

More and more people are using CBD Kief to cook with.

Keep in mind that to cook with any CBD it must be decarboxylated. Which simply put means heating it up. There is a little more to it than that though.

You can CLICK HERE to read our article on cooking with CBD where we go over the decarboxylation process 🙂

3. Smoke Kief by itself

You can smoke kief by itself. Just be careful not to pack it too tight because the kief is so fine it can clog things up.

You can use any smoking method such as pipes, water pipes, joints, etc. Although, we would recommend throwing a little flower in the joint if you are going to roll it up. Kief joints clog quickly.

What color should kief be?

Better quality kief is usually blond or gold in color.

The greener kief gets the more plant matter it has in it and the less potent it will be.

You will also notice that a good kief will appear to melt when smoked as opposed to just burn up.

4. Does Kief smell strong?

The smell of good kief (and even not so good kief sometimes) is incredibly strong (like smell it across the hallway strong).

If you are worried about the smell when having company over or taking it with you in the car we would definitely recommend storing it in an air and smell-tight container.

Click here for our blog on storing CBD that goes over different options when it comes to storage. 

5. Why should I use Kief?

Kief is a great way to get concentrated CBD, other cannabinoids and terpenes without all the plant matter.

For CBD smokers, you can get more potency with less smoke going into your lungs which is healthier.

6. How do I know if my Kief is CBD not THC?

You cannot tell by looking at it or smelling it so my best advice is to purchase your kief and other CBD products from a trusted resource that has online reviews and test results from a trusted lab.

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